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Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray Amazon reviews

Thanks to Amazon

Helps my psoriasis. Even have my mom using it. She's had psoriasis since she was 11 and it's helped her greatly. Her doctor recently wanted to know all about it.

Amazon Customer  12 October, 2017

This product has been a miracle for my Red Skin Syndrome (autoimmune -- basically extreme eczema). And reading Dr. Wheatgrasses articles about using this product for RSS have been life changing for me!
I still battle with my eczema and RSS but this is the only product that I can use regularly to get relief and help my skin repair. This was my results after an RSS flair. A little less than a months time between the photos. I balance it all with an extremely clean diet...but I do give this product and Dr. Wheatgrass' methods a ton of credit!

J.M. 4 October, 2017  

My 7 year old molluscom was spreading under his arm and the dr was saying 12-18 months before it will clear on its own and there is no meds to give that would help. The dr didn't seem to concerned but it was unsightly and getting very itchy for my son. The dr has him take Zyrtec because the itching was causing hives. I began spraying this wheatgrass immediately when I got it and about 2 weeks after using it morning and night the small white dots were getting less and now 4 weeks in his arm is almost completely clear! This stuff is amazing! I'm glad I found it.

cmth31 25 September, 2017

IYou can see improvements quick
t is working like advertised. I will be buying more

K.R. 14 September, 2017

First off, I NEVER write reviews but I have to express my love for the Wheatgrass in helping my 3 children finally treat/heal their Molluscum AND heal my son's bug bites AND my daughter's Eczema.
My Molluscum testomony-- I am a ER nurse and mother of 3. Almost 1.5yrs ago my oldest child had a small bum on her lower back, I went and asked our peds doctor who told me it was a "cyst" and not to worry. All 3 of my children showered together in the evening, so when my 3rd child started getting the SAME type of bumps on her back... I went back in and asked AGAIN what they were. Finalyl after over 6mo, my peds doctor told me it was Molluscum and to leave them alone and not to worry..... at this point ALL of my 3 children were getting bumps that were still spreading everywhere. My 2nd child started having outbreaks and at one point he had over 80+ bumps on his neck/underarm/groin/inner legs. My other 2 children had 10-15 bumps each. Before Dr Wheatgrass, I tried everything natural.... Apple Cider Vinegar (which irritated my childrens skin even when diluted and promoted the Molluscum to get infected .... which is the only permanent scars they have), Tea Tree Oil, ZynaDerm, Conzerol, and anti-viral Lemon Balm---- NOTHING worked and all of my 3 kids hated when "bump" time happened because they feared the pain.
Then one of my many nights googling remadies.... I found Dr Wheatgrass and it has been a miracle for us. Granted Molluscum is a virus and it takes time to go away and for the immune system to :fight it off", I could tell a huge difference even the first few days=== the Molluscum bumps would start to dry out and shrink (the small ones) and the larger ones would get "angry" and open off--- the healing phase!!!! and go away. Even after the Molluscum is gone, the dark "old" spots take time to heal and fade. But their skin is smooth after. We use the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm twice a day AND the Supershots at night (mix it in a small cup of juice). I sometimes use the Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray on days when my kids what to go to bed "real" fast and not want me to rub the cream on them (I use q-tips to apply on the kids to avoid spreading)--- I also wash their pajamas AND bath towels daily to avoid spreading.
My daughter's eczema story-- My 3rd child (who also suffers from Molluscum) has had bad outbreaks of Eczema since a baby--- probably dairy related but she is a cheese lover!! When I use Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm on her outbreaks, I notice that he outbreaks are lighter the next day... then her outbreaks turn white till the skin can fully recover and regain skin pigment. It helps moisturize her skin and prevents the itching feeling.
Bug Bites story-- After having such wonderful luck the last 6weeks, my some got attacked by some unknown bugs on a trip. The bites were itches and some formed pustules that would make wounds on his legs... they looked horrible. SO I started using just the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm on his legs (when I would do his Molluscum bumps) and his legs healed with barely any scaring--- Amazing!!! I included pictures of my 3 children--- Molluscum, Eczema, and Bug bite relief.
Thank you!! Well worth the money to finally find something natural that works.

cartera97 10 September, 2017 *Customer uploaded images on Amazon

My boyfriend used this for his molluscum after 2 months of battling with the imiquimod cream that the dermatologist prescribed him. I read some reviews and decided to see if it would help with my eczema as well. I was using topical steroids, but I have had adverse reactions to steroids in the past, and I couldn't use my steroid cream on the eczema on my face. Not only did it drastically improve my boyfriend's molluscum, but after just one use my skin felt so much better. I understand that this may not work for some people, but honestly, it's worth it just to see. If it works for you, it's a lifesaver. I use it about once a day and my boyfriend uses it twice a day at least on his molluscum and his lesions are all but gone. He's had one or two pop up, but they are few and far between when compared to his reaction to the freeze treatments and imiquimod cream. This stuff is awesome. I'm so happy that I don't have to rely on expensive, damaging steroid cream anymore for my eczema, and he's happy that he doesn't have to keep paying for doctors visits to get freeze treatments that barely worked. Try it out!

Amazon Customer 25 August, 2017

Miracle cure for molluscum
Believe the reviews! This product works just as everyone is describing! More doctors should be aware of this.

Jennifer 26 June, 2017

I never usually leave reviews good or bad but I feel like doing so this time around is a MUST, especially if it can help another family dealing with Molluscum. We were told my son had Molluscum last July and that there was nothing we could do about it except to wait it out and it will go away on its own. Well 9 months later, there was no sign of those horrible bumps clearing up instead they were spreading everywhere! I tried everything I read online, Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil etc. We even began discussing the option of having them frozen off, which hurt my heart just thinking about, but we were so desperate at that point. We actually had other parents tell their children not to play with our son, again another blow to my heart. I went back to the internet and found this product and initially thought "there's no way something like this could work". I spent hours reading every single review I could find and seeing that there was way more positive than negative, I decide I had to at least give it a try. THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!! After a week I noticed they were starting to dry up and after about 5 weeks of applying the wheatgrass spray, twice a day every day, I am happy to report that my son went from having 70+ bumps to only 3 bumps, which I wouldn't even consider actual bumps because they are totally flat, no more center and slowly fading! Worth every single penny, I am so incredibly happy and grateful for these products!

Thank you so much!!
J.L. 16 June, 2017

Worked really good and quickly

Summer 25 May, 2017

... for a year and this is a miracle I love it so much it's changed my life I recomend ...
I been suffering with tsw for a year and this is a miracle I love it so much it's changed my life I recomend look at there website for for information stories like mine all i got to say is that my thankful for wheatgrass my skin is almost back to Normal take note that tho it might take 12 months to fully recover with the few early months you can see improvement but little by little but it's worth it h
At the end trust me think about it this way your skin is like a desert right now it's like dead for your skin to function again you need to take e 12 months just is you were born again like if you were a baby it takes like 7 months for a new born to grow right the same with your skin 7 to 8 months am no doc but around there then when a baby is born there skin is very sensitive just like you then within a few more months there skin heales gets strong it just makes since I hope you can understand it that eat your skin need time to recover just keep using wheat grass spary every day don't give up any questions I will answer them I love drwheatgrass I would recommend using also the supershots of drwheatgrass because it texoites the body from inside since steroid creams go into the body

J.P. 9 April, 2017

Have been using it for my daughter's molluscum. The Zymaderm didn't work and she has so many it took forever to apply it to each one. This is fast and easy, and after a month they are starting to go away!

Erin 29 March, 2017

Best Product I've Ever Used!

Amazon Customer 28 March, 2017

It seems to be helping my hair and scalp, only been using it for two weeks.

D.S. 27 March, 2017

Works great on some skin issues.

Raguls60 26 March, 2017

To A Healthier Me
It's early yet, since I have been using the product, but so far so good. I even sent my daughter a bottle to try. I praying/hoping for even greater results, thanks so much for making this product available.

Amazon Customer 12 March, 2017

Good product
This has helped not only with my 6-year hair loss journey, but with dermatitis on my eyelids due to dry eye syndrome (eyes constantly water causing dry skin). I only use it on my scalp every other day (wash it the next morning) and use a battery-operated massager (also purchased on Amazon). It has decreased the shedding. This is my second order.

J.G. 25 February, 2017

Molluscum Cured!!!
This stuff is no joke!!! I don't know what's in this vudu hippy spray but it works!!!!! My 2 year old son had molluscum all over his legs and butt and within a week it like tripled and started spreading everywhere. I wasn't sure I wanted to try this stuff because it's expensive and I wasn't sure it was going to work or if reviewers were paid to say it did. I'm here to tell you it does!!!! Within 2 weeks they were all little red specs. We sprayed all affected areas once in the morning and once before bed (religiously). It dried those suckers right up!!! Keep them covered because I think they start to itch. I'd always catch him trying to scratch. He even started to get a couple on his face so I sprayed some on my finger and dabbed it on his cheek and it disappeared by the next morning. I will recommend this stuff over and over! Thank you Dr. Wheatgrass, my baby doesn't look like a Leper anymore!!!!

Amazon Customer 22 February, 2017

Works great on Molluscum!
I've been meaning to write this review for years. All three of my children have had molluscum cantagiosum. After a google search I discovered this stuff and to all those suffering with this skin condition, IT WORKS! Spraying the molluscum twice a day will do the trick. After a week you will see that it is almost gone. After two weeks ours was completely gone.
To speed up the process, we chose to pop the large white heads with a needle. Be VERY careful to not touch the white part that comes out! It's the contagious part and once it touches skin it will start a new bump! I hope this review helps someone else, this was a lifesaver for our family. By the way, the bumps bleed quite a bit after you pop them and remove the white part, so be preared.

hem 10 February, 2017

I have been plagued with mulloscum for the past two months. Went to my dermatologist and gave treatments that made the mulloscum get worse. Then they wanted to do laser surgery to my thighs, my scrotum and my penis. I refused. I found wheatgrass on line and began using it (the spray product twice a day ). With in two weeks my mulloscum was healing drying up and not spreading but going away. I cannot thank this product enough for helping me. It has been with amazing results. I will continue to use this product until it's totally gone as recommended for 6 to 8 weeks then use it as preventative weekly. I so highly recommend this product for mulloscum

JOHN 7 December, 2016

Worth it for me-Four year old son had significant molluscum contagiosum on the backs of both knees. Dermatologist decided not to treat and said they would fade. Six months passed and they got redder and spread to other body parts. We took a flyer on the wheatgrass spray. I sprayed him twice a day (morning and night) and covered them with large band-aids when they looked their worst (they are contagious when the waxy stuff comes out). After a couple months of this treatment they really started to fade. Now he is completely clear. I can't say if it was the spray or a combination of my ministrations - but the dermatologist did confirm that there is some value to the wheatgrass treatment.

B.D. 21 November, 2016

Has REALLY helped kill the melescum virus that we've been dealing with for months now! It just has expedited the recovery process significantly so I would say for that issue, it is worth every penny!

B.R. 20 November, 2016

Amazing Product. You must try it. it can be used for many skin problems.

Jm50 9 November, 2016

Ive been using it for 2 weeks now. Fells good, doesn't burn my skin. Is a good option instead of using moisturizer that will eventually make me itch and flare up more. I use it 3 to 4 times a day, im looking forward to see the long term result. So far so good! I will definitely recommend it to my Eczema community!

Amazon Customer  6 November , 2016

Love My Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Mist!!
-I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Pleaze send me two more bottles--RIGHT NOW!!!

Amazon Customer 30 October , 2016

Great product.. would recommend to anyone. A little goes a long way.. so don't spray on too much...

S.S. 8 October, 2016

It works for us!
This works so much better on molluscum than the lotion version! It's a lot easier to apply and works a lot quicker. Definitely get this over the lotion! So happy to have molluscum gone on my kids!

J.C. 19 September, 2016 

I have spent a lot of money looking for a product that would actually live up to claims. This one did . I have severe itching from eczema and this is the only product that give me any relief and start the healing process.

S.T. 18 July, 2016

It is great! Any odd skin issue I have it works ...I stopped taking my acne medicine and I bought this to help my skin. It is great! Any odd skin issue I have it works great. I love that I can just Spray it on instead of using my hands or cotton ball. It's wonderful.

Jenay 16 April, 2016*

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