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How to treat minor burns with wheatgrass extract

Cold water immersion of an acute burn may soothe the affected area, but does little or nothing to prevent tissue damage or reduce inflammation and associated pain.
By comparison, wheatgrass extract has been shown to relieve second degree (minor) burn pain, including from radiotherapy and laser burns, quickly when applied to the affected area. (View relevant studies showing this) It also reduces inflammation and aids recovery of burn wounds as well as relieve the pain of sunburn.


1.     Immediately spray the whole burn/scald area generously with wheatgrass extract. (If the burn is large, spray first and seek urgent medical attention). This will enable bioactives in the product to be rapidly absorbed through the skin where they ease pain, reduce inflammation, help prevent infection and start the healing process. They also act to encourage blood circulation around the burn-damaged tissue thereby helping to commence the healing process.
2.     Remove clothing, jewellery or other items from the burnt area if possible. If there is a lot of matter, e.g. fat, molten plastic try to remove the bulk of it with a cloth without damaging the skin. If something is stuck to the skin, do not try to remove it, but apply the burn spray over and around the area and seek urgent medical attention. 
3.     Do NOT soak the burn in cool water. (See reference) This wastes valuable time and allows the underlying tissue to be denatured or destroyed because cooling slows the blood circulation which is desperately needed at this stage to assist tissue recovery. If you have no wheatgrass extract, use warm water which has been shown to help maintain blood supply to the burn area and assist the healing process.
4.     If considered necessary, apply a very light dressing e.g. gauze, clean cotton or similar material to cover the burn, but it is likely this will serve to keep heat in the wound which may further damage or denature live cells in the burn area.
5.     Wheatgrass has been shown to reduce pain dramatically in first and second degree burns, usually within 24 hours of the incident. Support the patient's pain with pain-killing medication if necessary.

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