Dermatitis (6)

Ask Dr. Chris about dermatitis 

Testimony regarding facial rash from overload of Histamine:

Due to high levels of stress, for example divorce or exams, or overeating too many high histamine foods, I have had a very itchy, red, painful, hot rash that comes and goes on my face. I used the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm and it shortened the length of the rash and cooled and healed my skin so no scarring occurred. I would highly recommend this cream!

N.M. Australia 08 January, 2021

Testimony regarding Anal Fissure and dermatitis on finger:

I had suffered with an itch on my anus for 1 year. I was almost driven insane by the itch I could not scratch because of its sensitive location. I had been to 4 or 5 GP’s and seen a specialist, a dermatologist. I had been given about 4 or 5 different creams, and even recommended bleach baths which to some degree relieved the itch so I could at least sleep better. Half way through my year of anus itch I started to break out on my right index finger in a dermatitis reaction. So after 6 months of having the finger eruption and one of having the anus itch, to the point of having an appointment with a surgeon to fix the anal fissure I entered a health food shop and showed the lady behind the counter my finger. She passed me the Dr Wheatgrass Super Balm cream and said someone else had sworn by it. With nothing to lose I started to apply the cream to my finger. It was cooling and I could feel it working right away. I also started using it on my anal fissure. Within 2 weeks both the anal fissure and the dermatitis on my index finger had completely disappeared!! I was cured and they have never returned. I love Dr Wheatgrass who saved me from having an operation. God bless you Dr Chris!

N.M. Australia 08 January, 2021

This review is an update from my last review. I love this spray ! It helps reduce redness and inflammation from my perioral dermatitis! Works like nothing I have ever tried before.

E. F. C USA. Amazon Customer, 29 March, 2018

Seems to give relief for eyelid atopic dermatitis. Fast delivery to Italy by courier so that the wheatgrass is not exposed to excessive heat in summer as with regular mail.

A.G.C. Amazon UK. 25 March, 2017

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the skin recovery cream for 1 week and my hand feel 100% compared to what they were. Since having my baby girl 8 months ago I have been suffering from severe dermatitis on my hand to point where they were opening up and bleeding. My hands hurt to even pick something up. I relief instantly with the cream and the results have been amazing. I have tried everything product there was and then the pharmacist suggested to try dr wheatgrass absolute lifesaver. I’m so blown away by the results. Can’t Thankyou enough for having this product available.

S. C.   Pharmacy assistant , NSW Australia 19 November, 2016

This has helped a great deal to alleviate the constant itching associated with contact dermatitis. I appreciate that I didn’t have to wait long for the product to arrive.
Carolyn. USA. 20 October, 2015 Thanks to Amazon