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Phone orders within Australia: 0415 099 897

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Cracked heels


We live about thirty miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and winters are especially hard on the skin--particularly on the feet. My heels would actually harden and crack. That was before using your Wheatgrass Recovery Cream. Now, the skin on my feet (and on my wife's) is no longer hard, dry or cracked. It is soft and pliable, as it should be.

G. M. USA. 12 January, 2009

I just bought my second bottle of wheatgrass spray. It's pretty amazing. My cracked heels have healed and are on their way to becoming soft again. I use it on my face as well instead of a toner, and I mix it into my moisturizer.
My hair gets a spray too, which conditiones it so well.

Good stuff!

N. T. Victoria, Australia. 6 August, 2008

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