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Use Wheatgrass To Prevent & Treat Radiation Burns

An 86 year old man had an SCC removed from the apex of his head with a split skin graft applied. He was given 2 weeks of radiotherapy to the area before the skin graft had healed. He was sent home with a warning that the whole area would breakdown and that his whole scalp would probably slough off as well. 
As soon as I saw him I sprayed his whole head with the Wheatfix Burn spray and put a dry, non-stick dressing over the graft site. The erythema on his scalp had markedly reduced by the next day and the graft site was looking so much better. 
We did the WG spray every 2nd day over the following 2 weeks. The scalp didn't even peel. The skin graft healed beautifully & he returns for a review next week. This fellow has assured me that he will take the spray to show his medicos what healed the graft site and the radiation burns. I can't wait to hear what their reaction will be.

E. T. Domiciliary Nurse. Australia. 19 July, 2017*

I would like to thank you for the beneficial experience of using your wonderful product Wheatfix burn spray during and after my radiotherapy that I had for 5 weeks after having a left breast mastectomy and 6 months of chemotherapy.  1st one to 22nd treatments on 5 days on and Sat & Sun off.  Applied burn spray twice every day, I had no pain, no burning sensation  during the 22 treatments.  Spray was calming and soothing. Suddenly on 31st July quick and intense crawling itchy sensation happened and could not sleep and put spray on but the itchiness did not go away.  I used burn spray for 22/25 days of my radiotherapy I had to then go onto dermaid 1% sensitive  for 1 week due to the intense itchiness caused by the radiotherapy. Then flamazine for 2 weeks for my blisters which appeared when radiotherapy finished. I returned to Wheatfix burn spray on 22 Aug and used it for 3 months morning and night my surgeon said on 23 Nov 2016 my skin recovered very well over my left breast and I still continue to use it until all the signs of the radiation has gone. Thank you again

L. W. Queensland Australia. 23 February, 2017

My husband had radiotherapy following secondary Melanoma. His radiotherapy burns were severe and the area under his armpit was like raw steak (from the radiation) and he was in a lot of pain. I felt the traditional treatment of Sorbolene was locking in the heat and adding to his discomfort and delaying his healing. 
As a registered Nurse, I discussed this with my sister also an R.N but well versed in alternate medicine and she suggested I get Dr. Wheatgrass.  I was sceptical but desperate.  Well no longer - he got immediate relief, the healing process was rapid and he was able to sleep.  It is the greatest support to the healing process and pain relief.  I am now a total supporter. Dr. Chris you are a genius. Thank you.

T. C. Western Australia. 18 February, 2016* (View this remarkable case of radiation recovery on Dr Chris' Wheatgrass Healing site)

I used it during/after my radiation treatment. Dr was surprised at how much it helped with the burn and decreased the scarring. That was over a year ago now. Still useit for any other sores scratches etc

A. T. Australia. 10 December, 2014*

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