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Multi Purpose Skin Recovery

I have only used Skin Recovery Cream, I am so grateful that I found this product. I suffered and I mean suffered with red itching, raised and welted skin, I can't remember my skin ever really being normal but as I aged is got worse. Over the years I tried numerous lotions, creams, soaps etc, including prescription creams ointments and allergy medicines. I saw a testimonial on your site from a mother thanking you for the relief Skin Recovery Cream was bringing to her son who suffered with Eczema. I took her advice and tried it and it worked. I use it after every shower and I will never let myself run out!

P.R. 14 February, 2017* Commented on Dr Wheatgrass Facebook

Hi I've purchased the Superbalm to use it for my face to address sunspots, pigmentation & ageing skin. I'll be sharing it with my friends who recently asked what I'm doing as my face/skin looks amazing! I have noticed some difference & I've only been using it a week & a half...

Much appreciated & all the very best.

A. S. Australia. 21 April, 2016*

Absolute best! Treats my 10 year old daughters skin like a dream!!!
This is the most effective product available in today's market of various skin care regimes, hands down to the moon and back!!!! Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin care spray is incredibly effective for my daughters eczema and molluscum. She has delicate skin and this product is the only way to combat her rashes that are embarrassing and uncomfortable. She's only ten and the molluscum started prior to her experiencing eczema. She is lucky to have this resolved with the help of Dr.Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin treatment. The best part, as well is, I can use it for my skin and it cures my occasional breakouts and WRINKLES. Put away all those so called wrinkle preventative lotions that are pricey! I spray this wonderful product on my face neck and areas that seem wrinkled because it will prevent future wrinkles. I sent this product to my brother prior to his knee surgery knowing it would clear his knee so he could have clear skin for his surgery. It worked almost instantly overnight. My daughter just could not live without this product. She also takes it in super shots that taste terrific and uses the cream. But, the spray is just as effective if not more because when you spray it on your own it will evenly distribute to all the areas of concern. She can now do that and not have me battle her with accidently spraying too much or little, she has control of her own skin. Ten years old and independently taking care of her skin teaches her long term positive lessons. I will order from this vendor time and time again. We are amazed with how incredibly well this Wheatgrass Spray works. You will agree once u receive it too! Thank you to this particular vendor for their fast efficient delivery and careful packaging. I am one happy camper!! Go buy it today it is worth every cent and will save your skin! Literally!!!

JLL USA  12 January, 2016*   Thanks to Amazon

Blackhead Cleanser

Unbelievable! Your wheatgrass Cream is the best blackhead remover in the world! Three days and they'd gone. If only I'd taken closeup photos before using it! Thank you for a wonderful product!

A. C.  Shepparton. Victoria*


I'm a bloke and I get pretty bad shaving rash. Have done for years and nothing seems to help. But your skin recovery spray did the trick. Got a face and neck like a baby's bum now. I'm recommending it to my mates, but they reckon wheatgrass is for cows! Thanks doc.

Alex. Northern Territory. Australia*

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