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Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm Amazon reviews

Thanks to Amazon

This works way better than icy hot or ben gay!

K. 2 October, 2017

Great balm! My doctor told me about it...and he uses if for everything! Thank you!

K.S 1 September , 2017

Works great. Will purchase again.

Amazon Customer 11 June, 2017

Awesome product! It has worked great for those pregnancy hemorrhoids you get. Also works well for 9 yr old sons rash on legs!!

Amazon Customer 26 May, 2017

I use the wheatgrass on cuts burns i use it on face as moisturizer. I use it on lips like a balm and basically all over wherever i feel i need it. Works fast on any ailments usually within a full day or 2. I love to just keep it handy

s/d tx 14 May, 2017

Excellent product. I have had chronic issues that have been completely remedied by Dr Wheatgrass.

Amazon Customer 10 May, 2017

Wonderful skin product
I chose this rating because all of Dr. Wheatgrass products do more than they advertise.
I only wish I could still purchase the gel!
People tell me I look like I am so much younger. Thanks Dr. Wheatgrass.

M.R. 9 May, 2017

Superbalm, Great for joint pain, scars, tears and cuts and burns, and Wrinkles!
I have used this before. It is great for healing skin. It does take some time, but keep using it. Should have noticeable results in 2-3 weeks. I also use it around my eyes and laugh lines. Results are visible right away! I'm putting it on scars, and a few warts. One was itchy, but they are smaller now. It also help with stiffness and arthritis pain in my hands, as soon as I put it on.

Amazon Customer 7 May, 2017

Smooth, creamy and unscented! This Superbalm is nurturing and kind to aching muscles and sore joints. It's great after a workout and leaves skin silky and soft.

O.M. 19 April, 2017

Molluscum Nightmare
First off, amazing customer service. I had some issues with shipment and contacted the seller. Seller responded within the hour and helped to resolve my problem.
I bought this item to help with my 1 year old son's Molluscum near his thighs. I have tried sooooo many different products and none worked. I had an option to go to the dermatologist but did not like the freezing or burning off method which can lead to scars or more molluscum developing after burn off. I initially tried Zymaderm, used for 3 weeks as stated and had no effect on the molluscum. Then tried apple cider vinegar with bandage which worked but took a really long time to get rid of 1 and left the area red and dry looking very irritated. I then tried iodine which did nothing to it. Tried Oregano oil mixed with olive oil which burned and irritated his skin. Tried Thuja oil with no effect. Tried epsom salt with tea tree oil in bath which didn't help much but I think it helps him from developing more. I also tried applying hydrogen peroxide but it just seemed like too much trouble for me to do. It's difficult to get a 1 year old baby to stay still enough for me to slowly apply all these things. I finally tried using rose hip oil mixed with tea tree oil and tamanu oil which seems to help a bit. I then did more research and read about wheatgrass helping some cases of molluscum so I thought why not, I already tried everything I possibly could.
First day of application I already saw results. The biggest molluscum on his thigh seems to be drying and getting smaller. He also has 10 other smaller ones I haven't noticed a difference yet but I'm hoping this cream is helping to get rid of them. Will give an updated review once I see more results.

Kat  19 April, 2017

It works for Molluscum!!!
My daughter contracted Molluscum somehow last summer. It started with a couple of bumps on her side then spread to several places on her body. I took her to the doctor and was told that her body would work it out of the system in probably about two years. I tried to take care of it naturally. I tried apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, a lemon oil blend and one other brand of oil been that was for Molluscum none of that made much of any changes except that it spread more. I finally broke down and ordered Dr. Wheatgrass super balm which my husband talked me out of originally because it cost more than the other options. Don't waste your money on anything else. Within the first week I could already see a noticeable difference! We are only two weeks in using this product twice a day and some bumps are completely gone others have shrunk in size at least by half. Everyday I am pleased to see that my daughter is getting her self esteem boosted. She is almost 5 years old and she has been very self-conscious over the spreading bumps. I feel confident that they will be completely gone before summer gets here! Awesome product!

W. 7 April, 2017

Great product! My 3 yr daughter gets rashey on her stomach and on her arms. Since using this lotion, it has got considerabley better. The smell is a little off, but over all the product earns an A in my book!

A. 22 March, 2017

Wheatgrass is amazing
Love the wheatgrass superbbalm ! It works for many thing. Will order again

C. 20 March, 2017

Excellent! Will definitely buy more!!!

S. 2 March, 2017

This is the only thing I have found that works on my daughters eczema. The back of her hands and wrists have been like hard, scratchy sandpaper for a couple of years now. It gets worse in the winter. I'm so glad I decided to give this a try! Within a few days of applying twice a day, her wrists are as soft as mine. They are finally Norma!

S. W. 19 February, 2017

A great product for healing pain.

M. M. 15 February, 2017

It works! It works!
I'm a stroke survivor with really bad muscle tone on my affected side. I had seen videos that seemed to relax the tone, enabling greater movement and hoped that it might help. It has relieved a good deal of the problem and learning where exactly to apply it for best results increases my mobility and allows me to enjoy life quite a bit more.

M.R. 14 February, 2017

Awesome. Gave a packet to a friend with arthritis and it helped her a lot. She ordered a tube right away.

C.G. 8 February, 2017

I have been using Dr. Wheatgrass Superbalm for some time now and am impressed by its effectiveness. It is very soothing and has very good healing factors which I haven't been able to find in other products..

J. M. 18 January, 2017

I use it for an itchy spot on bottom of my foot. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. This soothes and moisturizers the skin and the itch is gone.

M.C. 5 January, 2017

I have been suffering from chronic anal fissure for over two years. I tried different creams but it dint help. Within 3 days of using this cream, my fissure got completely healed !!!!!!!. Great product ...

A. 12 November, 2016

Husbands back is almost pain free
J. 9 November, 2016

Amazing product. In just a very short time since receiving Superbalm in the mail, i've noticed vast improvement with my skin ulcer condition. I'm amazed and so very grateful!

Amazon Customer 30 October, 2016*

This was a word of mouth product by my personal trainer. It works better than the medicine smell of icy hot cream that I use after at work out. I also like the fact that it is a natural cream. When i apply it goes deep into the tissue for fast and better recover thanks

J.G. 28 July, 2016*
This stuff is THE BEST. Learned of it from a physical therapist who had just had a baby and used it successfully for anal fissure. I use it as a face serum under my moisturizer/sunblock in dry weather. I also use it on cuticles and fingertips before bedtime. (I do a lot of outdoor work, and my nails take a beating.) I sent one bottle to my brother-in-law who is undergoing treatment for skin cancer on his face. I sent another to a daughter with sensitive skin that often breaks out in a rash. The list goes on and on. I dunno WHY it works, but it does.

M.H. 1 May, 2016*

I'm convinced this product saved me from surgery-After almost 9 months of pain from a fissure, I was desperate so I tried this product. I didn't notice much relief for the first week but I did feel a warming sensation when I applied the product so I assumed it was increasing circulation. That was encouraging because from what I've read, fissures are thought to be related to a lack of circulation in the area.
After a couple of weeks I noticed that I had less frequent and less intense pain. After a month I had zero pain. I've felt like the issue was flaring up again just a few times in the last few years and I use the balm and it goes away within a day.
I'm pretty leery of anecdotal evidence but, I was within a week of scheduling surgery after almost a year of fighting it and my problem was completely gone in less than a month of using this product.

Tony 23 August, 2014*

Trust me!-This stuff is amazing, nothing short of it. I had a fissure, gone. I had some trouble spots on my face, gone.I now use this stuff anywhere and everywhere that needs help!

A.S. 3 February, 2013*

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