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About wheatgrass therapy

Since 1995, Dr. Chris Reynolds, an Australian orthodox family physician, has observed numerous healing phenomena using a potent extract he derived from young wheatgrass sprouts. This extract is the core ingredient in all Dr Wheatgrass/Wheatfix products.

It was clear to Dr. Reynolds that wheatgrass facilitated and accelerated the body's natural ability to heal itself. Wound healing, burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries, and skin recovery from eczema, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum and anal fissure were just some of the conditions that responded to this treatment more effectively than standard pharmaceutical remedies - and there were no adverse side effects.

The combination of Dr. Reynolds’ extensive clinical observations and ligand binding studies and other laboratory and clinical research showed that wheatgrass contains numerous bioactives (probably ligands) that rapidly penetrate the skin then bind with various cell receptors to influence gene expression. This results in a number of physiological responses such as pain relief (substance P inhibition), wound recovery and repair; blood element production (growth factor activation) and, because the extract can safely be taken orally, immune modulation – (hormonal stabilisation/normalisation). 

Please go to our Conditions page to view many positive therapeutic outcomes from the use of wheatgrass extract and to our Testimonials page for further verification of the healing power of wheatgrass. This link takes you to Dr. Chris' various articles about the therapeutic benefits of wheatgrass.

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