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Dr Wheatgrass Stroke Recovery Testimonial. Case #4. Left hemiplegia

Dr Wheatgrass Stroke Recovery Testimonial. Case #4. Left hemiplegia

Published on May 8, 2014 

This 63 y.o.woman suffered a stroke 2 years earlier. As the video shows, she was severely handicapped in her movements. However, regular daily application of wheatgrass extract (Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream) has led to significant improvement in activities of daily living.

The following suggestions on using wheatgrass extract are based on results so far obtained from 6 stroke survivors, all of whom have enjoyed a degree of improvement in physical ability. 

1 .  Apply a small amount of wheatgrass Cream (Spray, Superbalm, Gel) sparingly once or twice a day. A little goes a long way. Wheatgrass appears to be a catalyst so using it in excess is wasteful.
2.   Rub it over each joint in the affected limb where there is weakness – e.g. all digits if the hand is affected; shoulder if the arm can’t be elevated; hip if the leg is affected etc. It is across the joints where muscle flexor and extensor tendons make the joint move.
3.   Wheatgrass appears to only affect the joints where it’s applied. If applied to the upper limb, it will not affect the lower limb and vice versa.
4.  Responses vary considerably between individuals. Improvement can be gradual i.e. weeks to months, or occur in 10 or 20 minutes after application. Some may not respond at all. 
5.   Work on the most disabling areas first. e.g. shoulder and hip.
6.   There may be recovery of sensory or motor function or both.
7.   Try to persevere for at least three months as sometimes it can take this long for any improvement to show.
8.   It is important to take short videos of the patient’s disabilities prior to using wheatgrass cream. Without this and follow-up videos at intervals, accurate assessment of any change is not possible.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S. 

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