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Wheatgrass improves chronic acne

This young woman had suffered from chronic acne which, over 10 years caused marked disfigurement. She had been unresponsive to numerous skin applications, antibiotics and other medical treatments. After only six weeks' treatment with daily topical wheatgrass extract there is significant improvement in her appearance.

Wheatgrass appears to contain growth factor activators which may be responsible for the remarkable improvement shown in these photographs. In acne, there is a disturbance of the sebaceous glands. The activity of these glands is controlled by various hormones which in turn are controlled by the body's immune system.

Wheatgrass, as a potent immune stimulant may play an important role in acne treatment via this mechanism.

Dr. C. L. Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Acne before wheatgrass Acne after 26 days wheatgrass Acne improved after 38 days wheatgrass

3 Oct '03

 26 days treatment
29 Oct '03

 38 days treatment
10 Nov '03

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