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Wound Healing Testimonials

This stuff is GOLD! Great for any kind of skin issue. Heals wounds quicker, great for your face. Heals acne scars. Great on a sore rump. Love this stuff.

L.W. USA. 5 August, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

Seems to be working & heamling the wound quicker.

Amazon Customer. 2 September, 2018  

This stuff really works. I can’t believe how well it heals wounds. So worth it!

S.C. USA. 25 May, 2018

Hi, This is PA and I bought your spray couple weeks ago. I'm very pleased to say it is working nicely and I am So amazed. For three and a half months nothing was working and the mainstream medical establishment was not helping me. Their way was not helping me heal and I am going to document it all. I have photos of my foot that got infected in Sept of 2017 and the progression of the wound. Thank you very much and in a few weeks my foot will be fully healed !  I want to buy more of your product soon and share and tell the world the good news. 

May God bless you as you help heal the world ! 

C.I. USA 05 February, 2018

From a Domiciliary Care Nurse:

I have used the wheatgrass Superbalm on a lady who had an anal fissure following the birth of her last child. She had tried all the rectal ointments & creams without success and was so grateful when the balm healed the fissure in a week, ( she said the pain relief was almost instant).  I use the spray on all wounds, from skin tears to diabetic foot ulcers. I used on an elderly man's abdominal surgical wound which had dehisced, and healed it in 2 weeks. The spray debrided a 20cm x 12 cm area of hard eschar from a traumatic leg wound in 3 days. I used the spray on a patient's dog who had a dermatitis like rash on its back, and it was completely healed in 4 days.  I use the Skin Recovery cream as a moisturiser & peri-wound protector on elderly, fragile skin until I ascertain they can tolerate the balm. It would take pages & pages to tell you about everything the wheatgrass has healed Dr Reynolds. Needless to say it has worked every time. I tell anyone who will listen about your products as I believe in them so much.

T. E. Australia. 26 July, 2015

Helped heal a gaping wound on the edge of a skin graft.

M. 10 October, 2015 Thanks to Amazon

I'm truly amazed at this product. My sister has hand and finger contracture and within 10 days of using this cream I am seeing her hands and fingers become more flexible. I'm ready for my second batch so I can use on her arms and elbows to improve her range of motion and her knees to help her mobility.

M.H. USA. 21 August, 2015

Two years ago I heard of Wheatgrass and researched it, resulting in a few pages of interesting information which I printed off and took to my GP  requesting him to read it. He agreed to do so. I was having my leg dressed several times a week for a stubborn ulcer which I’d had for a few months.  I’d bought the Spray and Recovery cream and took them along to my next visit. Dr said he had read the printout and agreed to go ahead and try the spray but I was keen to try the cream and he agreed. There was no denying the difference on my next visit and from then on the nurses were absolutely amazed each time it was dressed. The photos proof positive of the reduction in size. Complete healing followed soon after. Dr tells me he now recommends it to other patients.  

S. H. Australia. 12 December, 2014

Brilliant. I have facial cancer surgery - a long, narrow scar. a friend suggested Dr. Wheatgrass and the scar is barely noticed. I use it every day on my whole face and my skin has improved no end. I am 81! can you believe you can look a little younger with Dr. Wheatgrass? Amazing stuff. I have my friends use it too, have told my doctor about it, rather than the cream suggested at $200! I use the spray too. My best friend had facial cancer surgery too and uses it on other scars. astounding. ten stars! 

B.L. 25 September, 2014 Thanks to Amazon

From a Plastic Surgeon:

I now have 2 cases where the graft failed and they both repaired beautifully with the spray! I'm so sorry I didn't have a camera on me on the days to capture the progress! But the pain went away so quickly too! It's marvellous!!

Dr. Y. H. Australia. 8 June, 2011

Fantastic wonderful product. I bought the gel 5 days ago and have been treating a skin graft after removal of carcinoma on my nose. Today is day 4 of treatment and I am amazed and thrilled at how quickly my skin has healed . Recommend and amazing.

D. S. Australia. 17 November, 2014

Whenever I have used Dr Wheatgrass cream on split skin, no matter where it is on the body, it always significantly decreases the time it takes to heal.Since I have used numerous other creams for the same purpose I do not believe that this is due to the placebo effect.I hope one day that the healing component within Wheatgrass will be recognized as a important tool in the fight against illness and inflammation.

B. E. Turkey. 23 July, 2014

It arrived within 2 days and we started using it right away on my husbands foot. We already see an improvement in his diabetic wound and it has only been a few days!

B.K. USA. 5 October, 2013 Thanks to Amazon

I've tried the recovery gel & its the best thing since sliced bread 4 getting rid of new scars!

V. M. Australia. 5 August, 2013

I originally ordered the superbalm for my boyfriend for his fissure - it was amazing! Completly got rid of it in a matter of weeks with results immediately. When we found such good results, he started to use it on an injury he has on his back which was from falling on a nail in 2008. This caused tissue damage in the wound and has been an open weeping wound since 2008. He had to constantly keep clean and dry and keep a patch on it. He was told by specialist that this will never heal on its own and is booked in for a $10,000 operation in April. So within a week of using this superbalm on it, he noticed it stopped weeping and the skin started to close he is noticing the colour is changing and its starting to heal up more and more by the day. He is now for the first time since 08 not wearing a patch on it. He is over the moon!

F. L. New South Wales. 9 February, 2011

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