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How to take wheatgrass for best results

Research shows that wheatgrass contains numerous important bioactives that help "normalise" damaged tissue cells, while many thousands of clinical observations have demonstrated how rapidly they are absorbed through the skin and through the oral mucous membrane where they can assist healing.

One example is the "rush" some experience only a few seconds after swallowing fresh wheatgrass juice or the wheatgrass Supershots. This suggests instantaneous absorption of bioactives directly from the mouth to the brain via the blood circulation i.e. the sublingual route.

Herein lies the secret of taking wheatgrass in any form - tablets, powder mixed with water, fresh juice or my wheatgrass extract. Hold the liquid in your mouth for a minute or two if possible before swallowing. This will enable better absorption of the bioactives into the bloodstream compared with simply tossing it down your throat. If you do that, much of the bioactivity will be destroyed by stomach acid.

For many, the taste and smell of fresh wheatgrass juice is sufficient a deterrent to further use, which is a pity considering how health-giving wheatgrass is. However, my wheatgrass formulation, being only a few mls., overcomes this problem. The dose for an adult is only one teaspoonful (5mls) daily.

Whatever form of wheatgrass you take though, it could significantly help you and your family and friends to maintain good general health and wellbeing if persevered with daily.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

View Dr. Chris talking about how best to take wheatgrass here.

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