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Wheatgrass - None So Blind; Too Good To Be True

A few months ago I received a visit from a young couple who came in to meet me. They found the commercial products so useful, they simply couldn't do without them. With bottles of wheatgrass spray and tubes of cream scattered around the house, in the glove box and at the office, they used them for their kids as well as the dog whenever there was an injury, burn, bite or skin condition. (Sounded just like my own family!) They also expounded the virtues of wheatgrass to everyone and anyone who was prepared to listen.

"But there's a problem with the products, Dr. Chris." said Dad. "When you go to a health food store or pharmacy, they're always tucked away in some obscure corner, and the sales assistants don't know much if anything about them. But the real problem is, they're too good to be true. We tell everyone about them, but they simply don't believe us!"

I identified strongly with what he said. I have felt the same way about wheatgrass since 1995 when I first started using it clinically. My first experience was a healing phenomenon, the likes of which I had never seen before. I knew immediately I had witnessed something medically important. Ever since I have expanded my treatment repertoire using wheatgrass for many conditions.

Initially I thought my fellow GP's would be interested in sharing my experiences, but for 12 years now I have been trying unsuccessfully to convince them that wheatgrass can help many of their patients. Unfortunately for them, most either pay lip service or ignore me completely. This flies in the face of substantial research  demonstrating numerous therapeutic benefits from wheat and other cereal grasses, not to mention my own experiences that have helped thousands enjoy a better quality of life.

For instance, in an earlier newsletter this year, I mentioned a patient whose skin graft had not healed after 6 weeks' treatment using orthodox methods. I posted a case history and photographs of this man's rapid improvement after only 2 days using the commercial wheatgrass spray. Two months ago, thinking this was a convincing example of wheatgrass potency, I emailed a longish list of colleagues for feedback. The silent response was deafening!

But I don't give up easily. I know they will listen one day, because their patients will eventually convince them. Thousands of them who, having benefited considerably, know that wheatgrass is almost too good to be true. 

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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