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Ask Dr. Chris about Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

My best friend Dr. M.F. had me try some of your wheatgrass and it has helped my extremely rare blood disorder – severe idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura with atrial fibrillation !!!!! / note there is only one other patient like myself in the entire world that the national rare disease center pointed out to me !!!! ; i have spent alot of money trying to find a cure for my two medical problems for the past 32 years and you dr. wheatgrass have solved my puzzle / praise the lord !!! ; i used to work for symbiotics bovine colostrum company as a researcher and i would like to request of you to consider hiring me as a researcher for your company !? ; i also worked with linus pauling on vitamin c research many years ago.

Thank you.

E. F. Dr. of Alternative Medicine. USA. 15 November 2015

P. S. Your research on your site saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Dear Dr.Chris, 

Earlier on 28th sept 2011, I seeked your advice for taking Dr.Wheatgrass supershots to manage my health condition called ITP where a patient’s platelets are destroyed by the autoantibodies. You had suggested me to take Dr.wheatgrass supershots dosage as 5ml, 2 times daily for first 15 days and then reduce to 5ml once daily.

First 15 days I took Dr.wheatgrass supershots 5 ml, twice daily and I did not get bruises and my platelet counts were maintained.Then I reduced the dosage to 5ml, once daily.After 3 days I started bruising and this was a sign of low platelet counts.Then the following week, I came back to the same dosage, that is 5ml, 2 times and things were normal, no bruises. I have been taking ayurvedic medicines,antioxidants and  steroids along with Dr.wheatgrass supershots. I did not change anything else other than this dosage. So I think to maintain my platelet counts I need 5ml, 2 times daily dosage of Dr.Wheatgrass supershots.

R. A. India. 8 November, 2011

Dr. Chris’s comment:

In about 60% of cases, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is due to the body’s own antibodies destroying platelets in the blood i.e. an autoimmnue condition. (Idiopathic means the cause isn’t known, thrombocytopenic means low levels of platelets and purpura refers to the purplish colour of skin bruising that can occur). Platelets are essential for the blood clotting process and if the numbers of platelets significantly decrease, unwanted bleeding occurs e.g. under the skin, in the mouth and nose. In more serious cases even brain hemorrhage can occur.

What is important about this testimonial is the patient stopped bruising when taking wheatgrass Supershots in double the usual dose of 5 mls. daily. Most importantly, his platelet count did not fall while he was taking them. It is well known that wheatgrass can stimulate production of blood elements in the bone marrow, including platelets. Although this is only one testimonial, it is encouraging for anyone suffering from this condition.