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Peripheral neuropathy

I am using the foam from juicing as external application for a number of conditions. Including Peripheral Neuropathy from class 2 diabetes. It seems to be helping to reduce the symptoms. Also a possible cancerous growth (undiagnosed proffessionally). Which cleared up after appearing to get worse.

The Derma wheat is good for healing cuts and abrasions but the raw fresh juice seems to be more effective for these other things. Even if there is a green tinge on the skin.

B. L. New Zealand. September, 2007

I use Superbalm each day on my feet. I am sure that it has arrested further deterioration in my peripheral neuropathy. I also use it on any spot that looks as if it could turn into a skin cancer, on the odd ache or pain I get and on any place that I have accidentally bumped myself.  It is magic stuff.

J. S. Queensland. 23 October, 2009
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