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Molluscum contagiosum - Case 4. Why not to use cantherone (beetle juice)

Before wheatgrass treatment. Large molluscum lesions in an 18month old child showing inflammation and pus in some (above the navel) due to use of cantherone (beetle juice).
Only 9 days after commencing wheatgrass extract daily, the lesions have flattened out, some have almost disappeared, and inflammation has considerably reduced. The pus has gone from the spots above the navel.

*Mother's Story:

My daughter B is doing very well.  Wheatgrass extract has made a huge difference to her molluscums and I'm really glad I bought it. When they applied Cantherone (acidy stuff) on her lesions of her abdomen and legs they had blistered up and left raw skin after popping which was a very painful.

I had just received wheatgrass extract around that time and started using it straight away.  Before that I had noticed little molluscums started forming again so just as well i received it right away. I applied it everyday and noticed after a week the difference. It stopped spreading and growing any further.  I am still religiously applying wheatgrass.  

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