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Phone orders within Australia: 0415 099 897

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Frequently Asked Questions

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16Is it safe to take Supershots during pregnancy, breastfeeding and trying to conceive?Multiple
17How effective are Dr Wheatgrass products?Wheatgrass
18Where can I find more information on wheatgrass?Dr. Chris Reynolds
19What are the storage requirements for Supershots?Dr Wheatgrass Supershots
20Why do Supershots taste so different to fresh wheatgrass juice?Multiple
21Can I use the wheatgrass products on my face as a moisturiser? If so, which one do you recommend?Multiple
22Are there parabens in any of your products?Multiple
23Can elite athletes subject to regular drug testing use wheatgrass based products for injuries such as tendinitis?Multiple
24Can I use Dr Wheatgrass products for my cat and dog?Multiple
25Can wheatgrass influence infertility?Multiple
26Does taking wheatgrass interact with Warfarin?Medical Conditions
27Doesn't wheatgrass contain gluten?Multiple
28Dr Wheatgrass skin products heal wounds quickly. Do they contain arnica?Multiple
29How do I become a Dr Wheatgrass Reseller?Resellers
30How do I treat diabetic foot ulcers with wheatgrass?Diabetic foot ulcers

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