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Ask Dr. Chris about dry skin

I’m so grateful that I’ve been ordering Super Balm many times. Super balm has become one of the must-haves for me. A versatile cream that works for anything, I use it on a daily basis. Bleeding abrasions, cervical spine pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle aches, dry skin, allergies, etc. are all invincible with this Super Balm. My mother has dry skin and suffered from itching all over her body from autumn to winter, causing insomnia. Even getting injections and applied an ointment at hospital, it was just a sham, and after a while it became itchy, which was a negative spiral and did not heal completely. My mother was in the mood to give up, but I am truly grateful that my mother tried my favorite Super Balm this time. My mother is also very happy that her skin became smooth without itching. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

happy.n. Japan.  13 October, 2020

I am Irish/Australian and I’ve been using your recovery cream for about 8 years. It works really well on dry, translucent Irish skin. My 86 year old mother loves your product too. Thank you!

G.O.M. Australia. 21 August, 2020

A little goes a long way
This cream is great, it’s so silky and I use it everywhere. I like the natural scent, it’s not overpowering at all. It doesn’t leave you greasy either. As a river guide, my hands are constantly chapped, this cream is a must! It’s a bit expensive but worth every penny!

B. P. 09 July, 2020 Reviewed on trueleafmarket.com

This actually helped with my outbreaks
I have eczema, and it gets really bad sometimes. I work as a bartender so my hands are constantly being washed and wet again and in chemicals when cleaning glassware and the bar. So they tend to get very dry, crackly and I break out in hives sometimes when its extra upset. I can spray this on every night I would go to bed. And it actually helped heal me in a few days.

V.F. Amazon USA .30 April, 2020

Face Cream Moisturising. I use this as a daily face cream because I like the way it feels and it last about 4 months.
It is also very healing if I get a scrap .

T.S. Amazon USA. 12 July, 2019

Great for wounds. Works great for wounds and dry skin.

Bee. Amazon USA. 1 July, 2019

I am having a dry skin condition around my mouth and nose and that pretty much from my youth on. In summer it seems to soften up/disappear but in cold weather it gets worse. I also have as soon as its cold unusual dry hands. The hands dont bother me but flaky skin around my mouth isn’t really desirable. I think I may have got that from my mom. She also has very dry hands in winter. Anyways… I started using “Superbalm” for moisturizing the skin around my mouth. One small amount in the morning will usually bring me through the day. And it doesn’t leave the skin oily or shine like lots of other products do. I can’t remember having such a great success with my skin with any other product… And I have had many many different throughout the last 10-15 years…
Thanks for your work and this great product! Best Regards.

M. S. New Zealand. 27 September, 2015

Fast shipping, this is my second bottle and I plan on ordering more when I’m finished. My husband had a dry spot on his skin that ordinary lotions weren’t helping, started using this and within two weeks it was gone!

AS. USA. 25 February, 2014 Thanks to Amazon

I am absolutely astonished by this cream. I do not wish to tell people about my problem, but I came to this clinic because my anal fissure and hemorrhoid was so painful. I also have a lot of acne with dry skin.

When the doctor gave me this cream I was very skeptical. Do I use the same cream for my hemorrhoid and acne? Does he just give out this cream for anything? I also did not believe in Australian medicine, which often does not suit Japanese skin condition. I have been to numerous chemist and tried so many things supposed to be good for dry skin but none of them had any significant effect on my dry skin or acne. So I decided to try this cream.

To my great surprise, my fissure was healed and stopped bleeding and the pain went. My dry skin has been restored to normal level and acne has improved as well.

I also used this cream for the burn I suffered while I was working at Japanese Restaurant with amazing effect. I have always found any cuts, bruise, abrasion slow healing, leaving scars since I was a child. I thought I would have another scar for this burn. Then I remember the instruction for this cream, which says it can be used for burns and I applied the cream twice a day. I could not believe the rate of healing which I have never experienced before and I hardly see any scar now.

Doctor said this cream works for many things and I now know he was right. I am really grateful to the doctor, the staff at the clinic and the cream. Thank you very much. I wish a lot more people with skin problems could use this cream.

Keiko T. Melbourne, Australia. November 2002.