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Athlete's foot healed with wheatgrass

Chronic fungal infection forefoot, 7 years. Itchy, scaly inflamed rash. Multiple natural remedies used without success. Commenced daily application of wheatgrass extract.
After 2 weeks treatment, note absence of inflammation and scale. There was no further itchiness.
Same patient as above. Fungal infection of left heel.
After 2 weeks' treatment with the same wheatgrass extract.

This adult female has what is described as "mocassin" type tinea pedis ("athlete's foot") infection because of its distribution on the foot.  Both feet are usually affected as in this patient. Tinea is a common fungal disorder of the feet and is more common in males than females. Wheatgrass frequently works for fungal infections of the skin and in this case there is dramatic improvement after just 2 weeks' treatment.
Apply just a little wheatgrass extract on alternate days, and persevere.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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