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Wheatgrass For Burns Testimonials

View following links for burns cases on Dr Chris’ Wheatgrass Healing website.   
I used wheatfix burn spray on a bad burn that I obtained from steam from my kettle. This burn was located on the softpart of my lower arm, and it immediately turned red and swollen. I was in a lot of pain. I remembered my husband telling me about the burn spray, so I immediately sprayed the affected area. Within seconds the pain disappeared, I was so amazed!! The following morning I was once again amazed to find the burn had totally disappeared. I have told numerous people about this incident, and they also couldn't believe how the burn had totally gone, without leaving a mark. I fully endorse this product, and have recommended it to my family and friends. Yours sincerely.

N. E. Australia. 14 March, 2016

Hi Dr Chris

I am one of your loyal Wheatgrass users.
I felt compelled to write to you since I just received your email regarding Dr Wheatgrass Spray for sunburn. My family and I just spent 12 glorious days in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. On our first day of arriving much to my horror my 8 year old daughter got very burnt on her delicate face. Against my better judgement and influenced by others we applied things like aloe Vera gel and different moisturisers to try and relieve my daughters pain and redness. By the third day it had not improved at all and I said to my well meaning family enough, I am going to use my Dr Wheatgrass Spray as it seems to work on most things. Within 24 hours the redness had almost gone and my daughter had no more pain..........amazing!
Thank you for your wonderful products I have your spray, super balm and I take your shots, I couldn't be more pleased with your products. Kind regards.

D. N. Australia. 10 December, 2013*

My husband gets burns up and down his forearms from the large industrial ovens he works with in the kitchen at work. I have been using the wheatgrass spray on him and seeing much quicker healing and he is really impressed with the wheatgrass. This stuff is wonderful! I'm a convert!

E. H. USA. 2 April, 2013*

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