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Jellyfish sting pain rapidly relieved by wheatgrass. Case # 1.

Fig.1. Bluebottle (jellyfish) sting from under the bell (head). 
Wheatgrass extract applied. 

Fig.2. 1 hour and 15 minutes later wound is pain-free
 and rash barely visible.

Fig.1.  Abdominal stings from jellyfish tentacles.
Wheatgrass extract applied.

Fig.2.  30 minutes later, no pain, no visible rash.

The Victim's Wife Reports:

Gary sprayed wheatgrass extract on his bluebottle sting at 6.30pm ish. His severe lower back pain (side-effect of sting) settled down within 20 minutes. The sting welt on his leg (that was the full body of the bluebottle not just the tentacle) had settled down by 90% within 1 hour and 15 mins. The ones on his stomach had fully gone within 30 mins. We sprayed on all areas twice.

H.S. Australia 26 Jan 2016

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