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Praise Be! After trying 5 different antibacterial oils and the Molluscum continuing to spread on my son, I tried skin recovery spray.
After 1 month the spots are nearly gone.
I was really feeling anxiety for my son as we were nervous about him going on ‘play dates’.
Thank you very much Dr Wheatgrass.

M.H. Australia 13 April, 2023

I just want to say thank you to your company! My daughters dermatologist had tried so many pharmaceutical products on her Molluscum that were terrible for her skin and caused more harm than good. Right when I had given up on trying new treatments I discovered Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray! I started applying it on January 24, 2022 and as of March 10, 2023 all of her Molluscum are completely healed! I have before and after pictures with dates as proof! I am more than willing to give my testimony for your company and share my daughters before and after pictures if you would like me too as I have already joined different online molluscum support groups to share our success story using your product!

A. W. U.S.A. 12 March, 2022

Wonderful product for molluscum

I bought this for my 8 year old son. He developed the molluscum in the knew and elbow area. Initially it was only a couple which we did not pay much attention to. But gradually increased over a period of two months. It wasn’t very bad but we were concered that may spread to larger area. Our doctor advised to use Dr Wheatgrass spray once a day. Just spray over the affected are generously and leave it. We used to spray it just before going to bed. And within two week of daily use it stared healing and now after three weeks it’s almost gone. First week my son complained about lot of itching and he ended up scraching up a bit. But with continuos use it all gone.

B. 15 January, 2021 Amazon Australia

Was sceptical!! What a product
So my 1 yrs old daughter started with 1 tiny spot on her back that grew, doctor said Molluscum contagiosum (MC) and that it will go on its own…well that wasn’t true, it spread like wildfire. So I looked and scrolled the net looking for answers to this unsightly MC. Came across Dr Wheatgrass, saw amazing reviews and stories on YouTube, and to my delight it worked a treat! Amazing! However it’s not a instant fix! I used the spray 2 times a day.Light spay in the morning before getting dressed and just before bedtime! Over first 2 weeks could see it shrinking, 4-5weeks later all
gone! Be patient, but it works! from me. Amazing product and well worth the dollar.

S.C. UK. 25 October, 2021

An amazing product
My daughter has suffered from a mollescum infection for months, the doctor said there is nothing I can do that won’t hurt it scar her. It is finally clearing up after using this product and no pain!
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C.K. 20 September, 2021

First week we sprayed morning and night on our daughter’s skin. She has had Molluscum contagiosum for almost a year now. After one week her bumps were drying up. The second week we only sprayed once a day. It’s been two weeks and her skin looks so much better, we can tell the wheatgrass extract has worked its magic, thank you!

K.R. Unite States. 11 July,  2021

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing product! My daughter had molluscum contagiosum for roughly 5 or 6 weeks and I had no idea what to do. My doctor said to just leave it and it will go away on its own, but it’s was getting worse just leaving it, and it was spreading rapidly!! On May 30th I started using the Skin recovery spray on all areas that she was affected, her shoulder (pictured left) was the worse of the areas but it was all over her stomach and on her arms, eventually spreading to her legs as well. Reading the other testimonials and advice on here helped get us through to today June 30th (pictured right). My daughter now has 1 “active” spot left and the rest have all healed completely with no scars or some are still at the stage of simply fading away. Never did I think we would reach this point but we have! Vigilant changing of clothes, towels, bed sheets etc has helped but this product has been the sole reason behind her healing from this. Thank you so very much!!

L.M. Australia. 30 June, 2021

Molluscum skin before after

Worth every penny when it comes to Mollucum

My son has horrible moluscum, all over his tummy and  arm. I took a chance on this product and bought the travel size first to try because of the cost. It started working in 2 days so I bought the full size bottle. His moluscum is almost gone already and it’s only been 9 days since the first spray. 1 spray down a day is all I had to do. AMAZING product!

Amazon Customer USA. 20 March, 2021

Stubborn Molluscum contagiosum

I have been struggling with Molluscum contagiosum for almost a year. I used so much product on him. I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I found this product and I have also been using the spray from the same brand. The bumps on his neck are gone he practically had them sporadically through his skin. Consistency is key morning and before bed time. The spray is simple just spray all through body and focusing more on affected area. The cream is nice and light makes it easier to spread over skin. I used 2 bottles of the spray and 1 bottle of the cream. I hope this works on your or your child as well.

G.R. USA. 13 March, 2021 Thanks to Amazon

Literally magic.

My daughter had molluscum for a year before we heard about the anti oxidant spray. We had seen a GP and a paediatric dermatologist.
One month of this spray and it’s literally gone. Finished. Like resolved.
This spray is literally magic.
Thank you so much!

B.B. Australia.  23 January, 2021

This stuff is amazing!
At first I was weary about spending that amount of money on something that I honestly thought wouldn’t work like all the other stuff but decided after reading reviews to just suck it up and try it. I wish I had known about it years ago when my older daughter had molluscum too. My youngest had it and it’s been bad for a while under her arms and on her side, we’ve tried soooo many things from vitamin a, essential oils, a prescription from the doc but nothing seemed to work. I literally put this on her for maybe a week and they were all gone! All of them! And they haven’t came back! This stuff is amazing!

D.C. Amazon USA. 19 January, 2021

Works for our kids molluscum.

I am happy with this product. We bought it for our kids molluscum . It has taken a few weeks of applying everyday but like all the other reviews , they are finally going. I find the newer molluscum clear away quicker than the well established ones. It is a bit expensive but it is working so that’s the main thing.

M.A. Amazon UK.10 September, 2020

Finally! A product that works for mollescum!
I ordered this product for my son. He has mollescum and we nothing was working. Not even the prescription cream from the doctor. I read a blog/reviews on this product and I am amazed at how well it is working. It is a watery consistency. Clear in color. I spray it on the spots and dab it with toilet paper/cotton ball so it the area is not so moist. My sons mollescum is no longer bumpy. They are flat and drying out. No new ones have come up. I think we have finally found something that works! Thank you for a great product.

T. Amazon USA. 08 July, 2020

Our son had pumps that looked like pimples in his legs and underarms. Dr. Said it would dry up after time or he could prescribe a pill taken daily for a month. The spray which we dab into the spots has dryers then up and we have seen results start within days.

Dobber. 22 June 2020 Review on

I sware by this
Was worried about my little ones (10 month old) molluscum contagiosum. Doctor said it will go away but it stayed for more than 3 months. They were 4 initially gradually became 80-100 in 3-4 weeks. Searched online so many things and so many home remedies which didn’t worked.Finally decided to give this a try after reading some of the review.Started applying (by spraying) twice a day after giving him the bath. After 1 week it started showing it’s macgic. Slowly they started disappearing. Initally they will brust themself and dry out gradually. I will recommend this for molluscum contagiosum for little ones.

S. Amazon USA. 02 June, 2020

This is an absolutely amazing product! My daughter had Molluscum Contagiosum. We struggled with them for months. I wish I had this product when she had them. Then, I ended up with them. I assume from her. I googled and googled and it seemed nothing helped. Then, I found reviews about Dr. Wheatgrass spray. It’s kind of pricey so I was skeptical. However, I figured after reading all the reviews that it must be worth it. I started using it every evening before bed. At first, I did not notice any changes at all. I was pretty annoyed. However, I kept using it. I then noticed a few spots drying up. Kept using it, more spots drying up. I’ve been using this for a little over a month once a day and almost all of my spots are dried up! If you are skeptical, I understand but take a chance on this spray. It really does work!!!!!!

AM Amazon USA. 10 May, 2020

Stuff is a miracle worker! I have 3 kids from 11 to 5. At one point in each of their lives they have had mollescum. With the first one he only had it really in his elbow and knees, with some occasionally on other parts of his body. The mollescum doctor said it will just run it’s course and leave on it’s on. It did after about 6 months with no real intervention. With the second child she had it mainly on her torso. It persisted for almost a year and finally the dermatologist “popped” some at a couple of visits. This did something because they started to disappear of the next month. This brings me to my last child. She had them everywhere….everywhere. We tried everything from creams to the dermatologist “popping” them and putting their meddice. Well after about 18 months of trying everything someone mentioned this. After less than a month each mollescum started healing from what looked like the inside. They then developed little sores and healed. None of the mollescum spread after spraying them with this. We would spray twice a day and cover the ones that seemed to be oozing hoping to contain the spread. After probably about a month or 2 all the mollescum where gone. She had probably over 100 at different points. Anyway if you are out of options or looking for options try this stuff out. It worked for us.

Micah. Amazon US. 11 April, 2020

Molluscum Miracle!

My 3 year old battled molluscum for 2 years. We tried everything (essential oils, vinegar, lotions and serums for molluscum, dermatologist, and more) and nothing worked. And our poor kiddo was put through a lot of discomfort. I saw a review for Dr. Wheatgrass spray which stated that it caused no discomfort and the price was reasonable so I figured it was worth trying. I’m so happy I did. It’s a miracle! The only complaint was that it was cold when sprayed on. It seemed to bring every sore to the surface in the first 3 weeks, at which point we’d cover them with a bandaid and a bit of this spray. It took no more than 3 months from start to finish for all spots to go away. Skin is still recovering 2 months later, but this stuff is a miracle and I wish I’d gotten it sooner!

S.V. Amazon US. 06 February, 2020

I would love to leave a review for the Wheatgrass Spray in treating my son’s molluscum contagiosum. It has been our saviour! We have been struggling with these bumps for nearly a year and couldn’t simply leave them to run their course as the doctor suggested. They began spreading pretty quickly and the separate showers and daily washing of clothes and towels was getting overwhelming. I tried another cream first but struggled to convince my 3 year old to sit still while i dabbed each one carefully and then covered with painful bandaids. Realising I wasn’t seeing much improvement with this cream after nearly 3 months I decided to try another. That’s when I came across the Wheatgrass Spray. I loved how much easier it would be to spray all over the spots quickly and pain free. We quickly saw a difference in the spots as they began swell a little, the core reached the surface then finally flattened and went away! My son and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and ease of this treatment. We will definitely recommend your product to others struggling with molluscum contagiosum.
Thank you so much!

Also happy to send photos though of our results.

E.M. Australia. 13 January, 2020

The only remedy against molluscum that worked for us.

After 3 years suffering with molluscum, seeing dermatologist nothing but this spray worked for us. It took about 5 bottles of daily spray and at least 6 months for all rashes to go away. (At it worst there were about 30 rashes).

C. Amazon UK. 12 January, 2020

Molluscum zapper!

Don’t waste time! I don’t really do reviews on products, but I had to let a worried parent like myself know to get this product and stop wasting time on trying things! Just get this ASAP!! This product is amazing! I can’t be more happier then to find Dr. Wheatgrass as the cure for my little ones molluscum issue. I’ve read about this product, but hesitated to buy it in the beginning of her molluscum stages. I have tried everything!!! Zymaderm,apple cider vinegar, Imiquimod, tea tree oil, and a few other topical applications, none seemed to work well at all. 4 months later saw a little improvement then BAM!! Little stubborn bumps got worse! I was getting super worried as doctors tell me to wait, it will go away by its own(1 to 2 years) , no freaking way I’m going to let it run it’s course and cure itself! That’s a awful long time for my LO to itch and scratch it and allow it to spread.

Literally you can see that it working in the first 3 days of use! 1 month later it’s all gone!! She had at least 30 or more little tiny bumps everywhere.
This is how I applied it. I used a qtip to dap each one and rub it lightly. Once it looks dry then put in Babies cloths( long sleeve ) Once in the morning when she wakes up and once right before she goes to bed. If you have more free time give her/him another application mid day. It’s doesn’t hurt to apply more.

End results will be happy parents that you read this and bought it!! Trust me, don’t waste precious time on other stuff. I was skeptical myself, but I was running out of options. NOW,I’m a believer! Thank you Dr. wheatgrass for this amazing molluscum zapper( that’s what I call it!)
I hope this can help other children with molluscum!

T. T. Amazon US. 06 January 2020

I have tried a lot of products for my son’s molluscum THIS ONE WORKS!

First I tried Zymaderm – but after 2 months of applying (and the scent was so strong), nothing changed, but the molluscum continued to spread more and more.
We also had our pediatrician treat with a prescription liquid that pretty much burned off the molluscum and left a sore that eventually healed. The pediatrician did 2 treatments for all my son’s molluscum at that time, but they continued to still spread even after burning them off.
One night I tried wart remover, but that was too painful.
Then I tried benzoyl peroxide (Clean and Clear pimple cream), but that irritated and dried my son’s skin horribly.

Then I tried conzerol cream along with the conzerol soap – this was effective on some molluscum spots but ineffective on others. What was horrible was having to wait until the cream dried before dressing because it stains clothes. When the conzerol worked, it caused the molluscum to pop and leave open sores.

At last, I tried Dr. Wheatgrass- the idea of the spray was the enticing concept. With a few daily sprays (once in the morning and once in the evening) on the molluscum areas and in a FEW DAYS, all the spots diminished and flattened, no sores and no more spreading! I am so thrilled to have found such an easy to use and effective product!

By the time I found this product, my son already had about 28 molluscum spots on his chest, leg, arm, and back. It took me almost 2 years before I found the right product. Don’t make the same mistake I did- this should be your go to.

FMR. Amazon USA. 17 November, 2019

Effective spray for Molluscum Contagiosum condition

My 3 year old was diagnosed with Molluscum contagiosum and GP told us it will go away naturally within 18 months! I purchased this product and the results are amazing. We only been using less than a month. First few days it made no difference and it got worse within a week. Then it started clearing away. I continue to spray once or twice a day. I see the skin is clearing day by day. Very good product.

V. Amazon UK. 14 November, 2019

This works amazing for molluscum!!!

My daughter had those little molluscum warts all over her right knee, a little on her left, and it was spreading to her ankles and her elbows. She’s 7 and was becoming self conscious of them while wearing shorts. I read all of these great reviews and decided to try it. I’m so glad we did! After 3 weeks of using the spray once, sometimes twice a day, all of her warts are completely gone!!! I’m still amazed at how well this works. My daughter did say it stung a little for a few seconds, but it was worth it to her. I’m so glad we came across this product!

S. Amazon USA. 16 October, 2019

Molluscum – This works.

My husband purchased this product after our 3 year old son contracted Molluscum contagiosum.
I first noticed a few spots on my sons arm and took him to the GP. I was told that it was a viral infection, could take over a year to go away, but there was nothing that could be done about it and to let it run its course.
Within a few days the spots went from bad to worse and had spread to his other arm, legs, knees and thighs.
I was not prepared to wait it out especially as the spots were spreading. At first we tried tea tree oil, I would dab some on at night but this just dried his skin out and the spots continued to spread. We also tried a tea tree and charcoal soap in the shower aswell as a herbal neem soap and finally Moludab.

Moludab stung my sons skin and he would cry and try to rub his spots as soon as I would put the soloution on so I stopped using it. However, from what I have heard it can be effective if used continuously.
My husband then found this magical spray. I kid you not, within an hour of me spraying this stuff on his spots they seemed to become flatter, but I thought I was imagining it. The next day his spots definitely started to look better and within just over a week of use, have almost all gone. All that remains are flat white patches which I hope will go away with continued use.
We have been spraying twice a day, arms and legs and have been very generous with the amount sprayed dabbing the soloution into the skin.
If you are struggling with Molluscum please try this spray, it worked for us and I hope it works for you.

FAA. Amazon UK. 16 September, 2019

Amazing for molloscum contagiosum

After being told by my daughter’s pediatrician that we may have to wait 2+ years for molluscum contagiosum to run its course through her body I was determined to find another solution. After reading reviews I decided to go with Dr. Wheatgrass and I am SO glad that I did. It had almost completely disappeared to the point that I felt comfortable allowing her to play on an inflatable water slide at a birthday party. Unfortunately, that ended up being a huge mistake because it caused a drastic increase as it spread to parts of her body that she did not previously have them. She also got ringworm from the inflatable as well. Within two weeks the new spots are almost completely gone and many never got past being small bumps! I have been using the Dr. Wheatgrass and tea tree oil on the ringworm. I am not sure which one (or both) has been the solution but that is almost gone as well. Every pediatrician should know about Dr. Wheatgrass!

D.S. September 2019 Skin recovery cream as reviewed on

I don’t often write product reviews but felt I had to with your amazing skin recovery cream. My daughter had molluscum contagiosum for months, and despite going to our GP and trying other remedies they were still spreading and causing her pain and embarrassment. Thank goodness someone recommended this product to me, it cleared up her skin within a few weeks and we couldn’t be happier. I am now the person recommending it to anyone else with this same issue, and I am sure we will find other uses for it ourselves as well!
Thanks again

A.G. New Zealand. 04 September, 2019

The most awesome Molliscum treatment!

I cannot rave about this product enough! My daughter fell victim to Molliscum in June. We tried EVERYTHING! The prescription cream, apple cider vinegar, bandaid glue all burned her skin or at least damaged it and never got rid of the virus. The best thing that worked was straight tea tree oil twice a day and it took forever to put on her 60+ bumps and it was slow to work. At best it made them smaller and didn’t let the virus progress to further stages. After 2 weeks of using this product they are almost all gone! The spray is so easy and take no time at all and it works! It’s even healing her burns and damage from the other horrific products I tried first. If your child has Molliscum you need this product. I’m a Dr Wheatgrass consumer for life!

Amazon Customer. 26 August, 2019

Miracle cure for Molloscum. Cleared my sons molloscum in just two weeks. Miracle spray.

S. Amazon USA 14 August, 2019

Miracle! Get rid of Molluscum!!

Cleared up my daughter’s Molluscum in about a month. We tried everything from wart remover, zinc, tea tree oil, Tagamet, trips to dermatologist. We spent a couple hundred bucks on products over the course of 6 months. Bought this stuff. One month later she was clear!!! Amazing product.

Amazon Customer. 11 August, 2019

I don’t know how or why, but my four year old daughter’s Molluscum significantly improved after about 3 weeks of the spray twice a day. She had them so bad, I would almost cry for her every night when I got her out of the bath. Not sure how, but it works.

J.H. Amazon USA. 3 June, 2019

Amazing for molloscum contagiosum
After being told by my daughter’s pediatrician that we may have to wait 2+ years for molluscum contagiosum to run its course through her body I was determined to find another solution. After reading reviews I decided to go with Dr. Wheatgrass and I am SO glad that I did. It had almost completely disappeared to the point that I felt comfortable allowing her to play on an inflatable water slide at a birthday party. Unfortunately, that ended up being a huge mistake because it caused a drastic increase as it spread to parts of her body that she did not previously have them. She also got ringworm from the inflatable as well. Within two weeks the new spots are almost completely gone and many never got past being small bumps! I have been using the Dr. Wheatgrass and tea tree oil on the ringworm. I am not sure which one (or both) has been the solution but that is almost gone as well. Every pediatrician should know about Dr. Wheatgrass!

D.S. 13 June 2019 Review on

Works like a charm

I never write reviews but for this product it is a must. I used it on my twins molluscum which they had all over their bodies we sprayed this two times a day and within two weeks they were all gone. It worked so well I started spraying them on what I thought were warts on the back of my oldest knee for a year. I was wrong they were mulluscm too and those spots disappeared within a week or two of using this product. I highly recommend giving this a shot if you’re dealing with mulluscum.

Amazon Customer. 30 April, 2019

I cant praise this stuff highly enough! We struggled with molluscum contagiosum for almost a year. After about 1 month of using dr wheatgrass the spots have almost gone! Thank you so much

S.B. Australia. 26 March 2019

Spray Healed My Daughter’s Molluscum!!

Thank you Dr Wheatgrass for your fantastic product!! In just under 1 month, your spray has healed my 6 year old daughter’s Molluscum. She had over 14 spots which were growing in size and number. Doctor told us to leave them, that they would go away in 1-2 years. I went to Chemist and they told me to use a needle to get the core out (I refused to do this as I didn’t want to traumatise her). Your spray is easy to use and within a week we started to see the molluscum stop spreading. Then after a few weeks they started to form pimples, with the core coming out and then the spots were flat and started to fade. I will recommend your product to everyone. Knowing it was safe for children to use and so easy to use was very important to us. Thank you again!!!

M.C. Australia. 24 March 2019

This works wonders, so thankful we found this product! 10/10 would definitely recommend worked for my daughters molluscum in less than 2 months & it’s gone
Amazon Customer. USA. 22 March, 2019

I bought it with some doubts even after seeing everyone’s reviews that had worked for children’s water warts!
The day after I applied it, the water warts became slightly pink and it seemed they were plumped a bit. Anyway, I tried to apply it once a day. Two weeks later, they looked swelling and the cores inside were about to come out. Some exudate came out, so I put band-aids on and covered them from preventing it from moving to other areas.
After 3 weeks, the cores have come out and there are some traces still, but seem to disappear soon. Some water warts that I noticed early enough healed quickly! I was concerned that people with water warts couldn’t enter the swimming pool lessons, but it seems that we can !
Many thanks for this product! I will use it  regularly from now on!

assam0927. Japan.  02 MAY, 2019 Superbalm as reviewed on

My daughter has only been using it for two weeks and the results are dramatic. The skin on her hands is much healthier and the Molluscom rash seems to be going away.

Amazon Customer. USA. 27 February, 2019

I never contact companies regarding products. However, I am blown away with the results of the Skin Recovery Spray used for molluscum. My son contracted molluscum when he was 4 months old from a city pool.I came across your product while doing research, and after looking into its ingredientsand other reviews, I figured I had nothing to lose. My son is now 21 months old and almost molluscum free! Our family doctor said there was nothing that could be done at his age, and that it would run its course by the age of 4. To me, 4 years of living with this was not an option. Every doctor we have seen said it was the worst case they had ever seen. After 2.5 months of using the spray twice a day (morning/evening), his skin is almost completely clear! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I honestly can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product. I will be sure to share your miracle product with other parents in the same situation.

A. R. Canada. 17 January 2019

Awesome product for molluscum heal. product worked like magic, I got rid of molluscum just in under 3 weeks.

L. Amazon UK. 23 December, 2018

It Works!!
Tried everything to get rid of molluscum Tea tree, Avc, Thuja, Zymaderm, and nothing worked in fact it was spreading and spreading fast. Ordered this and within two week almost everything was dried up. So happy to find this!

Jay. Amazon USA. 15 November, 2018

Molluscum contagiousum compeletely healed in 1.5 months!!
The attached photos are 1. from the day my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum and began use of this Dr. Wheatgrass product, 2. 2 weeks after diagnosis and continued use of product in combination with antibiotic ointment for open sores, and 3. 4 weeks after diagnosis with same regimen. After diagnosis a month and a half ago when the doctor said this virus lasts typically 3 months to 2 years, my daughter’s elbows, knees, and stomach are completely healed! There is some scarring in white spots in these areas, but she doesn’t itch all over anymore and the bumps are completely gone! I’m not sure which treatment helped since we did antibiotic ointment, kept her in long clothing to protect these areas, clipper her nails, AND used Dr. Wheatgrass, but I’m glad I did them all to shorten the length of this virus so much!!

R. L. Amazon USA. 11 November, 2018 *Images below*

Molluscum Amazon review healing progress

Our 3 year old was diagnosed with Molluscum and we were so frustrated. Once we found out what it was and he was seen by a dermatologist, there wasn’t a recommendation for a painless solution for his age. We were beside ourselves learning about this “new” to us virus. It was then I stayed up to the wee hours of the night doing research and came across Dr. Wheatgrass. I felt hopeless and immediately ordered the Recovery Cream with hopes it would work. The picture shows that within the 1st week the “bumpies” as we called them were healing and stages were moving faster. By today the skin is flush again and only the shiny areas where the bumps were. We continue to use the cream 2x daily to finish the job! Thank you for giving this mom hope in a very hard time and restoring our toddlers skin after hundreds of liaisons appeared and now are healing wonderfully!

J.S.R. New York. 03 October 2018 *Received images below

I also never write reviews but this stuff is magic ! My son also has molluscum covered all over his body rapidly getting worst, dr told us to let it run its course until some mums recommend Dr Wheatgrass, within two days they have faded 80% !!!! This stuff is absolutely amazing and worth every cent !!!

L.S. 29 September, 2018 Dr Wheatgrass Facebook

This is the best product that will naturally clear molluscum!
My toddler (1.5 yr old) has been suffering from molluscum since he was 5 months old. It started on his left butt cheek with 3 spots/bumps. We went to his pediatrician and was diagnosed with molluscum and was prescribed no treatment as molluscum has no treatment to cure it. As everyone knows about molluscum, it is apart of the “pox” family the same as small pox and chicken pox. It is a water wart that will spread just by touching a “popped” lesion/bump. When we were told there was no treatment and that it would go away in 6-10 months, we were not concerned as it was in his diaper area and he never touched it.

After 3 months we noticed that the bumps spread to down his left leg with 3 more bumps. At that time we had his pediatrician well visit and she recommended that if we wanted to do anything to apply tea tree oil to it directly and it will start to dry up. We applied tea tree oil to the spots every day and nothing occurred. After he turned 1 year old, he had spots on his back forming. At this time, we researched a product “zymaderm” that was a tea tree oil product that had good reviews. We tried this product for weeks and wanted it to work so bad but it did not work, the spots were still forming and becoming itchy.

After another pediatrician well visit and checking the molluscum spots and being told there is no treatment, that we should still be using tea tree oil on the spots daily, we were recommended to see the dermatologist if we wanted to go further with skin treatment. We saw a dermatologist that as well diagnosed his bumps as molluscum and recommended canthacur treatments. We immediately started rounds of canthacur (blistering treatment) of the spots trying anything possible to eradicate these bumps. After 3 rounds and 3 months of canthacur treatments, the spots that were treated were gone but more were forming all over his body. The dermatologist said that he will hit a point were his immune system will start to fight back against the virus and he will stop having new growth but the last treatment of canthacur burned my sons skin so bad, it left second degree burns on his skin for weeks. We then returned to the dermatologist and both of us deemed that the canthacur treatment was not working and his spots were “severe” that we would discontinue treatment. At that time, I went home and did tons of research on what topical could be done to treat his spots.

I found Dr Wheatgrass on Amazon and read all the reviews. After about 30 min of reading great reviews and seeing the photos of other children getting amazing results, we purchased it. We started treatment 9/10/18 my son had molluscum on his face, belly, back, upper arms, upper legs, butt and anus. After using the wheatgrass spray for a full week, his spots were reducing and the spots on his butt/anus were eradicated. After using the wheatgrass spray for 2 weeks, the spots eradicated on his butt/anus, back, belly and his legs and arms are scabbed and healing. No new growth has formed and his skin is looking more healthy than it has ever!

If you are looking for a cure from a battle of molluscum, I would highly recommend getting this spray. It has been a lifesaver for my son and family and I am completely thankful for this product!

Erin. USA. 22 September, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

I got this for my 2 year old who had a patch of molluscum behind his knee. The doctor said there wasn’t really anything to treat it and it would go away on its own…in up to two years! My son would touch the bumps and I really didn’t want them to spread. So I took a chance on this spray and figured it would be well worth the price if it worked. Well, it did!! It took about 2 months but the molluscum is completely gone. We have more spray left and have found it takes the sting away from mosquito bites! Seriously, this stuff is the best.

C. USA 16 August, 2018 Thanks to Amazon

Thank you, thank you, can’t thank you enough. I have been recommending this to everyone I come in touch with that mentions Molluscum. I used the cream on both of my children, the cream was a quick and easy way to cure the problem without much discomfort. Highly recommended.
E. J. Australia. 25 July, 2018

Excellent product for molluscum. Tried everything to get rid of my 4 year old sons molluscum, his legs were a total mess and very sore. Within 4weeks of using this it had completely cleared up. I can not recommend it enough.

KByrne. Amazon UK. 24 May, 2018

Dr. Reynolds,
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product!! It’s been a month since I purchased the skin recovery cream and my son molluscum is gone!!! I’m so glad I found your product and that I read all the amazing reviews. It truly is a wonderful product.

J.B. USA 05 May, 2018

I took my son to the doctors and we were told he had Molluscum Contagiosum, there was nothing they could give him and where told to just wait it out it would clear on its own although it could take up to 18 months or longer.
I researched possible treatments and came across wheatgrass spray, I wasn’t feeling very optimistic but £20 was a small price to pay if it worked. We started spraying twice a day once in the morning and evening and covering his arm with a bandage. After 3 weeks we can see a huge difference, the spray aggravated them (all but one) then scabbed over. We are hoping once this last one pops as my son calls it that will be us.
We have now ordered our second bottle and I would highly recommend this to anyone who has Molluscum Contagiosum, on another note I have dermatitis on my hands and this has also helped with me.

M.S. Amazon UK. 08 April, 2018

Hi I just wanted to share the amazing result we had using the dr wheatgrass skin recovery spray on my 4 year old sons molluscum.
After finding your product while looking up a way to get rid of molluscum online, i was a bit sceptical as the doctor said nothing would help get rid of them. I decided to purchase from reading what other people had said about their results.
I told my son it was “tickle spray” and we sprayed the molluscum 2 times a day. After 3 months they were all gone ☺
He also had a couple on his leg and in the groin area, those ones went away within 3 weeks.

I’m very glad I purchased this spray and decided to give it a try.
I have attached a photo with a before and after of his torso showing the results ☺

K.R. 17 February, 2018

My daughter was treated twice at the dermatologist with a chemical for her molluscum and it didn’t help. I searched the web for other alternatives and found Dr. Wheatgrass and I didn’t have high hopes but after only a few applications her molluscum was significantly better she now is almost molluscum free! This stuff works so well that I cancels her next appointment with the derm because they were going to do another che cual treatment. Buy this if you or your child is suffering from molluscum.

Adam. USA. Amazon Customer 04 February, 2018

Hi there! I have so much thanks for you!! Check out these amazing results so far!!!!

 A few more to go but this is less than a month so far!! So so happy!!!

K.P. 04 January, 2018

Good evening,
I wanted to write to you and tell you how thankful we are for your products.
My 8 year old son contracted Molloscum Contagiousm roughly 3-4 months ago, they started out as a small patch and quickly spread all over his chest, stomach, arms and groin area, we tried so many products but every day it seemed like new ones were popping up. I stumbled across your website after searching through Facebook groups for molloscum support and your products were mentioned. I was very skeptical at first I must say, but it seemed like our last resort. We started using the recovery spray on the 22nd November 2017 and now he has one spot left which has scabbed over and is healing. It’s an absolute miracle!! We have a toddler and a 9 week old baby that we were so worried were also going to get it but the spray has literally saved us so much stress, the whole family uses it now and I have told as many people as I can about your products, thank you so very much!
Kind regards,

A.F. New Zealand 01 January,2018

This is absolutely amazing!! My sons molluscum started going away immediately. It doesn’t affect him in any other way. I can even put it close to his eyes and mouth without having any problems. Awesome product!! 

Amazon Customer USA. 19 December, 2017

Dear Dr Wheatgrass team

My child has been suffering from molluscum since April 2017 and nothing else was working. And, after reading all these reviews I thought to purchase this cream. I got the spray before but as my child had molluscum on eye lid so I thought to buy cream too. In just last 12 days of application, we have noticed such a significant improvement. I would continue to use it and I hope it would make my child molluscum free. Thank you umpteen times for helping us. Means so much to us.

Australia 07 November 2017
I wanted to give you some feedback on the Wheatgrass Recovery Spray I ordered from you to treat my 8year olds molluscum on the 19th of September.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  This ‘magic spray’ as we call it cleared his molluscum up in approximately 3 weeks.  As you will see by the photos starting from the bottom – the first taken on day one of the spray, 2nd approximately 2 weeks in and the last one taken tonight, although his skin has been good for a couple of weeks now so we have not used the spray.  I was having a read of the information you sent through and also on the website today so am trying the spray on my 4 year olds mild eczema to give it a go.  I’ve also just purchased the wheatgrass shots tonight for myself.

I’m going to send through these results to my son’s doctor to let him know that there is a cure for these dreadful spots and you do not have to put up with them for up to 2 years!  With school swimming lessons coming up a big thank you for this amazing product!!
My best,

J.P.New Zealand 31 October 2017

 Hi, My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with molloscum contagiosum on her legs and torso. I was told only time would help her besides picking out the wick on them which would cause her pain and distress. A quick google search brought up your product and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Within 3 weeks of use, all her spots are now cleared !!! I am totally amazed by this product. Thank you !!!

A.G. Australia 12 October, 2017
This REALLY works!!!!!
I am a ER nurse and mother of 3. Almost 1.5yrs ago my oldest child had a small bump on her lower back, I went and asked our peds doctor who told me it was a “cyst” and not to worry. All 3 of my children showered together in the evening, so when my 3rd child started getting the SAME type of bumps on her back… I went back in and asked AGAIN what they were. Finally after over 6mo, my peds doctor told me it was Molluscum and to leave them alone and not to worry….. at this point ALL of my 3 children were getting bumps that were still spreading everywhere. My 2nd child started having outbreaks and at one point he had over 80+ bumps on his neck/underarm/groin/inner legs. My other 2 children had 10-15 bumps each. Before Dr Wheatgrass, I tried everything natural…. Apple Cider Vinegar (which irritated my childrens skin even when diluted and promoted the Molluscum to get infected …. which is the only permanent scars they have), Tea Tree Oil, ZynaDerm, Conzerol, and anti-viral Lemon Balm—- NOTHING worked and all of my 3 kids hated when “bump” time happened because they feared the pain. Then one of my many nights googling remedies…. I found Dr Wheatgrass and it has been a miracle for us. Granted Molluscum is a virus and it takes time to go away and for the immune system to :fight it off”, I could tell a huge difference even the first few days=== the Molluscum bumps would start to dry out and shrink (the small ones) and the larger ones would get “angry” and open off— the healing phase!!!! and go away. Even after the Molluscum is gone, the dark “old” spots take time to heal and fade. But their skin is smooth after. We use the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm twice a day AND the Supershots at night (mix it in a small cup of juice). I sometimes use the Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray on days when my kids what to go to bed “real” fast and not want me to rub the cream on them (I use q-tips to apply on the kids to avoid spreading)— I also wash their pajamas AND bath towels daily to avoid spreading.
cartera97  11 October, 2017
My son had molluscums for what seemed liked forever. They’d start to disappear and then flare up again. The only thing I found that helped was the Dr Wheatgrass sprays and creams. My doctor suggested trying a wheatgrass product and I found the Dr Wheatgrass products online. It took a little while but after using the products every day for several months they all disappeared. His eczema cleared up as well, so that was a bonus. 

S. I. 04 September, 2017 Raising Natural Kids Facebook
We brought the spray for my 5 year old that had molluscum as had been Dr they said nothing will work need leave it and it will go away on its own. My oldest daughter had it as well and she now has scarring from where burnt off so wanted try something else for my youngest and heard about Dr wheatgrass spray. Have to say only using a few times a week her molluscum healed up and for that I am grateful. So does the trick. We also use it on our cat when she got a burnt paw and helped to heal up.’

C. A. Australia. 24 August, 2017
I’ve been using this on my son for a week and can already see the red bumps disappearing! He has had these for 3 months I am so thankful for this product and will be buying more.molluscum arm
Kristie. 16 August, 2017 Skin recovery spray as reviewed on
i, I just wanted to express my gratitude to the skin recovery cream, and it’s amazing aid in healing my sons molloscum contagiosum. My son is 4 and within a short amount of time was covered from his thigh to his neck with molloscum. It stressed him immensely as he is also autistic and struggled with the condition as it really disrupts someone with sensory issues. After trying everything the drs recommended and even trying to freeze them I was at a loss and it willing to accept the possible year long condition. I researched and came across this cream and knew I had to try it. Within two weeks my sons condition had nearly completely cleared! I am so unbelievably grateful and amazed by this cream I want to spread the word as much as I can. I told our midwife clinic about it and to pass on recommendations to other sufferers they may come across. My eldest son has since caught it and we are treating him with success, so I needed to say a huge thank you, and we will always continue to stock your products.

Sincerely, mother of 5 and a nurse myself.

J. H. Australia. 30 July, 2017

Miracle cure for molluscum. Believe the reviews! This product works just as everyone is describing! More doctors should be aware of this.

Jennifer 26 June, 2017 Thanks to Amazon USA
I never usually leave reviews good or bad but I feel like doing so this time around is a MUST, especially if it can help another family dealing with Molluscum. We were told my son had Molluscum last July and that there was nothing we could do about it except to wait it out and it will go away on its own. Well 9 months later, there was no sign of those horrible bumps clearing up instead they were spreading everywhere! I tried everything I read online, Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil etc. We even began discussing the option of having them frozen off, which hurt my heart just thinking about, but we were so desperate at that point. We actually had other parents tell their children not to play with our son, again another blow to my heart. I went back to the internet and found this product and initially thought “there’s no way something like this could
I spent hours reading every single review I could find and seeing that there was way more positive than negative, I decide I had to at least give it a try. THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!! After a week I noticed they were starting to dry up and after about 5 weeks of applying the wheatgrass spray, twice a day every day, I am happy to report that my son went from having 70+ bumps to only 3 bumps, which I wouldn’t even consider actual bumps because they are totally flat, no more center and slowly fading! Worth every single penny, I am so incredibly happy and grateful for these products! Thank you so much!!
J.L. 16 June, 2017 Thanks to Amazon USA 

This product is absolutely amazing! after trying EVERYTHING homepathic and prescription, nothing worked for my 2.5 yr old’s molluscum. After 1 weekend of application, about 1/2 were scabbed over and within 5 weeks they were all 100% gone. I will definitely spread the word about this product.

BH. USA. 22 May, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

I just do not know where to begin & how to thank you for your amazing product!!!!
I know you probably hear this all the time but I am astounded at the amazing results we have had using wheatgrass skin recovery.
From left to right is before we started. Middle is day 12. And right is today, day 16!
That’s right, 16 days!!!! Unbelievable.

The dermatologist we saw diagnosed my daughter with molloscum contagiousum. And said just ride it out, when they get red / swollen / pussy… pop them. Can u imagine how that went with a 6 year old. 9 months we have been dealing with this & getting nowhere. And in 16 days, they are actually disappearing before our eyes.
Thank you so very much. I am also a nurse, and will be telling my local GP’s, who I work with, about your amazing product.

K.S. Australia. 20 May, 2017

My GP recommended your product via a patient. I am amazed and thrilled with the result!!  
My 11 year old has has had molluscum for about a year. It was getting really bad and in the end we had to put her on antibiotics. These did nothing so we went back to the doctor and she recommended your product. Less than a week later the angry dots are gone and the redness faded. Amazing. Thank you. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.
Cath. New Zealand. 17 May, 2017
Just wanting you to know that the wheatgrass extract we purchased from you has worked! It is amazing. Our 10 year old daughter had what I would describe as fairly serious molluscum contagiosum. We were at our wits end having been told by our GP that there was no medical treatment and that it basically had to run its course – 18 months or so. Some suggestions were to pop the spot and try to squeeze out the white head, I guess a bit like a pimple. This was extremely painful for our daughter and in our opinion it lead to further spreading, no matter how sterile and hygienic we were. We researched and tried many other products, including Epsom salts & ZymaDerm from the USA but the virus just got worse.
Look, to anyone reading this, I would encourage you to try the wheatgrass extract, once in the morning & once at night. And stick with it. We actually noticed an improvement within just a few days, but you have to keep up the treatment 2 x per day. I just got the biggest cuddle from my daughter as we had a final look over her body and found the spots are all gone! We beat it, and truly with the help of wheatgrass.

All the best and regards.

S. C. New Zealand. 27 April, 2017

We bought this after my child’s molloscum returned. We originially used Zymaderm, which worked, but once the molloscum returned the Zymaderm caused some severely irritated/broken/angry skin and the molloscum kept spreading. Within 3 days of 2x/day use of the Dr. Wheatgrass, the redness was gone, the skin was healing and the molloscum was disappearing. Within 7 days of the Dr Wheatgrass, we could barely see the molloscum. Within 14 days, the molloscum was completely gone. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I wish pediatrician’s were telling patients about this!

Amazon Customer 20 January, 2017

Miraculous product! It cleared up my child’s molluscum and did not irritate her skin.

EC. USA. 21 April, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

I just want to say Thank You so much!!! My little boy caught molluscum contagiosum and after several GPs telling me that there was nothing I can do, I started to research it some more. I did not want to except there was nothing to be done and possibly get worse. I found your website and bought your wheatgrass extract and cream thinking I had nothing to lose. I began to use them twice a day, plus no baths, new fresh towel and clothing, singlets and pjs every single day. I knew it would take a few weeks to notice a change so persevered. At 2 weeks I noticed the lesions get angry and red and even spread more as it fought back against the wheat grass. But then they slowly came down. Once the white head came to the surface I would use wipes and pop the puss and pull it and spray them. This helped them go in 2 days. I went back to my GP after 6 weeks when tbey were completely gone to show him as he said he sees hundreds of cases a year. He bought a few sprays to put families and do a trial. Love your product and can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you for giving me hope and an option to help my little boy.

G. C. Australia. 31 March, 2017

My 3 year old daughter had contracted Molluscum Contagiosum and the doctor had told me there was nothing that could treat this condition that was not painful or would result in scarring. Her recommendation was to let them heal on their own and it could take years for them to go away. As they started spreading all over her little body I decided to do my own research and that is when I came across this site. I read the testimonials from other parents who had used this product for their children and had remarkable success. I purchased the product and within a month of use almost all of her spots have completely disappeared, the spreading stopped, and they have all but gone away. Thank you so much Dr Wheatgrass for the amazing product it has healed my daughter and I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from this supposedly incurable condition. It worked like magic!

T. B. Canada. 2 January, 2017


Nikk 11 September, 2016

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product. My son suffered from severe molluscum for 18 months and we tried everything possible recommended by our doctor and skin specialist. Within 3 weeks of using your spray twice a day it had cleared. My daughter also had molluscum quite badly, I started spraying twice a day immediately and it cleared within 19 days. With the molluscum my poor kids were scratching until they bled at night and were aggravating their eczema until I started the spray, I have noticed their eczema also improving with the spray without having to use topical steroid creams anymore. Brilliant product, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you!

A. M. Australia. 13 September, 2016

Five Stars-Made huge difference to my sons molloscum

Amazon Customer. UK 20 July, 2016

My daughter had been suffering from a severe case of molluscum and we had tried many different treatments which irritated her sensitive skin. I came across reviews for this product(the skin recovery spray) and had high hopes that it would work, and it did! It took about 3 months to really begin showing results but I am so grateful for this natural treatment! After the first 3 weeks I noticed that they stopped spreading, at 2 months the had began drying up and healing and the stubborn ones began reacting to the spray also! Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing natural product that has allowed me relief in knowing that my daughter will have beautiful clear skin soon!

A. C. USA. 23 May, 2016

Wow this stuff works! I was at the pediatricians office and discovered my 16 mth old had “water warts!” Had no idea what it was but the dr told me to go online and order this magical concoction! I went home and placed the order ASAP! Package arrived and I put it on my baby’s affected areas and the spots have begun drying up and no more new spots have appeared! I would definitely recommend!

S.G. USA. 24 April, 2016

I am delighted with the skin recovery spray in relation to Molluscum Contagiosum. My daughter had this condition for approximately 4 months and I mistakenly thought it was dermatitis. The GP advised it was Molluscum and that it could last up to 2 years and we just had to let it run its course. I did my research and read the testimonials about the skin recovery spray and its effectiveness in treating this condition, so did not hesitate to purchase this product. The information by Dr. Chris Reynolds about Molluscum and what to expect after commencing treatment is very accurate. I sprayed the lesions twice daily and it very quickly became red and angry and spread rapidly. I continued on and at the 4-week mark I noticed the first sign of improvement; a few of the worst lesions had disappeared just leaving a slight marking on the skin. Within the week all the other lesions (which were extensive over thighs, abdomen, buttocks, groins, arms), had significantly reduced just leaving slight skin discolouration. I highly recommend this excellent product. Thank you! 

J.W.Australia. 30 March, 2016

I tried wheatgrass extract on my daughter’s molluscum (she had had it for 6 months by this stage). Within 2 weeks it was completely gone. Amazing product. I am hoping that it will help heal my shinsplints (might be a long shot but willing to try!) What are your thoughts about shinsplints? 

J.N.New Zealand. 18 March, 2016

This is the first review I have ever done but thought I would share our experience with this product. I took my son to the doctors and was told that there was nothing they could do for his Molluscum Contagiosum. I wasn’t going to just leave it as my 8 year old was very upset with how he looked so after searching the internet for hours and reading all the forums and reviews on products, I decided to try this one. I also bought some Nelsons Thuja tablets which he is taking two of each day. After 3 weeks of spraying twice a day and covering the spots which had a yellow head on with a plaster to stop them spreading, his spots have cleared up, I am so happy! The plasters caused his eczema to flare up but the wheatgrass spray is helping that now too. I would definitely recommend trying this as it has certainly helped us and hopefully nipped it in the bud.

Amazon Customer. UK. 06 March, 2016

My son got a molluscum infection so I bought the lotion and the spray. It has been helping a lot plus it doesn’t damage the skin around as the medicine recommended by the dermatologist does.

Amazon Customer. 1 March, 2016

This is a great product. It works so well on really dry skin and helped to clear up my daughters molluscum in record time! 

25 February, 2016 Thanks to Amazon 

Dear Sir, In 2015 around January my 2 year old son showed symptoms of mulluscum so i took him to the doctor..As usual story doctor told me to wait and it will heal by itself..Obviously it did not so i started to search for a treatment..i found your website and bought the skin recovery spray in August, and the result was perfect..I used it twice a day, my son had about 70 of them and they all healed in about a month! Then i recommend it to a friend of mine (she actually is a pediatrician) whose daughter was suffering from the same problem and again excellent result! Many thanks to Dr. Chris; great work!

I. A. Turkey. 24 February, 2016

Dear Dr Wheatgrass. Firstly i would like to thank you on such an amazing product. My daughter had Molluscum Contagiosum for months and it started to spread. I had taken her to my gp but they couldn’t prescribe any creams, he said that they will eventually go away. I was quite worried as they were spreading, so i did lots of research online to see how i can treat them quicker and came across your miracle skin recovery spray and cream. I have used the spray for 4 weeks 3 x a day and they are all gone.. Amazing product.. cant thankyou enough!!!

I told my gp about your spray and to definitely recommend this to patients with Molluscum Contagiosum.
My daughters skin has all cleared up. I will definitely make sure i have this in stock in my home all the time. thank you thank you thank you 😀

S. S. Australia. 17 February, 2016

Has made my daughter’s molluscum clear up within a week

AR. USA. 8 February, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

My seven year old daughter has been fighting Molluscum for over six months with no end in sight. Everything I tried either burned her skin or did not help at all. I decided after reading the reviews to try this because ” what could it hurt?” . Her spots are reacting exactly the way that the other reviews stated, after spraying for about a week the development process of each bump sped up and healed. We are still using the spray but I have hope that she will have this beat very soon. I have never in my life written a review but I felt that this was worth it. If your child or anyone you know is suffering from Molluscom give this product a try! Side note… she also suffers from mild eczema as well and that has also completely cleared up.

A. S. USA. 6 January, 2016

We’ve been struggling to get rid of molluscum for 6 months. We’ve been using Dr. wheatgrass spray and lotion for 3 weeks and the bumps are disappearing. This is the only product we have found that actually works on molluscum.

TM. USA. 2 January, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

I highly recommend this product! My son caught these horrible things, at the start I was oblivious to what they were until they were spreading down the side of his torso and under his arm. Dr told me is was molluscum contagiousum, this was my first time hearing this, and that there was no treatment for them.. So I went to google for answers, and there were none really until I came across this magical spray, so I ordered it! I didn’t have any faith at the start but we sprayed it religiously 3 times a day everyday.. To my surprise I was seeing results almost straight away, a week of using it and they were already disappearing.. After bout 4-5weeks they were gone and no scarring was left!! So a big big Thankyou dr wheatgrass, u were our life saver.

K. V. Australia. 14 December, 2015

Dr wheatgrass is fantastic, it’s the only thing that cleared up my daughters water warts (molluscum) when she was a baby after nearly 2 years of gp telling me they would just go away but got worse  (I noticed a 80% improvement of inflammation 24 hours after using it).

D. H. Australia. 28 November, 2015

I bought the recovery spray, possibly a year ago, after seeing it mentioned on a parenting Facebook page, as a possible solution for my 7 year old son’s long term molluscum which had been progressively getting worse and out of control. Although dubious of the website’s testimonials, I was desperate to try anything and bought the recovery spray – in about 5 days, I noticed a dramatic decline and a change in the appearance. Within less than 2 weeks, the horrendous and widespread molluscum had already started to disappear. Within a few weeks it was almost cleared up completely, after doctors told us there was no solution and that it would eventually clear on it’s own. It completely cleared very quickly and we were both thrilled and amazed.

C. A. Australia. 22 November, 2015

I love their cream. Worked wonders for our son’s molluscum contagiosum a few years back. I have since started using it as a regular face cream. If it works wonder for all of these things, it can’t be too bad for the skin!

K. S. Australia. 20 November, 2015

Dear Dr. Chris, In August, I noticed what looked like two bites on my 1 year old’s leg. They didn’t look like mosquito bites, they were flesh colored with a dark dot in the center, and my mom thought they looked wart-like. At his 15 month well-visit, a few weeks later, I showed them to his pediatrician, because they hadn’t gotten better. She said they looked like Molluscum, which freaked me out because my nieces and nephews had had MC for years on end. Two days later he had two new spots on his knee. They looked like small clear blisters. He also had a reddish pimple-like spot by his elbow and a second red, pimple-like mark on his cheek. I started to get really upset, thinking that they were going to spread like wildfire, based on the google images I had seen. I made an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist who had had a cancellation and could see us the next day, He said that he was pretty sure it was MC, but that they weren’t mature molluscum and he just wasn’t 100% sure. He said he could burn the blisters with “beetle juice”. Burn the blisters… off my one year old. I said I wanted to wait a week and see how they progressed to make sure it was in fact molloscum. I stayed up late googling throughout the next several days and found your website. I liked that there were clinical studies, but I was a little skeptical because they weren’t independent studies. I didn’t really see how wheatgrass spray would just cure molluscum. I asked the dermatologist what he thought and he said he had never heard of the wheatgrass spray and it would likely do nothing, but wouldn’t hurt. When I asked our pharmacist (he sells a lot of natural products and supplements), he asked how much it cost and said “well, if you have $35 to spend, I guess try it.” I was encouraged by the reviews but expected little. I ordered the spray off of and sprayed the 6 spots twice a day (sometimes three times). With a very mobile toddler, it worked best to spray it into my hand and rub it into his skin. The two original molluscum spots (on his leg) were the first to change. They didn’t turn black or yellow like other users experienced, they simply turned into flat whitish, barely noticeable marks (almost like little scars). This took about two weeks. Then the spots on his knees became smaller and smaller and they’re almost gone now at the 7 week mark. They’re flat and tiny, and I can envision them just disappearing. The marks by his elbow and on his cheek were more stubborn, They were red and pimple like. The mark by his elbow is almost completely gone now. I can’t feel it anymore, and it’s tiny and only the slightest bit red. The mark on his cheek is also very small now. I feel like I cover his legs and arms with clothes, which helps keep the spray from rubbing off, but his cheek is more difficult, which is why it may be taking longer for that spot to heal. I wish I had taken pictures, but I honestly didn’t expect the spray to work, so I didn’t bother. I just bought another bottle of the spray (we’re almost out, I may have sprayed a little too liberally with the first bottle), to use on other conditions as they come up, and to keep using on the minimal spots/scars that remain. I hope that in time those tiny scars will go away, but they’re so unnoticeable. I just want to say that I never write product reviews. Even when I love or hate a product and I plan to write a review, I never end up doing it. This was different. I was so upset at the thought that my toddler was going to have MC for a year to two (or more) years. I envisioned the spots spreading and not being able to go to fun mommy-and-me classes with him, because the other moms would be freaked out by this crazy rash, and I was afraid my 6 year old would end up with MC also (he didn’t). Thank you for this safe and amazing product. I’m so grateful that I had a painless and effective (not to mention cost effective) way to treat my these 6 spots on my baby’s skin before they spread or worsened. I have recommended the spray to a friend with eczema and I hope she gives it a try. Thank you so much.

K. G. NJ, USA. 10 November, 2015

My little girl was devistated when she got these nasty things. How am i going to wear shirts and skirts mummy they look horrible. Your cream is magic according to her. 6 weeks and they were completely gone. No scarring from them either. One happy customer.

J. H. Australia. 1 November, 2015

I was amazed on how doctors said the same – nothing we can do, it’s viral. I googled n saw Dr wheatgrass. I used the spray cream n balm saw the difference in 3 days. Omg! Miracle. I have since got my sister in law cream n spray she is really amazed with the products. I swear by Dr wheatgrass.

D. A. Australia. 1 September, 2015

Just wanted to let you know how awesome the wheat grass spray was for clearing up my daughters molluscum spots. It took 10 weeks of applying it twice a day and it was so worth it!  Not a single spot left and she had them for a whole year and I was so over putting plasters over bleeding spots daily. She had quite a bad case of them and they were so noticeable now her skin is looking beautiful again. So thanks so much and I recommend this product highly!

P. W. New Zealand. 1 September, 2015

I am nothing short of amazed! I first noticed a small patch of molluscum on the back of my 4 year old daughters leg almost 12 months ago. As it started to spread I was told by 3 doctors there was no treatment and it was harmless and only superficial – nothing to worry about. By June she had hundreds of spots, on the back of the knees, up the back of her legs, between the legs from the knees up, also a few on the back of the neck, armpits, torso.  The poor thing would wake up scratching, bleeding, and sore, on occasion they would become very painful and infected. I tried so many things and NOTHING helped, I was worried about summer coming/swimming/starting school and then one night I came across your products (2am google search after waking up to my girl in tears). Starting with the spray twice daily we started seeing results within 2 weeks – because it was mid winter the spray was so cold for her so I ordered the recovery cream.  It is seriously magic, they are all gone! 5 weeks from so severe to nothing but scarring – we are still using the cream at night and the scars are starting to fade. I wish I had known about this amazing product sooner, it would have never got as bad as it did – I have contacted my medical centre to let them know, hopefully they will help the next anxious parent instead of turning a blind eye.  Thank you, thank you, I will be recommending wheatgrass to everyone I can.

S. H. New Zealand. 29 August, 2015

My 6 year old had molluscum contagious for 2 year we tried everything then on face book school mums a lot of people said the cream and spray worked really well so for $20 and $20 postage we gave it a go and my god it only took 2 months of spraying once a day and they are gone minus scaring thank you thank you.

K. B.  Australia. 23 August, 2015.

Its funny how the doctor told me NOTHING can cure what your daughter has !! (Molluscum). Mind you these small wart like things had already been there for months they were not red they were white !! Stubborn ones.
I was desperate and googled the problem that’s when I saw your recovery spray. Thank god we just have a Mrs. Watson’s herbal store in my area (just opened ). Thank god they had your spray !!
Mate it was like your spray was killing the virus they went from white to red to gone !!!
I hope your products stay the way they are forever pure the way they are so my kids have something good to use on themselves and their kids !!
I have no doubt the spray will work wonders to my face. Used the rest of the bottle on my face for a few days and someone already commented on my glow !!
Thanks again. God bless you guys.

M. W. New South Wales. 25 August, 2015

Many thanks for the wonderful Wheatgrass products.
I wanted to let you know that they are working beautfully on my daughters Molluscum. We had a significant change within 12 hours of the first application of the recovery cream. Original spots have completely disappeared, even scars from previouly “frozen” treatments are considerably less noticeable. Any new spots (these are becoming less and less) that sometimes occur, get treated as soon as noticed and they clear up really quickly.
I have also recently started using the cream on my 12 year old son’s acne blemishes and it is keeping these under control – in fact it works so well that I can tell when he forgets to use the cream for several days as the condition worsens and as soon as we apply the cream it starts clearing up what seems like almost immediately.
I cannot recommend the products more strongly – they are a “God send”.

K. W. New Zealand. 4 August, 2015

I wanted to quickly share a few tricks I’ve learned about baby skin over the years. Have any of you experienced Molluscum with your kids?  Well I have with EVERY single one of my kids. it’s the worst!!!
At Owen’s last check up, the doctor recommended wheatgrass spray. I was sceptacle because we’ve tried so many other natural remedies. But I thought I might as well give it a try.
Wish I would have known about this product when my other kids had this. It can take up to 2 years for the bumps to go away. Most doctors and web information would say that there’s nothing much you can do about it. Just have to wait it out. So that’s what we did with my other 3 kids. We waited and waited, and watched them spread little by little feeling completely helpless.
So we gave the wheat grass spray a try. Applied generously twice a day and after about 4-5 weeks they were gone. As you can imagine we were thrilled!

Crystal Escobar’s Blog. 27 July, 2015

Dr Chris. I truly cannot thank you enough for your quick response to our email last month and for your informative and helpful advice. And you were exactly right! The molluscum gave up the fight! We are likely about a week away from being molluscum-free…minus some bad scarring that I hope will continue to fade with the use of your incredible SuperBalm.
Luke had a terrible case – over 100 lesions at the peak. But we stayed the course thanks to your reassuring message and diligently applied the spray twice a day. And, as you had stated, within 4 weeks….it looks like the virus has thankfully run its course.
What an incredible find, coming across your site on the internet during our desperate search for help. Your product is truly amazing, and your personal approach to customer service is refreshing and rare. Our four year old wants to throw a “Bye Bye Molluscum Party” next week to celebrate the end of a long, long battle. And thanks to you, it looks like our party can happen sooner than we expected!
Many, many thanks from the S-T family. We will certainly recommend your product to anyone who encounters this virulent virus! Wishing you well.

L. S. USA. 23 July, 2015

Hi, I bought your recovery spray for my son’s molluscum. Your product is amazing and I am so glad I found it. I sprayed him twice a day and within a couple of days the spots looked like they were starting to dry out. After a couple of weeks they were disappearing rapidly. He is now molluscum free and it was probably only 4 weeks total to have them all gone from the start of spraying him. Congratulations on your awesome product and keep up the good work! Kind Regards.

D. C. New Zealand. 7 May, 2015

This stuff is nothing short of miraculous! This is the 3rd product I have tried to help my 5 year old daughter with a horrible case of molluscum. Nothing else has worked. I was at my wits end and had no idea what else to try when a friend suggested this spray. And it worked! I will say that it took at least 4 weeks to really start seeing results. Stick with it and you won’t be sorry.

MW. USA. 10 April, 2015 Thanks to Amazon

Hi there.. We started the spray and shots in oct for my 4 yr old daughter who has had molluscum for almost 12 months which was spreading over her stomach, arms and legs. After 10 weeks they have completely gone. I really believe the wheatgrass products helped her body to fight the virus. I’m glad when I ordered that I was told that they would get red and irritated when the body started to fight the virus because it did look quite bad for a while. Right before they disappeared all together. Right in time for summer. We could not be happier. Thank you Dr Wheatgrass and thank you for great service and a genuine concern for my daughter.
Thanks again!!

K. S. Australia. 27 December, 2014

Works great for molluscum 🙂 my whole shoulder was covered in it but after 3 weeks I only have minor marks that are fading, great!

A.I. Amazon UK. 31 December, 2014

Really works on moluscum!!!! Thank goodness.

Lisa. Amazon UK. 07 December, 2014

My mum bought a tube of your skin recovery cream to try on my 4 yr daughters clusters of molluscum. I was furious with her – another $30+ wasted on some rubbish ‘health food shop’ cream that wasn’t going to do anything. I googled the product. Hmm. Lots of positive feedback. May as well give it a go, just to prove I was right. OMG – I noticed improvement after 1 day. Less than 4 weeks later and they have gone. Completely gone. The clusters were so bad she had molluscum growing on top of one another, and spreading to various parts of her body. Now, she has none. She’s so proud to show everyone her ‘bumpities have all gone!’ I’ve started using it on her eczema now too – the jury’s still out if it’s the cream or just coincidental, but her eczema has gone (for now). I’ve just started using it on my face and one arm (to compare) to see if it will help with my skin. I’m optimistic that this magic cream will work! Very very very happy customer. Thank you so much.

L. T. Australia. 28 October, 2014

Wow what an amazing product skin recovery spray is. After taking my son to a dermatologist they treated him for molluscum it made the skin virus worse, so bad it started to cover his whole body and he became very embarrassed. I found your product online and thought l will give it a go, l received my order and started using it straight away. After 3 to 4 weeks they were all gone. Very happy with Dr Wheatgrass next l am going to purchase the Superbalm for my husband and mother to see if it helps them with their problems.

C. B. Australia. 19 July 2014

Hi. Just wanted to say what a miracle worker this stuff is! Our 6 year old son had his first molluscums appear about 2 years ago. Like many others have experienced, we told were told by our GP and Paediatrician that there was nothing we could do and we would just need to wait.
Initially, we waited, but then after about 18 months, the molluscums started to multiply, rather than show any signs of improvements. He had them all over his back, tummy, knees, elbows, legs and arms. His clothes were no longer covering them and I was just waiting for him to come home from school, crying, due to being teased.
We tried a few internet suggestions, including an expensive ointment shipped from the US, but none worked. I was really beginning to feel quite hopeless. Thankfully, I came across this site and immediately headed down to the health food store to pick up a supply.
We used the spray initially, and later, the superbalm. It took 2 months for the molluscums to disappear entirely. Initially they multiplied quite rapidly on use of the spray (that was scary). I emailed Dr Chris and who got back to me within hours (very impressed with that speed of response!) and encouraged me to keep using the product. We persisted and within another week, we started to see some positive signs of response. The molluscums started to look quite ‘nasty’ and inflamed, which I knew was actually a good thing. Thank God! We continued using the spray and then moved onto the superbalm. Miraculously, the molluscums began to disappear, starting with the most recent ones and then gradually working back to the more established ones.
The relief we felt was immense and I will forever be in gratitude for this product. I truly can’t explain how grateful our family is for this product.
I told our GP of the results. She was still sceptical dismissing the impact of the product by stating “they eventually disappear anyway”. But after 100 weeks of them not disappearing, to then see them begin to disappear within 4 weeks of using the spray + balm, I’m not sceptical at all. The product absolutely and totally worked!!!
Thank you so much Dr Wheatgrass. I highly recommend this product and will keep a tube of it in the cupboard for other uses you have detailed.

A. S. Australia. 15 May, 2014

Hi Dr Chris, My son had a severe case of Molluscum Contagiosum that was all over his body from head to toe and getting worse. He was getting more and more large, red and sore spots that were waking him during the night from the itch and pain. After visiting a Dermatologist and being told there was nothing to do except, boosting his immune system with vitamins and to try painting them with clear nail polish to try and suffocate them whilst waiting for up to 5 years for them to heal on their own, I thought to my self, there must be a way to treat these? I quickly discovered and ordered the spray and superbalm. I started applying the spray 3 times a day for the first 2-3 days and then twice a day, no change, then I though I would try the superbalm, 3 times a day for the first few days and then twice a day there after. Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! The very next day the redness of the smaller spots started to disappear and within 2 weeks they were gone with just faint marks where they had been but by the third week these were gone too. I was absolutely amazed!!! It took another 1-2 months for the really large and nasty spots to completely heal up and I haven’t seen any since. I have to tell people about Dr Wheatgrass when the opportunity presents itself, how can I keep those results to myself?! Thank you Dr Chris for this product, thank you, thank you!

A. Z. Australia. 8 March, 2014

Thankyou for your great product, My 5 year old daughter has suffered from Molluscum for over two years now on her legs . She was sore and red with eczma developing on top of her molluscum. I was told there was nothing I could do for her. I had tried other alternative therapies. Dr Wheatgrass recovery cream has been the only product to give relief and to stop the molluscum spreading. We have been using the product for only just over a month but have seen great results, there have been no more outbreaks and her eczma has cleared and the spots have vanished. My younger daughter too had developed moluscum under her arms and on her back and I have also had great success with the cream on her too. Her spots have cleared very quickly and eczma too.
I will definitely be recommending this product and letting my GP know of the great success. Thanks.

G.S.Australia. 16 December, 2013

Thank you so much.  We are so impressed with these products.  My daughter has had the Molluscum virus for 2 years and until we tried the Recovery cream – she had not had a day without an inflamed, infected sore somewhere on her body…if not 4 or 5 infected at the same time!  Now, after 6 weeks she has about 6 pox total and no infections.  We had tried every cream, antibiotic cream available with NO success in 2 years.

L.H.New Zealand. 9 November, 2013

A few months back I seen some wart type spots appear on my sons leg, took him to the Doctors and was sent home highly concerned aswell as confused. My 3 year old son was diagnosed with a form of Molluscum. The Doctor told me “it’ll clear, give it up to THREE years”, as I got home I started to google this and found out how it could be spread
throughout my child and onto other children and was absolutely horrified! I seen a parent blog on the Treasures website recommending the ‘Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream’.
In our household we like to embrace natural products so was happy to come across this product! I wasn’t expecting such rapid results but within six weeks the spots had disappeared only leaving tiny light scar like marks, which also disappeared with another 2weeks of daily application of the wheatgrass cream! I was absolutely amazed and am a very happy parent with your product, that we have continued to try other wheatgrass products you have on offer, and have been equally pleased.
‘Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream’ is now a ‘keeper’ and a ‘must’ in our at home first aid kit. I have also found this cream extremely helpful with outbreaks of irritated skin my son gets, as he has very sensitive skin. The product has also been amazing for repairing his skin of quite bad wind burn while ‘being a boy’ out in the winter cold at kindy.
Once again, Thank You!

H. R. New Zealand. 28 June, 2013

Just a quick email to say many thanks, after 3 or so weeks of twice daily application of the spray and recovery cream our daughter’s molluscum has cleared completely. There was a bit of confusion as to whether the spots- more lesions, really, on her back and in her scalp- were actually molluscum or some other skin infection but, regardless, your cream and spray definitely helped heal and clear the problem.
I will recommend your products to other parents

G. S. New Zealand. 1 May, 2013

Your product has changed my 5 year old daughters life! After living with mollusum for 12 months, visiting 6 doctors, (all of them telling me to wait it out), we tried using a needle which was so cruel and even tried so many unsuccessful creams from Australia and USA. And many tears on my part!

I found Dr Wheatgrass on the Internet and thought I would try “just one more cream”. At this stage my daughters torso, arms, thighs, and knees were covered in hundreds of these red inflamed spots and her skin was starting to develop eczema. After only a few days of using the Super Balm, the eczema was gone and the new spots were also gone. After using it for 4 weeks now, we have 2 small spots left!

I can’t thank you enough for the relief that my daughter has received! I just wish I had known about your WONDERFUL product sooner!!

L. J. Australia. 27 April, 2013

Dear Dr. Chris you have changed our lives my son who is 9 had mollescum for 9 months read about your product on line and it cured it immediately.I am now using it on my daughters acne, my excema, sunburn and muscle pain.

M. K. USA. 22 April, 2013

Get yourself some “dr wheatgrass super balm” awesome stuff, read the reviews on the website. Worked wonders for my daughter, they were gone in 4 weeks, no scarring.

Posted by Katarina on “Embarrassing Bodies”, Channel 4. UK. 22 Apr 2013

My 8 year old had an eczema type rash come over parts of his body (elbows and knees mainly)the itch was driving him crazy and we took him to the doctors who diagnosed Molluscum contagiosum (Children). I had never heard of this and she told us he would have it for about two years and could not treat it. As you would imagine i was mortified and scoured the internet looking for anything that could help, I stumbled upon your site and after reading feedback etc I decided to try this cream.
Everything had disappeared after 3 weeks.
This cream is amazing it really is.

J. C. UK. 30 March, 2013

Thank you so muchHi! My son had molluscum for almost 12mths and i had no idea what it was. I was advised by our Dr that it was an allergy as soon as he got it, but it was difficult to diagnose as he also had eczema in the same area. After my sister saw it and diagnosed it we got straight onto your cream and seriously, all bumps were gone within 2 weeks. They all scabbed up and out popped the core and then healed with almost no scars. I really wish i had taken photos!!

N. A. Australia. 29 March, 2013

My son had molluscum contagiosum I used your sample products on it and its almost all gone! fantastic product!!!

N. E. Australia. 18 March, 2013

Wheatgrass cream arrived today! i know it says not to expect immediate results yet i just need to say this cream is AMAZING!!! i have only used ONE application and his three spots have already halfed their size in height where they are raised from the skin! thank you so much! will def be a repeat customer, as i see this cream is useful for so so so much more!

K.R. New Zealand. 19 February, 2013

“I’d also like to say a huge thank you for making my son’s battle with molluscums much less traumatic. I used the wheatgrass spray on him every morning and every night and found the outbreaks reduced within a couple of weeks, until finally he only had the odd one or two spots pop up here and there. I kept using the spray for a few months, even on the skin where there were no spots (just in case!) and none of those few spots ever turned into ‘mature’ molluscums. They just disappeared within a couple of days. The odd spot still popped up for a good 8-9 months, but I just gave it a quick spray and it was gone within a couple of days. When he was first diagnosed I was horrified at the pictures I saw of poor kids completely covered by the spots so I can’t tell you how relieved I am that we found your product and avoided all that trauma, especially as it started right before his first year at school. It’s now just over 12 months since he got his first spots and he’s completely spot-free. Thank you again!”

S. I. Dr Wheatgrass Facebook page. 10 February, 2013

My 4 year old daughter’s molluscum vanished after 3 weeks of using the wheatgrass cream and spray twice a day. They had been there 6 months. Thankyou so much. I’ve told my doctor to put away the traumatising liquid nitrogen gun.

J. F. Australia. 28 January, 2013

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing results I have seen using dr wheatgrass spray and cream on my sons molluscum contagiosum and my shingles outbreak!

Firstly my then 2 year old was covered in molluscum for just over a year and we tried many different creams. It only took a week for the Dr Wheatgrass spray to completely heal it all up. We were amazed.
Also I used the cream on my chest after coming down with shingles and it took the itch out of the rash and cleared it up very quickly. I have also been using it as a face cream and my skin looks flawless!

Thank you your product is amazing!

H.W. Australia. 27 January, 2013

Dr. Chris. I finally have the opportunity to email you regarding my sons molloscum. After receiving your email I continued with the treatment using both skin recovery spray and superbalm. I’m pleased to report that approximately 10 days after your email of 18 October the molloscum cores all came to the surface and were able to be wiped away. Some spots did bleed but all are now fading with some completely gone with no evidence they were ever there. My sons skin was also very dry from excema and his overall skin condition has improved from use of the superbalm.

The appointment for the Paediatrician was cancelled and no more bandages are needed. My son can now enjoy summer and go swimming. Obviously I was very worried that nothing would work and like most people skeptical of anything read on the net. Thank you thank you thank you. Kindest regards.

A.P. Australia. 28 November, 2012

Hello, my 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son also had molluscums.  I posted on this site back in Jan 2011 (fk).  Both my children’s cases were relatively mild but still frustrating and worrying.  I worried about the molluscums more than my children ever did. I used the wheatgrass spray and within 4 to 5 months they were all clear.  I got onto the spray very early on so perhaps the spray helped to keep the number of molluscums under control.  The spray is very easy to use, so you will be far more likely to keep using it than some other possible treatments.  I would urge anyone wondering about giving it a try, to just give it a go.  Good Luck, try not to let the molluscums get you down.

F.K. Australia. 26 October, 2012

My daughter had this a while ago and after waiting for 9mths for it to clear up on its own I finally bought the wheatgrass spray and cream.  I used both!!! I wanted them gone that badly, and I also used crystacide (an antibacterial) on them when they were inflammed looking).  My daughter’s molluscum was gone in 4 weeks.  You can call it coincidence but I reckon it helped.  And she has very sensitive skin and did not react to it at all.  Its worth a try, as honestly they are gross and I didn’t like that she might spread it to her sister and her friends through swimmming and baths etc.  Good luck to all who are dealing with this.

J.R. Australia. 25 October, 2012

My six year old daughter was diagnosed with molluscum. I was told there was nothing I could do and it would eventually clear itself. The lesions (more than 50 by now) were mostly on the backs of her legs and were continuing to worsen.  I was researching the condition one night as I was going to have to withdraw her from upcoming swim lessons when by chance I came across some testimonials of people who had had great success with your product.  I ordered a tube of cream thinking I had nothing to lose, and after using it three times daily for the first 2 or 3 days the inflammation and soreness had definately reduced.  I then used the cream twice daily and after a week about half the lesions had resolved.  After two weeks about three quarters had resolved, and after a month I stopped using the cream altogether as there were only a few tiny purple ‘scars’ where the worst lesions had been. Because you could literally see the improvement each day it was very easy to keep up the regime of applying the cream every morning and night.  Now nearly four months on there has been no recurrence and not even a sign that this nasty condition was ever there, and yes she made it to swim lessons!

Meanwhile, my nine year old daughter had persistant eczema in one elbow, behind one knee and then on her inner thighs where she too was beginning to develop some molluscum lesions(although not officially diagnosed).  I applied the cream to the affected areas but the molluscum was more persistant than with my younger daughter (maybe due to the associated eczema?) and for the first couple of weeks she actually continued to develop some new lesions.  I persisted with the treatment however and began to see improvements, and after about two months the molluscum and the eczema finally cleared up.  Again, four months on, the molluscum has not recurred and at present I am not having to use anything to control her eczema.

The wheatgrass cream definately worked for us, and thank you for your prompt and friendly service.

B.N. New Zealand. 19 October, 2012

To future customers. If you’ve discovered the Dr Wheatgrass site because you’re desperate for something to clear up Molluscum on your child, please do yourself a favour and purchase a couple of bottles of the SuperBalm. I purchased:

Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray 175ml
Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm 145ml
Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream 85ml

We used mostly the recovery cream (gone) and SuperBalm (now gone) twice a day and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! The countless inflamed, angry dots are much paler and flatter in less than 2 weeks!

S.D. Australia. 12 October, 2012

My son is 8 years old and we have been to two doctors (pediatrian and dermatologist). Pediatrian said just wait it out it could take up to two years to clear. Well 4 months went by and it was spreading like crazy. The dermatologist gave us a cream that burnt his skin and took forever to apply to each spot. I googled other treatments for mulloscum and came upon your website. I ordered the spray and after 3 weeks my son’s mulloscum are gone. Once in a while one will pop up and we spray it righ away, and it is gone within a couple weeks. I have referred two other mothers with children in the same situation. They both called and after a few weeks they are amazed how this disappears. This product needs to be shared with doctors around the world. Thank you so much for finding this cure.

K.T. USA. 19 September, 2012

My daughter had molluscum and eczema very bad. Her molluscum had grown on top of her eczema which she had had for two years. With a week of using the wheatgrass cream her eczema and molluscum has disapeared. We had tried every cream and potion to get rid of both of her skin problem but to no avail. Then I purchased the wheatgrass cream and it has not returned in any of the places that have been treated. When her eczema pops up in other areas I apply the cream and within two days it has gone, leaving no scaring or skin discolouration as does the steroid creams. It is a wonder cream and I am so glad to have found it.

K.Q. Scotland. UK. 11 September, 2012

Hi. Just a huge thank you for your skin recovery cream. My son has had MC for several years. It is unsightly and only recently my sons teacher noticed it and had him removed from the classroom until I could explain. In desperation I decided to research treatments. I am a Registered Nurse so was a little sceptical and trying something I found on the internet. To cut a long story short my sons MC has gone within two weeks. He has only the marks where the spots once were. I cant thank you enough. I have told my GP about your product and he said he will do some research into your cream so he can tell other parents..Once again…thanks a million.

K.P. Australia. 27 August, 2012

Just letting you know I purchased your Skin Recovery Spray in June for my 7 year old Molloscum, he had about 15 spots all up mainly on tummy, some on thigh, arm and neck. Spots got red and itchy after about 7 weeks of spraying 2-3 times daily and have now either disappeared or flattened out to light brownish scar like spots. I had also informed my GP about your spray and can now let her know that it has made a huge difference to the spots. Will continue to use the wheatgrass products until hopefully all sign of spots are gone. I am also recommending your spray to everyone. Thank you so much.

M.M. Australia. 20 August, 2012

Hi there, just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your product. Our five year old son has had molluscum contagiousum for over a year and we have tried many treatments and have seen many Doctors with no results. We are delighted to tell you that after only 4 weeks of using the recovery cream the spots have completely gone. This is truely amazing stuff. We definitely recommend and only wish we had found it earlier!! Many thanks.

Selina New Zealand. 30 July, 2012

i just want to say a big THANKYOU for your awesome products,my son had molliscum contagism for about 10 months and after lots of visits to the doctor and being percribed creams that cost us over 100 dollars nothing was working until i came across your products within about 10 weeks they have all cleared up and nearly all gone so THANKYOU again xx.

H.S. Australia. 29 July, 2012

I would like to thank you for a fantastic product that cleared my 6 year old daughters Molluscum within a short period of time. After speaking to my doctor, i was told there was no treatment and it could be present for 18 months to 2 years which i found astounding. I commenced searching on the internet and came across Dr Wheatgrass spray. I commenced using it 3 times a day and within a week it was noticeably different and by week 2 there were no bumps or redness with light brown marks remaining. We are into week 3 and the marks are barely visible. What an amazing product and i will be advising my docotor of the success. Thanks again.

C.C. USA. 1 June, 2012

Just wanted to drop you a line and say a huge thank you. Initially I thought my four year old daughter was developing skin tags, but very quickly the lumps and bumps quickly developed all over her stomach, groin and legs.  After one got badly infected she was diagnosed by the GP with molluscum. He gave her antibiotics for the infection and said it was common virus and we should wait it out.

Not happy with the possibility that it could take 18 months (or longer) to clear on its own and seeing it spread like wildfire, I spent a long time looking on the Internet for a solution. Entirely sceptical, but willing to give anything a go rather than watch the distress it was causing, I bought your Skin Recovery Spray. I sprayed morning and night. After a week there was no real change, but it hadn’t become any worse either, around day 10 the molluscum very quickly started to crust over and dry out. At two weeks they were healing and flattening and now at week 4 all that is left are some red marks that are fading fast.

I could literally weep with relief – thank you so, so much.

R.R. Australia. 27 May, 2012

I don’t know exactly how this stuff works, but it does work well on molluscum. My daughter had it on her arms around the elbow, and back, and they were starting on her face. We tried 2 different presciptions that just made all her skin raw and gave her eczema. We have been using for about 10 days & they are mainly cleared up with just a few small dots remaining. Ordering another to prevent new.

JN. USA. 17 May, 2012 Thanks to Amazon

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful product which has enabled my daughter who is 6 years of age to be cured of this virus. As a mother I was devasted to be told by the doctor that my daughter might have this condition for up to 2 years and that there is very little that can be done to cure her. Her Molluscum was all over the front of her torso, on her upper thigh and arm. After searching and seeing other positive feedback I purchased some Skin Recovery cream and within approx. 4 weeks my daughter is Molluscum free and a happy child once again. I can’t thank you enough!

E.J. Australia. 14 May, 2012

Hi, I was just looking through your website again as I had completely forgotten about wheatgrass as I haven’t had to use it. I was looking through the testimonials and thought I should briefly write to also say how wonderful your products are.  A couple of years ago my daughter (6 at the time) got molluscum contagiousism (not sure how to spell it) and after taking her to the Doctor I burst out crying as he said she would most likely have it for about 2 years.  It was hideous, all up her arms her stomach and starting on her legs. The doctor prescribed me some cream to stop her itching but said there is pretty much nothing else he could do.  I got on google and researched natural therapies and came up with your website. I thought no harm in trying so brought the spray and the supershots.  Within 2 weeks it was pretty much cleared up, absolutely no trace of it by 6 weeks. Truly amazing stuff!! 

D.D. New Zealand. 14 March, 2012

Hi – I would like to send you feedback on your products because it has healed ‘molloscum contagiosum’ on our son. They started on his torso and spread to the back of one knee. We used the Skin Recovery Cream on the back of his knee over a number of weeks and intermittently since – they have now healed altogether leaving a small mark only. Thank you. 

M.S. Australia. 5 March, 2012

For 10 months our daughter has had molluscum contagiosum nodules on one of her arms and despite consulting with various doctors both here in New Zealand and also in the UK when we were on holiday we were told nothing could be done unless we resorted to burning or cutting them off, and they would eventually go away in 12-18months. At first they were only located on one arm but a few months ago started to spread to her stomach, legs and buttocks and were getting worse not better. Then they started to bleed on a regular basis which caused her a lot of distress.  A family friend noticed them one day and suggested trying Dr Wheatgrass so we looked you up and placed an order.  We were skeptics at first as surely if this stuff was any good then our doctors would have recommended it, but without any exaggeration we noticed an improvement within days, and literally 2 weeks from the first application the nodules were all but gone.  Now 6 weeks on and they are 100% cleared up with only a trace that they were ever there. Our daughter is much happier and as are we.  Now back to the normality of going swimming and wearing short sleeves and summer dresses and not changing blood stained bed sheets every few days etc. Thank you again – our only regret is we didn’t know of your product sooner which would have saved us all a lot of unnecessary stress.

S.M. New Zealand. 27 February, 2012

Thought I would just drop you a line and let you know how delighted I am with how Dr Wheatgrass spray healed my 3 year old son’s eczema and molluscum. I went to my GP three times about the spots. Firstly when one appeared, then when they started to spread, then when they were all over his body. I was beside myself as new spots seemed to be appearing daily and heading up his neck towards his face.  I was told time and time again, nothing can be done, just wait and it will go away. I resorted to trying wart paint as I didn’t want them spreading
any further, this was very painful and uncomfortable for him. As a result he would scratch and hence spread more. I was at my wits end as a last resort I goggled natural remedies for molluscum. I am delighted to say within one week of using the spray, the spots were drying. Within two weeks they had virtually disappeared. One month on, all molluscum are gone.  He has also suffered from eczema as a baby, I managed this by avoiding soap, dairy, wearing cotton etc. Regardless, most weeks I would have to apply hydrocortisone.  His eczema is much improved, smoother and less itchy.  I have not had to use h/c in weeks. Thank you so much for your help, I am officially a ‘natural remedy’ convert.

Monica. New Zealand. 23 February, 2012

While waiting for the products to arrive I soaked them in vinegar cider. They became very angry. A week later the spray arrived and I sprayed twice daily for 2 and half weeks. They have all gone. This is after her having them for 4 months and only increasing in number. Use to only have a few on her belly and then they spread to her inner thighs bad. Now they have all gone! Have taken pictures and am happy for you to use them. Unfortunately I can’t solely attribute your wheat germ to the cure as I used the vinegar first.

S.P. Queensland, Australia. 1 February, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that I am truly amazed by the Skin recovery cream. We used it on my son who has had the molluscum for a long time, we only have 2 small bumps left from about 30 on his belly and still a few on the back of his knee but will continue with the product and hopefully by the new year they will all be gone. Thank you for such a fantastic product.

S. T. Australia. 2 December, 2011

I purchased the superbalm and the supershots in desperation to help with my sons Molluscum (Dr diagnosed). We had been the conventional route with the Dr’s and nothing was working, in fact it had become very itchy, he was scratching and even the hydrocortisone cream was not helping. In fact most of what we were given to use seemed to damage the skin more. I ordered on a weekend and it arrived on the Wed, by Friday we noticed that the molluscum were definitely not as angry looking. By the end of the following week, they were definitely healing and today they are all but gone. A much quicker heal than was promised on the website. I wondered if it had anything to do with attacking it on 2 fronts, taking the Supershots and using the Superbalm ? I also wondered if any studies had been done on celiac disease and wheatgrass? My son is healthier than he has been in a long time. My husband and I have both just got over a nasty sinus, sore throat, flu type virus that passed him by completely.
I just wanted to say thanks, I am normally really sceptical of the benefits of health foods etc, my mantra has always been “If you eat a healthy diet you do not need to take supplements” in this case I was proved wrong. THANK YOU

D. M. New Zealand. 27 November, 2011

This cream is amazing.We now want to try it on baby psoriasis. It cured molluscum on my daughter.

C. M. New Zealand. 24 November, 2011

I was very sceptical about how good this cream could be my daughter had the Molluscum from the groin to her knees and it had been there for around 3-4 months the Dr’s said nothing could be done. I had tried different things but no success, her legs were a mess so I thought I would give the Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream a go and WOW I wish I had tried it months ago within a couple of weeks it was on its way to being gone , now about 5 weeks since starting the cream it has healed up completely I will be recommending it to anyone who’s children have this condition.Thankyou

N. L. Australia. 25 September, 2011

Just wanting to pass on my thanks from yet another grateful parent. My 3 year old son suffered from the Molluscum virus and I really wasn’t too keen on using strong chemicals. Like many others I was also advised to “wait it out”. To prevent cross infection was not any easy task month after month, particularly with young kids, so I really wanted to try and clear it up as soon as possible without causing any pain or stress. I tried your wheatgrass cream and after 8 weeks the spots are gone and his smooth skin is back! Hooray! I will be letting my GP know of the success I had and hope she spreads the word to other sufferers. I am a registered nurse myself so will be sure to recommend your product if I come across this pesky virus again. Thank you so much.

B. M. Australia. 24 July, 2011

I wanted to let you know my daughter had molluscm on back of legs and the recovery cream was just amazing , its completely gone. The doctor said that would just go after awhile and not much could be done! thank you

M. F. Australia. 23 July, 2011

After having my eldest son – age 8 contract this frustrating disease in April 2010 – we went through the medical pathway seeking explanation and treatment only to be told repeatedly that nothing could help -they would clear up by themselves. After 5 months a chemist told me about a product they manufactured – a diluted version of a potent cream commonly used for skin cancers. I went to the GP and requested a prescription and had this filled. As most of the spots had matured, this cream worked effectively but then when my youngest son Age 4, started to get a couple of spots – I jumped onto it with this prescription cream and after 5 months his molluscum contagiosum had increased significantly. I stopped the cream and researched online when I came across your product. After trying other options, the thought of a natural and australian owned product appealed and I felt that I had nothing to lose. I am usually very skeptical about testamonials as I am a health professional but felt that I had to try something else. With in two weeks of using this cream twice daily and also alternating with the spray, the spots had started to inflame and come to a head. They came to a head quickly and within 3 months a very stubborn moderate case of molluscum has cleared up. I was so relieved and I am 100% convinced your product was responsible for the improvement. Recently the same son that has just recovered from molluscum contracted chicken pox and given the success for the mollusum virus, I am trying the cream and spray and also the shots to see if it helps reduce the severity and promote healing of chicken pox and scarring. I will let you know. Thank you again for the wonderful products. Definately a product I will continue to use regularly for the whole family.

L. R. Victoria, Australia. 16 July, 2011

A paediatric dermatologist here in Canberra told me that the molluscum condition on my 2-yr-old son was the worst case he had ever seen. It began in early 2010 and by Feb 2011 90% of his body was covered. I decided to try Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm twice per day. Nothing happened until 5 weeks later when all of a sudden the molluscum got severely red, infected and scary. After discussion with Dr Chris by email and telephone I was encouraged to continue the treatment. At the eight week mark the last molluscum ‘core’ came to the skin surface and was gone. My son is now covered in tiny pox scars, but perhaps they will fade over time. The healing may have happened without the product, given that the condition is self-limiting eventually, however the disease appeared to respond in the timeframe Dr Chris suggested and a wonderful side-benefit has been the reduction in topical steroid use on my son’s extensive eczema. We will continue using it twice per day for this reason now. Great stuff!

S. T. Canberra, Australia. 8 June, 2011

I too just have to thank you. AFter having child No 2 (barely 2yrs old) covered in these wart like growths and some becoming infected and painful I did research and came across your site. With nothing to lose, having tried everythign possible, I tried some of the cream. I could not believe the improvement! Within two weeks my daughter who would have easily had over 50 of these lesions all over her body (thankfully not her face!) was nearly normal! Her skin improved so much and by the third week it was just the light coloured ‘scars’ that were left. My daughter being a fair skinned strawberry redhead I was worried about permanent scarring but this too has disappeared and once again she has beautiful unblemished skin. I have told all my friends (as many of their children had it too) and I honestly am amazed at the effects of this product. I have NEVER in my life left any feedback like this on a website but I felt I too had to share my story. So I hope anyone out there looking for a ‘cure’ for this will try Dr.Wheatgrass. Thanks you so very much for a wonderful product.

K. O. Australia. 28 March, 2011

I bought a tube of the recovery cream last week and the molluscum is drying out and clearing up on my daughter already after one week. So impressed with this cream and we need another tube to keep it going. Thanks very much.

Kate. Auckland, New Zealand. 18 March, 2011

Hi there – I never do this but I just felt I had to write to you to tell you how impressed I am with your Dr Wheatgrass Cream. Last Thursday my daughter was diagnosed with Molluscum after I noticed small lesions on her upper arm. When the Dr explained what they were and gave me some fact sheets I was understandably horrified…. I then made the mistake of googling the condition. I have 3 children under three (twins and a baby), all of whom had recently bathed together, so it was only a matter of time before I noticed a small bump on my daughters twin sister abdomen too. I researched treatments for Molluscum Thursday afternoon, only hours after seeing the Dr, even though the Dr explained it was best to leave the lesions to heal on their own. I just hated the idea of sending my children back to care or to play dates whilst they had this condition. I started to contemplate a few months off work to look after the children to keep them from contaminating others. I had no idea how we would afford to keep places at day care whilst I wasnt working…. in other words I reallt did get quite stressed the more I let myself think about the potential implications of the condition. On Friday I purchased Dr Wheatgrass Cream. I read all the testimonials on this sight and although I had a long list of potential remedies that I had read about on the web, I bought your cream first because quite frankly the testimonials were amazing and the fact I could actually walk into a health food store to purchase the cream made a huge difference!! I applied the Dr Wheatgrass Cream Friday evening to both my daughters. One had a much more obvious case of Molluscum but I had noticed two small bumps on her sister too. The next morning I grabbed the cream almost as soon as we were awake and went to apply it. I was AMAZED at what I saw. Whilst still obvious, the molluscum lesions were already starting to shrink. I dont know if it was because I got the cream on them so soon after noticing the spots or what the reason, but even my husband agreed to lesions were smaller! Now, 3 days later the spots are in some places all but gone and in others drying up nicely. No ruptures or infections as Ihad read others mention, which I am thoroughly relieved about! I think by the time the kids return to care in a few days the spots will be almost gone! I cant thank you enough for this amazing product. My youngest boy suffers from eczema and even his skin has benefited from the Dr Wheatrass Cream. I havent seen his skin look so lovely in many months! Thankyou again – I will certainly be looking into your other products for the whole family! And I’ll will be spreading the word the Dr Wheatgrass is quite simply…miraculous!

B. R. Australia. 15 March, 2011

Dr. Chris’ honest reply the following day….
Thank you for your feedback about wheatgrass and molluscum. It is always very gratifying to learn that Dr Wheatgrass has helped more human beings improve their quality of life.
I’m naturally pleased to know the spots are improving. However, although I don’t wish to dampen your enthusiasm at all, it may possibly be a little early to expect to see some of the spots disappear because of the wheatgrass cream. I hope for yours and your childrens’ sakes that this is so, but it is unusual for it to work so quickly. In my experience it usually takes from three weeks to three months and even longer in some cases. But let’s hope you can prove me wrong.
B. R. proves Dr. Chris wrong (nicely) 6 days later….
Thanks Dr Reynolds, I am pleased to say two weeks later the spots are just tiny dots and in some of the cases they are gone altogether. I am still applying the cream and will continue to do so for some time I think.
With regards eczema my baby boy has suffered dreadful bouts of this condition since soon after birth. He was just experiencing an outbreak on back and legs that really was dreadful when I purchased the Wheatgrass cream. I applied this to his legs only to see how he would react to it and his legs are now smooth and clear just a few days later. It was a relief not to have to resort to the steroid creams again. He is prone to the eczema on his face over winter so I look forward to keeping on top of it this year.
Thanks for your reply – you really do have an amazing product! I am telling everyone who will listen!

B. R. Australia. 22 March, 2011

I wanted say how fantastic the Dr. Wheatgrass product has been in healing my daughter’s molluscum contagiosum. It took a while to get a correct diagnosis, but after purchasing the spray and dutifully using it twice daily, we finally have the results we wanted. It was certainly worth the wait (8 weeks) and I wanted to reassure other stressed-out parents that this is the best treatment for it. Thank you for helping! Sincerely,

A. B. Australia. 28 February, 2011

My 4 year old boy was covered in this horrible skin condition. The Dr’s told me that there was nothing anyone could do to heal Molluscum Contagiousum, that we just had to wait it out… years it could take. After researching the internet and reading all the other positive comments about Dr Wheatgrass cream, I purchased the cream. And yes, it works!! Wonderful cream. My child had a severe case, it took about a week to see any results, but eventually his skin healed and now months later he just has red marks from where the sores were. Thank you Dr Wheatgrass for this wonderful cream. If your child has Molluscum Contagiousum, this cream will cure it for you.

J. E. Australia. 16 February, 2011

I’ve purchased your wheatgrass cream for my daughter’s moluscum and it cured it! thank you!

S. B. USA. 19 November, 2010

My name is Natalie and I was at a loss as to what to do to help my 5 year old daughter get over the embarrassment of having bumps (that’s what she calls them) on her body. Every time we went somewhere and she had to changed her clothing she would crunch her body sideways or inwards so that no one could see her bumps as she was changing her top.
This cream/spray has been a god send – doctors should now about this as the thought of little people being embarrassed or in pain and the only solution is to wait it out isn’t good enough. Thank you Dr Wheatgrass

N. B.  Australia. 11November, 2010

My beautiful 4yr old daughter came got Molluscum from GOD knows where. She had it from June 2009 till March 2010. It took only 4 weeks once I started her on the Recovery Spray and they were all gone. She had heaps of spots on the inside fold of her right arm, which was starting to spread to her torso, and her brother was also coming up with some. I was so desperate to get rid of them because she was at kindy, they looked unsightly and I didn’t want it passing onto others. So I made her my own trendy bandages to cover them up during the day. She also suffered from eczma in the same location, so that would often get irritated from heat etc, but the Wheatgrass Recovery Spray worked wonderfully on that too. Actually we haven’t have to use any steroid creams on her eczma since March 2010. We applied the spray everyday after her shower at night and just let it dry on her skin. We did find however that when a spot would burst and bleed, from her scratching at night, that it would heal faster and disappear. We then also used it on our son who had them on his back and neck (I think from her piggy backing on him before we knew what it was that she had and that they were contagious) and they disappeared in no time too. Again we noticed that when a spot had burst and bled from him scratching they would heal quickly. We couldn’t be happier. She still has tiny scars where the spots once were but they are barely visible. I have never given feedback on a website before but I am so happy with the result, that I have to share. Absolutely love the product and thoroughly recommend you try it.

L. D. Australia. 3 November, 2010

Hi There, My 3 year old son had a bad case of Molluscum, it was all over his torso & spread to his arms, it was very lumpy & angry looking & it was bothering him. I went to the GP & he said the only cure was to prick everyone with a needle & squeeze out the contents. As you can imagine this isn’t an option with a 3 year old! He said as my son was so little this probably wouldn’t work so just to wait it out, & one day the body would realize it was there & would heal it. The last straw for me was when I was called to pick him up from Kids Church because of the “rash” he had, was thought to be contagious to the other children. I then searched on google to see if there was something else I could do for him, & I came across “Dr Wheatgrass” I was desperate & thought well it can’t hurt. I was amazed at the results, within 12 days there was a major improvement, the spots had reduced by half. It brought all the core’s of the spots to the surface & they were easily wiped away or gently squeezed out. Within 25 days he had no more spots! He had scars from where the spots were, but they have completely gone now, you wouldn’t know he ever had it. Thank you so much for your fantastic product, it was AMAZING! I have photographs if you would like to see. (before, 12 days in & 25 days in).

S. H. Australia. 23 October, 2010

As a naturopath, I have recommend your cream/spray for molluscum (with very good results) and have also found it very helpful for some forms of ezcema/dermatitis.

J. R. Australia. 20 September, 2010

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU very much for recommending Dr Wheatgrass skin recovery cream. I was desperate to heal my 3 year old daughters case of Molluscum which was going out of control, amongst it all her eczema was bad and the molluscum seemed to be spreading daily – she had well over a hundred of them on her back, chest and arms. We dealt with this for 9 months and was constantly told by our GP that there was nothing to do but see it out. My daughter would scratch the spots during the night until they would bleed and of course make them spread. She was becoming very self conscious of them after being queried by her friends as to what they were. She would itch daily and be in tears wishing they would go away. I used your Dr Wheatgrass Skin recovering cream and after 5 weeks they were completing gone, I was so desperate I was willing to try anything. I can’t believe they have gone, I’ve recommended your cream to my GP and have told everyone how amazing it is. I can’t thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU :).

R. F. Australia. 18 September, 2010

I just wanted to tell you I ordered your Wheatgrass spray online just over a week ago for my daughters molluscum and it is already clearing up. My Dr said there was nothing we could do, we did try to freeze a few off but that was painful for my daughter who is only 3 and only took a few of the bumps away. I searched online and found your website and must say, everything everyone said it 100% true. Your product has stopped the spread of the molluscum, cleared up some of the smaller spots and is starting to dry up the larger spots. I am can’t believe how fast it work. We have been dealing with this for 8 months and it was getting bad, spreading all over and turning into red, pussy, gross looking bumps. But now…..things are looking so much better. Just wanted to let you know great I think your product is.

A. A. USA. 25 August, 2010

My 7 year old son had contracted Molloscum Contagiosum and was told that it would be in his system for up to 2 years. I had researched this virus and happened to come across your website. I must admit, I was sceptical as to whether this was going to work or not but thought, oh well, I may as well give it a try – what have I got to lose. I started using the cream and applying it approx 4-5 times a day and after 2 weeks of continual use, the Molloscum disappeared. If I didnt see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. I then mentioned this to my Dr who I have been with for over 20 years – she said it was a coincidence – I KNOW it was the Wheatgrass that cleared up my son’s skin.

L. W. Victoria, Australia. 17 August, 2010

My 2 year old daughter was covered in Mulluscum spots on her left torso and left arm. The condition had began to spread to her legs and face. I mentioned it to a friend and she recommended your Wheat grass skin repair spray. I was doubtful that it would work, as the doctor had told me that it can take years to clear up, but with in 2 weeks, using the spray morning and night, I noticed that the spots began to clear up and the breakout on her face and legs did not progress. After about 6 weeks, all her molluscum spots are gone and I am very glad that I tried your product. I will be recommending it to other family and friends. Many thanks.

L. K. Australia. 30 June, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know what an amazing product you have. I found your website by chance about a 3 weeks ago and raced to our local health food shop to buy the spray – our daughter has sufferred bad eczema all her life, then she contracted molluscum virus and she was miserable – I was given the standard answer from the GP that it would just go in a year or 2! After a couple of days of using the spray her eczema & molluscum improved, each day her skin gets clearer. We are all so excited by this product and its miracle cure that we tell everyone. Our next purchase will be the supershots for the whole family. Thank you so much.

C. C. Australia. 2 June, 2010.

My 5 year old has had molluscum contagiosum on his right trunk, armpit and arm for 7 months. He was starting to scratch them so I asked my GP who said leave them they’ll go in 9-18months. He recently developed an ecsema around the spots and i found this wheatgrass spray treatment. initially sceptical but after 2 weeks only 2 spots remain, and ohters healing well..only pale mark on smooth skin! amazed!

J. Australia. 12 April, 2010

This product is amazing!I’ve been using it on my six year son who has a very bad case of molluscum.It hasnt even been a week since I started treating him with the spray but what a difference it has made already. I am so happy with the results so far. Thank you.

M. C. New Zealand. 12 March, 2010

Hi there. My 5 year old daughter developed what looked like large warts on the back of her thigh. We were advised by a doctor that they were Molluscum Contagiosum and that we should do nothing and they would disappear in 18-24 months! They were very unsightly and sore so we tried wart removal ointments which made the whole area worse! Even betadine did not help. My daughter used to cry alot. One day I googled her condition and Dr. Wheatgrass came up. What did I have to lose? We had watched our daughter cry for 6 months. So with little hope but much desperation I bought some recovery spray from the chemist and to my absolute astonishment her condition improved 90% within 2 weeks! I could not believe my eyes. Her beautiful smooth skin returned within a month and we have not had a problem ever since! Thank you Dr. Wheatgrass…from a sceptic to a convert!

J. F. Australia. 13 March, 2010

My 9 year old son suffered from a severe case of Molluscum Contagiosum for over 2 years. His chest, under-arm, back and tricep area of his upper arms were covered in hundreds of large sores – much worse than any case I’ve seen documented on various skin condition websites. He was beside himself with embarrassment, particularly when he started a new school in year 3 that required he change at school for swimming and sports. He was teased endlessly about it, other children wouldn’t go near him and my husband and I were desperate as our GP had just shrugged and said ‘he’ll grow out of it – there’s nothing more that can be done’.
When I came across the Dr.Wheatgrass website I figured we had nothing to lose by trying the Skin Recovery Cream. I think because of the severity of my sons condition, the results were slower than normal – it’s taken over 6 months, two tubes and a spray bottle – but finally, the molluscums are completely gone! During the treatment each individual sore became huge and red and occassionally badly infected but we just kept putting on the cream (or spray when they were too sore to touch) and within 3-5 days the sore and molluscum that had previously been there were gone. There are absolutely no scars to be seen and we wonder if we imagined the whole thing because his skin is absolutely smooth and clear.
When our two year old developed the all-too-familiar white raised spots on his leg and tummy about 2 months ago, I immediately applied the cream and although the molluscum haven’t gone, they haven’t spead or got any bigger. No doubt they will be on their way soon! Thank you for this wonderful cream – we felt so useless to our fretting son and we’re just so thrilled with the miraculous results.

R. L. Australia. 21 January, 2010

My 2 year-old son has been suffering from Molluscum Contagiosum for over 9 months. I took him to see 3 doctors and all said it would eventually go away on its own. However, it has gone worse and spread to his arm and face. I have been applying the spray and cream on my son and within 3 weeks, the spots have all dried and cleared up. Amazing work! Thank you Dr Wheatgrass for such wonderful products!

J. F. Hong Kong. 8 December, 2009

I have used the Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery cream on my daughter for her molluscum and am amazed at how well it worked.

M. M. Australia. 11 December, 2009

My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with molluscum contagium in September 2009 and like so many of the other testimonials I was skeptical and my doctor said there is no treatment and it could take up to 12 – 24 months to leave her system. She had about 70 or so unsightly warts (on the forearm and torso) which were very itchy. With spring/summer approaching and swimming I was very anxious as the kids at school can be very cruel.
I did some research on the internet and found the Dr Wheatgrass website. I had absolutely nothing to lose and purchased the spray, the cream and some vitamin tablets (much to my husbands scepticism)! I sprayed the area twice daily and only covered it up when she was wearing short sleeves. Within 4 weeks to the day of using the spray all the spots/redness had gone. I don’t know if it was her body starting to fight the virus but what I do know is that they are all gone – AMAZING. Her skin is a little dry but that is due to the eczema that she suffers.
THANK YOU SO much to everyone who shared their stories on the website. And a very big THANK YOU to Dr Wheatgrass for answering my questions and for introducing us to this WONDERFUL product. I am so thrilled and happy that I now share my story with everyone especially as this virus is making a come back. The product really is fantastic and you have nothing to lose if you try it!

D. M. Melbourne. 30 October, 2009

My four year old boy has had contagium molluscum for six months now. The doctor said he doesn’t like to treat it in children so young (too painful) and that it’s self limiting. After some more research, I found out it can last for years. I became desperate when my son was crying saying the kids at preschool were laughing and teasing him, saying he had chicken pox. On reading your testimonials I was very skeptical, but desperate to do something, as he had about sixty dots on him by this stage and they were increasing and moving down his arms and legs, so they were more obvious and would also become more visible in shorts and Tshirts in summer. I got some of your skin spray two weeks ago and used it over the school holidays and already the dots are almost gone, they are now flat (not raised) and still a bit red, but I think in two more weeks there will be no remaining evidence they were ever there. Thank you. I am so grateful (and my son is so happy they’re going) and I’m about to order another bottle (it’s also very good on my eczema).

J. H. Australia. 26 October, 2009

Thank you for such a wonderful product. My eight yr old daughter was diagonised end of May with this virus. I was told by our doctor that there is no treatment and that the virus would leave her system within the next 5 years. I was told she could not swim if her sores were opened wounds. This was devistating to our daughter as she is in swimming training and the doctor could not give her a definate time she could return to the water. I reasearched her condition on the internet and found your product. I brought some and thank you. Three weeks later they have all but disappeared. I have printed off your testimonials and I am now going to my local doctor to share the information. A few mothers at my childs swim squad are having the same symptoms and I have recommended this product to them also. I never usually write testimonials but I have to tell everyone about this product. It is wonderful and I love Dr Chris for helping my child. From a very happy Mum.

K. R. Australia. 23 August, 2009

I have just ordered my second tube of Skin recovery cream as I have found it absolutely fantastic. My daughter had molloscum so I was so happy when I found out about this cream. I was even happier when after 3 weeks the spots were completely gone. Since then I have been using it on my hands which are prone to dryness in winter and it has made a huge difference. I have recommended this cream to everyone including my doctor who told me nothing could be done about my daughters molluscum. So thank you very much.

E. K. New Zealand. 20 July, 2009

Firstly, we had no idea that molluscum was so common! Having read many articles on the internet I decided to buy the wheatgrass cream. Our daughter had a severe case but contained to under her neck and the backs of her knees. After three weeks the spots had faded and so had the excema type rash she had with it. Week four and the spots are nearly gone. We did have some very nasty ones burnt off at the doctors as well. Considering most information tells you that you need to expect them to disappear after nine months, I am extremely grateful to have read other peoples testimonials and would recommend this product in eliminating the spots quickly. Thanks.

E & J. H. New Zealand. 12 June, 2009

A few months ago my three year old son was diagnosed with Molloscum and we were told that there were two alternatives: leave it and it could take upto two years for his body to fight it off or burning or taping. These were not an option for us. So I decided to search the internet for a natural remedy, hence it led me to your wonderful cream. I have tried natural options before but this unsightly rash questioned the reliabilty of your cream. I read all the testimonials and thought why not?
I thought I would give it two weeks and if we didn’t see any improvement atleast we gave it a go.
Week 1 new spread on arms and legs slightly disappearing.
Week two rash on arm & legs disappearing and the ugly ones under the arm and torso looking less frightening.
Week 3-4 all arms and legs cleared, less of an appearence on the torso.
Week 5 -6 all gone and a very happy child.
Put the cream on twice a day and thats all. Thank you so much . I will always keep a tube in the first aid drawer.

M. B. Australia. 27 April, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I am raving about this product to everyone I know! My daughter was diagnosed with molluscum by our GP who told me there was no real treatment for it – I would have to wait for her to grow out of it. Anyway, her rash got worse until it covered her back, abdomen, elbows and knee joints. She also had excema which didn’t help. She was scratching all the time and spreading the rash. At my wits end, I ordered a tube of the Skin Recovery cream and applied it twice a day. Within 2 weeks – all gone! Even better, her excema has disappeared also! I now use it for any skin irritations that appear on anyone in my family. Thank you for supplying such a phenominal product.

A. V. New South Wales. 11 April, 2009

I have recently purchased the Skin Recovery Cream for my son who had Molloscum Contagiousum on his left side of chest and back. WOW, this cream is awesome and I have had some great results. The Molloscum was quite red, inflammed and what looked almost infected. My GP said the only alternative I had to get rid of them was to burn them off or have them lanced. As my son was on 12mths old at the time I chose the other alternative option given which was to leave them and they would go at about 2yrs of age.
I was not happy with the way they were looking so I did some research on the internet and found this totally amazing and awesome product. After 1x85mls tube of cream they are almost gone, and have decreased by atleast 90%. There are probably only about 10 of them left and I am just so amazed at the result. They cream seems to be helping with the scaring of a few and is also getting rid of the remaining ones. Thank You soooooooo much, I will most certainly be recommending this cream to friends and have ordered some more to keep on hand. I LOVE this product!!

K. K. New South Wales, Australia. 6 March 2009

I believe that my wife e mailed you some time ago regarding our experience with your wheatgrass spray in the treatment of our daughter’s mollusca contagiosa, and she has told me of your acknowledgement of her testimonial. I really just want to add my own praise and sense of relief and gratitude for your product.
At 46 years of age, I am by nature a cynic, and when we turned to “alternative” treatments for our little girl’s unsightly, & painful, warts I did fear that we were about to embark upon an expensive, frustrating and ultimately disappointing journey.
To my surprise and joy we found the results of using the spray were every bit as successful as the various testimonials we had read on your web site had described. Our little girl’s warts had been quite widespread, covering most of the right hand side of her body, especially her arm, side and leg. Some of the warts were really quite large, like gnarled old adult’s hand warts, and, due to the unavoidable itching involved, one had even become badly infected.
Within two weeks of using the spray, the warts had visibly begun to reduce in size and appearance, and after a further week they had gone completely, save for a few small & minor scars which we are confident will fade with time.
The difference this has made to all our lives has been enormous – little Charis was finding the warts more and more painful and bothersome, and I was spending hours each day worried that her life was going to be made miserable as the warts spread and lead to the sort of teasing that goes on between children. We have continued to use the spray, sparingly, from the “skin recovery” point of view.
You have removed a major source of unhappiness from my family’s life. Many thanks indeed.

M. H. Lancashire, UK. 30 January, 2009

I am just wanting to write to you to say how pleased I am with your wheatgrass cream. My daughter suffers from molluscums in her groin area and within a week of using your cream one had nearly disappeared and the rest were on their way out – the results have been so pleasing that I gave your pamphlet to my daughters daycare to advise other parents of your product. It is such a relief to finally find a cure for this problem. Many thanks

R. P. Otaki, New Zealand. 30 January, 2009

The cream has worked really well, the molluscum is all gone now and no new spots, this was after 3 weeks of use and we also combined an olive leaf extract to help boost his immune system. Thanks for your help.

S. B. New South Wales, Australia. 19 December, 2008

My 3 y.o daughter developed a patch of white spots on her thigh that then spread to her tummy. The Doctor told me they were warts and there was nothing I could do. I became alarmed after several months when they started becoming like pimply sores and spreading down her arms and around her bottom.
Believing they were no longer warts I started my research on the internet and found Dr Wheatgrass and the photos for Molluscum contagiosum. I bought the cream immediately and after two weeks I could see there was a significant improvement and now after three weeks her skin is nearly clear.
Thank you for saving us. Unfortunately parents seem to be told by Doctors that this virus cannot be treated and the children have to suffer great discomfort. I am so glad that I found this product and it is amazing.

A. S. Victoria, Australia. 10 December, 2008

On my 5 year old son, I noticed a number of small, hard ‘bites’ on his back. Over a period of weeks they spread all over his back and became large, red, pimpley sores. Over quite a few months we tried a few skin treatments but nothing helped. After looking on the internet I saw information on
The problem was “Molluscum Contagiosum” and this had gone on for 7 months now. Flaring up and spreading. After reading other testimonials we immediately purchased the Skin Recovery Spray and some cream. Within a few weeks our sons back began to heal. After 2 months we have no more problems. After 12 months he has been completely clear of them.
Recently another son had Molluscum Contagiosum appare on his arms, legs and tummy. We started with Dr Wheatgrass cream and after one month, they are all fading and we have not seen the concentrated spread that our first son had to endure.
I never write these testimonials, but we are 100% happy with DrWheatgrass and felt others parents should know it works!

A. B. New South Wales. Australia. 25 November, 2008

I have been applying the wheatgrass cream on my son’s molluscum twice a day for just over 3 weeks now. I am amazed at how the affected areas are clearing up and the spots are slowly disappearing. To be told by doctors “there is nothing you can use on the spots and it will go away within 9 – 12 months” was not an option for me. I highly recommend the wheatgrass cream.

M. Kaiapoi, New Zealand. 23 November, 2008

I must admit I was very sceptical when I read other testimonials about the wheatgrass spray but I thought it was worth a try. My daughter had had some molluscum’s for some months and the doctors had told me they would eventually go away and not to worry but then all of a sudden they multiplied rapidly and spread all over her body. I’m talking 100+. She couldn’t stop scratching them which would result in them bleeding. They looked terrible and we were fast approaching summer. To my absolute amazement, I’m not kidding within 2 weeks the difference was amazing and now we are in the 4th week and she has one left and the scarring from the others is barely noticeable and she is even having a pool party for her birthday in a couple of weeks.
I’ve written this email just to give others like myself who are sceptical about purchasing online the confidence to do so. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!! My only disappoinment is that I didn’t take before and after photo’s so I could post those.

L. H. Australia. 22 November,2008

I have been using the wheatgrass spray on my 2yo’s molluscum. I noticed a fairly fast response, & now after only 2 weeks of use they have almost all cleared up! Much faster result than I expected. Thank-you for a great product!

F. B. Australia. 17 September, 2008

Hi there, 10 days ago I started using your cream and doing the supershots on my 3 and a half year old daughter Jemma’s molluscum. I am absolutely amazed at the results we are having so quickly. We are taking phots and look forward to sharing our results (especially with the skin specialist who said there was nothing that would clear it up). Cheers.

D. New Zealand. 26 August, 2005.

I just wanted to write and say that the Dr Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Spray has worked wonders on my 4 year old daughters Molluscum Contagiosum. For 12 months she had a dozen or so spots on her bottom and leg which our doctor told us would go away in time without intervention. Relatives had also had molluscum and found this to be the case so we didn’t worry as she only had so few. Gradually a few of the spots festered and spread to create larger more painful areas of skin which would reduce her to tears at bathtime. I began searching the internet. At first I only found treatments that would no doubt distress my daughter but then I came across the Dr Wheatgrass site. I was dubious at first, wondering how something that sounded very “hippy” could possibly work. After reading all the info and testimonials I decided that I should at least give your product a go, after all it was organic and non invasive. About 5 minutes after your package arrived we started treatment. My daughter was worried that the spray would hurt but was all smiles when it didn’t. 5 days after we started we noticed a change and within 2 weeks bath time was fun again. 2 months later we are still spraying but the spots are faint reminders of what they once were! Now my 2 year old has produced 4 extremely little spots which we have started spraying straight away so that they have no chance of developing in to the nightmare that her sister had to experience. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for such a fantastic product I will be spreading the word.

M. V. Canberra, Australia. 14 August, 2008

I would like this story to be viewed by others that visit your website as a testimonial to your wonderful and amazing product. My 13 yr old daughter devoveloped small red spots on the inside of her thighs about 8 months ago. At first i thought they were warts so i took her to our GP. Our GP decided to burn these so called warts and that was that – so I thought.. About 2 weeks later it appeared that these spots had come back but what was worse, even more appeared. She had them all down her inner thighs and also on her genital area. She was so distraught as she plays soccer and was too embarassed to wear her shorts. I went back to my GP and demanded a refferal to see a Dermaotlogist. The dermatologist had told us that she has the Molluscum virus. He prescribed medications and creams to use on her which resulted in burning her skin and I had a very unhappy 13 yr old…. Her confidence had hit rock bottom as she now had a couple of spots on her face and didnt even want to got to school. At this point the spots were raised,red and the size of five cent pieces. I was at my wits end and decided to seach the net for more information and alternative treatments. Thats when i came across ” DR WHEATGRASS “. I immediately went out and purchased the cream – I had nothing to lose. Within 1 week ( I kid you not ) the spots went down and were’nt as red as they were previously. It was easy to apply even to her face with no skin reaction at all. I was over the moon but the happiest of all was my daughter. She continued to persist with using the cream and it has now been 8 weeks and the spots are all gone !!! There is just some faded scarring which is not really noticeable. I urge any other parent which find themselves in the position I was in, to get the cream and wait for the results its truly AMAZING. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and for restoring my sanity.

S. S. Victoria, Australia. 28 July, 2008

My son contracted Molluscum approx 6 mth ago, there were only 3 spots, come January 3 spots turned into 30. I took him to the doctor and they told me what is was and that i just needed to wait it out or buy a very expensive ointment that didn’t have a 100% guarentee. I checked the internet and came across Dr Wheatgrass antioxidant spray, it has now been 5 weeks and all but a faint bit of redness, the mulluscom has vanished. We are all very pleased and impressed with this product, and often use it on other skin ailements. So thankyou for this product and i will be highly recommending it to people, also i think i should put a bottle on my sons doctor’s desk!

G. B. Victoria, Australia. 20 April, 2008

G’day Dr Chris,
I just wanted to say thankyou very much for your product – the Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream. My little son, Matthew 2yrs, came out with a couple of Molluscum Contagiousum spots in November last year. They never started to spread until the New Year, but boy did they spread. When we took him to our Dr she gave my husband a sheet of info on MC and said use Betadine. I googled MC to learn more about it and nearly fell off of my chair when I realised how bad it can get – the Dr made it sound like it was nothing to worry about and that it would go in no time.
Once I discovered how bad it can get and how long it can last, that’s when I started searching for something more promising than Betadine. I joined forums and read all sorts of stuff but the “miracle” cures were all from America. A lot of the potions/lotions/creams that people were importing sounded really harsh on the skin – I was too scared to use these on my son. I wanted something natural and something Aussie – and that’s when I came across your website.
My son has always had beautiful skin and I felt so bad for him that he had to be covered in these spots. When I first got the cream we used it three times a day – used a fresh towel each time we bathed him (morning and night) – new pair of pyjama’s each night and when the spots on his arms/legs were exposed (by wearing a t-shirt and shorts) I put bandaids over them if they looked like they were ready to burst or if he scratched them. I used the cream for about three months and his skin is clear and I am so happy for him. Thankyou for your product it was amazing and I really appreciate it and I’m sure Matthew does too.

J. E. Broken Hill, Australia. 3 April, 2008

Three weeks ago, our six year old son’s elbows were covered in Molluscum Contagiosum. He also had them on his stomach and down his legs. After visiting our GP on 3 separate occasions, having them frozen and lanced, he advised that they were ‘warts’ and they would go away eventually. I then discovered your ‘Wheatgrass cream” which I purchased and applied twice daily. They have now all disappeared.
How wonderful! I can’t wait to show our GP what amazing results we have had with your cream.

B. R. Australia. 11 March, 2008

Last year my 5yr old daughter got Molluscum, I had no idea what it was, after taking her to the Dr and being told there was nothing that could be done to get rid of it I was very upset. As it was spreading fast over the top of her body, I looked on the internet to find out more about it. I came across lots of sites claiming cures for Molluscum. Not knowing any of these people I found it hard to decide which one to choose, as I would be putting it on my 5yr old, I had to be very careful.
I chose your product it seemed the safest, and within a few days the spots where going, within a few weeks they were nearly all gone with no new ones appearing. I was so greatful, as my daughter was not in discomfort any longer.

D. M. South Australia. February, 2008

I wish to thank you for your wonderful product. My 7 year old son had the odd molluscum spot on his torso which my local doctors said to leave alone and let them run their course. Then it spread to his neck and the side of his face and it seemed to be spreading quite quickly. So I started surfing the web in the hope that some one out there had suggestions on what I could do. I came across methods that involved squeezing and taking the heads off the molluscum, all which seemed painful and risked scarring. Then I came across your website and was at my local health food store the next day buying your product. I bought the cream and used it twice a day every day. Then I read that the spray was twice as potent and I started using it instead. I feel that the spray did start to work quicker than the cream, but then it could be pure coincidence. It was also easier to spray my son’s face and neck and it dried very quickly and without staining his clothes, if it happen to drip on to it. It took almost 3 months of religiously spraying but they have totally disappeared. I cannot believe that GPs do not recommend this to patients and I will be taking a bottle into mine the next time I am at the clinic.

P. M. Australia. January, 2008

My eleven year old daughter suffered with an outbreak of Molluscum contagiosum last year. Our local GP confirmed the diagnosis, but gave no promises about how long the condition would remain. I purchased the Derma Wheat spray from your web site, in an attempt to speed up the healing of the sores. I was very happy to see that the treatment was preventing new outbreaks, as well as healing the existing sores. I am convinced that the wheatgrass spray was responsible for the condition clearing completely within four weeks. Since then we have used the spray to treat sunburn. Where all other products caused stinging, the wheatgrass was soothing and a great help during the healing process. Thank you for providing a product to use in the treatment of children’s conditions. It is so important to have a gentle, yet effective product available!

K. Y. South Australia. January, 2008

Just felt the need to forward on my sincere thanks and gratitude for producing a product that seriously does work. My 3 year old daughter has been suffering from contagious molluscum for several months now. I purchased the spray on Friday and having been using it over the weekend twice a day, it is now Monday and I cannot believe the difference. Bumps have almost halved in size and some have almost disappeared. Kindest Regards and Sincere thanks.

L. E. Australia. January, 2008

My 7 year old son had this condition under his arm, in his armpit and down the side of his upper body. All parents who have children who suffer from this condition, will understand the discomfort when the spots become inflamed and pop not to mention that having this condition really is so not cool!!!! My GP’s advice was to let the condition run its course and that there was nothing medically he could prescribe to help. Then, my research into alternative ways of healing the molluscums, produced Dr Wheatgrass!! Although it has taken up to 12 weeks of religiously applying the cream every evening he is almost completely molluscum free. I think it is important for potential users to understand that the cream probably does nothing to the actual molluscum but actually strengthens the skin to fight an existing spot plus keeps potential new ones at bay. I can highly reccommend this cream. Be patient parents and it will be so worth it!

Y. B. Australia. December, 2007

My 3-year-old son had Molluscum for over a year and it was getting worse by the week. Two doctors said nothing would work on it, and to let it run its course. It was quite irritating for my son, not to mention a visual oddity which brought questions from friends, family and at his daycare. We were desperate. After just a couple weeks of your spray, the spots began to disappear. Now, after almost eight weeks, they are entirely gone. Amazing! There is some eczema remaining, but seems to be responding well to the wheatgrass spray. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

S. S. USA. November, 2007

A few years ago my son suffered with Molluscum Contagiosom and we tried the taping up of the spots with elastoplast which didn’t really help and then I stumbled across the wheatgrass cream and gave it a try. I’m not sure if it was just co-incidence or not but the spots did seemed to disappear a lot quicker than the time frame we were given by a specialist. The condition seems to have been gone from quite some time now.
B. L. Australia. November, 2007
My grand daughter has had molluscum for months. We have tried tea-tree oil, wart removing creams….consulted doctors twice….with no success. Whilst surfing the net I came across your site and consequently tracked down your wheatgrass spray. After 2 weeks almost ALL molluscums have gone. Next visit to my Dr I’m going to tell him to recommend your treatment for his patients with molluscum. Awesome stuff!

J. G. Australia. November, 2007

I ordered the cream for my daughter for her molloscum. I would like to thank you for this fantastic product i highly recommend it. Her moloscum has all just about gone after suffering for nearly a year. I have also ordered the gel for my father who uses it for everything and also loves this product. I can’t thank you enough for this product and would recommend anyone to give it a try.

E. M. Australia. November, 2007

I’m an absolute FAN of your products, the cream in particular. I used the cream on my niece who had wart virus with warts all over her body. After applying the cream a couple of times, the warts stopped itching and seemed to dry up and disappear. Absolutely Wonderful!!

K. C. Australia. October, 2007

I write to you with many thanks for introducing me to your product of Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream. My 4 year old daughter has suffered from molluscum contagiosum virus for over 12 months which has spread from both her arms to her torso and down her legs and I was assured by other physicians that it would run its course and disappear with time. I had used other antiseptic creams to try and prevent it spreading but nothing helped.
After using your wonderful cream for only 2 weeks the improvement was dramatic, with the existing spots and marks disappearing and no longer spreading, after another fortnight the viral infection is now completely gone. I have since used the cream on mosquito bites, blisters, cut fingers and even pimples.
I have happily informed many friends and my family on how marvelous your product is and will always make sure I keep some in my cupboard to have on hand. The results truly do speak for themselves, with such quick repair to damaged skin. I think it should be available everywhere. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

K. S. and Z (daughter) Melbourne. Australia. May 2003

My children and my brother’s children, my self and my sister in law have had molluscums for nearly three years now. We have treated them with “Transfer Factor ” a cow’s milk colostrum, and Thuja (herb)cream with no success. A skin specialist has burnt them with dry ice treatment which has removed individual spots however they have re emerged in other places six months later. My colleague at RDNS has informed me of the Wheat grass treatment. Could you please provide me with some more information for children aged from 11years to 4years and adults. Yours in desperate anticipation.

M. S., Royal District Nursing Service. Australia. 26th April 2004
I am pleased to say that my family are now free of molluscums thanks to the wheat grass spray. Thanks.
22 June 2004

Hi, I’m writing to let you know the Dr Wheatgrass spray was nothing short of miraculous in its effect on my sons molluscum contagiosum. Within 24 hours (two treatments) the redness had gone from his rash. He had had the rash for approx. 9 months all round his groin area. We had tried other treatments including ‘burning” each molluscum with the only result being a very upset little boy. Dr Wheatgrass was easy to apply and allowed coverage of all molluscum. His rash completely disappeared after about 4 weeks of treatment.

Thank you Dr Wheatgrass.

G. B. Australia. September, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Wheatgrass Recovery Cream for my sister who is in Darwin. Her son, who is four, was diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum, and as usual the doctor said it would clear up over time and nothing could be done. She asked me to look up the condition on the internet and I came across your product. I decided to order the Recovery Cream for her since it was a natural product, it was an Australian product and very reasonably priced. After using the cream for only 2 weeks his condition has totally cleared up. She is thrilled, since it had started to spread from his legs to his torso and head before using the cream. I have now decided to try it on my 18 month old daughter who seems to always get the odd rash or two on her torso, and she has a particularly itchy one at present. I look forward to giving the product a go myself! Thankyou for being able to provide a product that gave my nephew (and my sister) such quick relief!!

J. S. Australia. June, 2005

Thank you so much for the Wheat Grass cream for my 6 year old daughters Molluscum Contagiosum. She had endured the lesions covering her chest, abdomen, thighs and arms for over a year before we started using the cream. We had seen a General Practioner and Paediatrician with the only advice being to “leave it alone and it will go away eventually”. My little girl was too embarrassed to let anyone see her chest and other mothers were horrified at the prospect of her possibly infecting their child. Within a few weeks of using the cream the larger lesions became inflamed and the white core was pushed out of the centre. This continued over the following weeks and my daughter was thrilled that they were all “dying”. No new lesions have developed and we are very happy with the result! Thank you again.

T. L. Gove NT Australia. 18 July, 2005

I am a busy working mum and my daughter who has suffered from Molluscum has had these for over a year. In sheer desperation I had taken her out of swimming class and ready to take her to the children’s hospital as the molluscums were so bad. Now, thanks to you, the molluscums are on the way out. It had taken just a total of 6 weeks and I can now say that I am very satisfied with the result. My daughter suffered irritation from the molluscums, swelling, redness as big as the palm of your hand, itchy and extremely uncomfortable, and not to mention embarrassing. One week after using the wheat grass we noticed a big difference.

We both have confidence that this solution has worked for us and cannot thank you enough for your support.

G. O. Melbourne, Australia. 19 September, 2005

I just wanted to let you know that after I had sent my testimonial to you it was a week later that I checked Laura’s body for any further changes. What I found was that ALL the Molluscums had gone, No signs at all of any Molluscums. We were so pleased. Laura is back swimming again and wearing
low back tops and is on top of the world.
THANK YOU for all your support.

G. O. Melbourne, Australia. 27 October, 2005

In regards to my daughters Molluscum I am happy to say that the two Molluscums that she had have cleared up and it has only been about 4 and a half weeks. Luckily she had no more come up and now that the two have gone I can see no trace of them. One lady at the pool told me the best thing to do was to squeeze them! How painful and unnecessary. I have told people about the Wheatgrass Cream and will strongly recommend it to anyone who may have a similar problem. I have also found that it helps to heal broken skin from squeezing pimples!! Thanks for your advice and I look forward to continuing to use your product.

L. F. Australia. December, 2005

I am just wanting to let you know that my son had molluscum for about 6 months on his underarm and chest area then it spread terribly down his legs and his arms and over his back. He was basically covered in the pimples. I was desperate and found Dr Wheatgrass Website.
I am so glad I went looking for an answer. The creams the doctors prescribed just irritated the area but did nothing about causing the healing process.
I ordered the Wheatgrass spray and within 2 weeks the spots are almost all gone. There are a few left on his chest where they were terribly infected but you have to look closely to see them. The wonderful thing is that immediately after using the wheatgrass my son stopped scratching them therefore they stopped spreading. He is so excited now as he can now wear singlets and his soccer shorts without being embarrassed. Thankyou so much for finding this wonderful product.

A. M. Australia. February, 2006

Just a quick note to say thank you to a wonderful product, and especially to all who wrote in testimonials about their experience with molluscum warts. My 3 year old son had the warts growing on his back then spreading to the rest of his torso and on his buttock cheeks. By that stage I took him to the doctors to see if there was anything we could do as they were spreading quite rapidly. Just wait it out we were told. That we did. In the next few months they had spread down his arms and legs and were quite unsightly. Being summer we could not cover them and at the pool he got some interesting looks. Back to a different doctor I go….second opinion. Same..just wait it out, it could be a year before they go. Thanks to modern technology. I did a bit of research on the computer and came across your product. I would have just thought oh yeh, just another fad product had I not read the testimonials. Reading them I became excited..I could relate to their experiences. The next day we bought the product. Within a week the warts started crusting up, by two weeks they were little dots that we could barely find and by 3 weeks we are rubbing cream on where we are guessing they were. Thank you. I am still amazed at what a wonder product the wheatgrass cream is.
Deanna, Melbourne, Australia. 29 March, 2006
I would just like to say thank goodness I discovered the dermawheat recovery spray and cream. My 3 year old daughter suffered from the molluscum contagiousum virus. She was covered on one arm and belly and it was spreading to her back and legs. I used the spray in the morning and the cream at nite after a salt water bath and within 4 weeks it was gone! Thanks!

T. G. Australia. April, 2006

Hello, I ordered the spray for my daughters Molluscum Contagiosum. Thanks for a great product. Could you please send me the cream ASAP and also do you have any brochures so I can show them to my Doctor.
Thanks for a product that actually works.

Kim. Te Awamutu, New Zealand. April, 2006

I was a little sceptical about the claims of the wheatgrass cream and spray for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum but have been using it on my 4 yr old son for 3 weeks and the infection is all but gone. Before I started to use the products, the infection had begun to spread and he had hundreds of bumps beginning to come up on his feet and up his legs. The use of the products has stopped the further development of these spots which have now disappeared and the existing bigger lesions have stopped itching and now most have completely disappeared. I will be advising my family GP of this success as she had advised that all we could do was wait, or undergo painful treatments which could cause considerable distress to a 4 year old, and some scarring. My son is a very keen swimmer and I was considering having to take him out of his swimming lessons and excluding him from public pools, but now, I am relieved that it will not be necessary. I just wonder why the products are not already more widely recognised? Thank you so much, your products have really made a difference to our family and we will recommend them widely.

S. L. Australia. May, 2006

I am very excited to inform you of the success we have had with the wheatgrass cream for my 6 year old son’s molluscum. He was diagnosed with molluscum in December 2005, and the prognosis was the same as all the doctors tell you – wait 6 months and it will go away. But being frustrated with this outcome I searched the internet and discovered your amazing products. I began using the cream on my son mid January 2006. Before commencing with the treatment the molluscum was so bad with up to 50 spots at a time either being red and inflamed or just in the primary stage. Predominantly he had them behind the knees and under one arm. (It was very difficult to cover up in the summer time.) Initially the inflamed ones healed quickly when we started using the cream, however new ones still kept coming. After about 12 weeks I noticed that the molluscum appeared really bad and he had so many inflamed erupted ones – but it was then that I realized his skin was purging itself of the virus and they were all on the way out. We are now molluscum free and owe our thanks to you and your products. I would highly recommend it to anybody for clearing molluscum.
On behalf of my sister I would like to send you a testimonial for the success she has also had with the wheatgrass cream. Her son also 6 caught the molluscum from my son. His case was not as severe as my child’s, but he had them on his neck, shoulder and a few on his face. My sister immediately asked me to order the cream for her knowing that I was using it. She had a more rapid response to the cream, with eradication in about 9 weeks. We are all extremely happy with the prompt mailing of the product and more importantly the results achieved! Thankyou.

J. T. Australia. May, 2006

My son had severe molluscum around his genital area for close to one year. I tried various remedies, including piercing with a needle to remove the core which was terribly painful for him. I purchased cream for individual sores and spray for those grouped together. In two weeks all were gone or disappearing – it is unbelievable. I have mentioned this to my doctor and he responded that he had heard this from other parents … so the good news is spreading. Thank you so much !!!

J. R. Armidale, New South Wales. 13 June 2006

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. I recently purchased your wheatgrass recovery cream for my babies Molluscums which were steadily spreading. After spending $350 on several Dr’s visits and the creams they prescribed, I wasfeeling very frustrated and was made to feel that I was almost being vain about my son’s skin.
I am also a naturopath and so wondered why I was wasting my time and started researching myself which is when I came across your website.
Anyway to cut a long story short – in just 3 weeks the cream was able to clear all of the Molluscums leaving no scars – a fantastic result. Even though I am a naturopath I still find many products do not do quite what they say and so am very glad that you have proved me wrong. I find I am looking forward to trying it on something else now.
So many thanks and I’ll no doubt be in touch again.

T. B. Australia. July, 2006

My three daughters have all suffered from molluscum, during a period of about 18 months to 2 and a half years. One child suffered far worse than the others with her molluscum greater in number and severity, her spots therefore took quite a while longer to finaly disappear.
After my first child had these spots for a few months I noticed they were starting to spread, she was picking them and therefore leaving behind a scar. I took her to the doctor and she told me what they were called and said there was no treatment for them and they could hang around for anywhere up to 3 years, she said my daughter was lucky as her were not on her face as some other children have.
I was upset that nothing could be done and I wasn’t satisfied with just waiting for them to go as they look awful so I started surfing the net and that is when I found out about wheatgrass spray and cream.
I ordered both the spray and cream, started treatment straight away (using the spray as my girls had so many between them)and didn’t see any change for the first couple of weeks and I was beginning to get discouraged until about week 3 and 4 slowly but surely the spots were changing. Firstly the spots got very red and looked to have pus inside then they settled down and gradually faded away much to my amazement. My child that had the worst spots took longer to fade but eventually to my pleasure they all did, and she just has a few marks (scars) left.
I am so thankful that I found out about your treatment, I definitely found the cream more effective but initially the spray was good as it was more economical having 3 children covered in molluscum. I am glad to say 2 of my daughters are now molluscum free and my 21 month old has only 2 left – it has been a really long road but thanks to you I can finally see the end is near.

S. P. New South Wales. 9 August, 2006

As a naturopath I have been using and recommending your products to many of my clients with absolute amazing success, it never seems to fail me so for that I thank you. It is especially good on those difficult peculiar cases!!!!
I have used wheatgrass cream in many, many cases of molluscum contagiosum in children with 100% success rate.

M. W. Victoria. 14 August, 2006

My 5 year old son has been suffereing from Molluscum Contagiosum down his right side and under his arm for the good part of 6 months now. I was told by 2 different doctors that there was nothing that could be done and it would go in a couple of months. This it did’nt and it got worse and started spreading. One doctor told me that it would go all over his face and this scared me. It was then that I decided to do some investigating on the internet. I am so glad I did and found your wonderful site.
It has been 10 days since we started using the Wheatgrass cream and to be honest I am amazed at what it has done. It has completely healed up some of the more severe spots and he has been left with just a little scar. The smaller spots have turned into what looks like little pimples now and I have every confidence that they will to be gone in no time. I thoroughly recommend the cream to anyone suffering from this condition. My son is gorgeous and it was a terrible thing for him to have on him. He suffered no side effects and within minutes it takes the itch out. I found it very easy to get hold of also.
I have sent a letter to both of the doctors telling them of this wonderful product so that they too can help any other children suffering from this terrible condition. As a parent I found it quite distressing to see this spread over my son’s body but thanks to your wonderful cream I cannot thankyou enough. In our house your cream is called MIRACLE cream. Thankyou.

Sharon. Australia. 15 October, 2006

Thank you so much for your magical DermaWheat Cream!! I have been totally astounded at how quickly this cream works at eliminating my 6 yr old daughter’s Molluscum Contagiosum. Her disgusting warty spots that appeared down her arm, side of trunk and leg have almost completely disappeared within three weeks. I am continuing to use the cream as it appears to help with scarring tissue as well. It is such a relief seeing her back to her normal happy little self.
So much for all the wonderful expensive “so called cures” prescribed by the Chemist, Doctor, Dermatologist etc. I have had great delight recommending your product to everyone including my Doctor and Naturopath. Your friendly and prompt service is a credit to you and your products are priceless!! I will definitely always have some Dermawheat product on hand!! Thanks again

T & D. G. Taumarunui. New Zealand. 6 November, 2006

Hi there, I promised I would get back to you with the results from using this product DermaWheat Wheatgrass Recovery Spray 150mL. After just 1 1/2 weeks, the sores are turning to scabs and falling off. There is a marvelous improvement in our grandson’s condition of Molluscum Contagiosum. This has to be seen to be believed. I will keep you up to date as the progress gets even better. What this spray seems to be doing is drying them up, taking ALL the redness out, and slowly healing them. Thank you.

P. H. Hunter Valley. NSW. Australia. 27 October, 2006

Dear doctor wheat grass I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for your wonderful research behind wheat grass creams and sprays. My 5 year son had suffered for a year of doctors saying that his molluscums would just go away with time, but all they seemed to do was spread all over his little body “and I mean spread he had them everywhere” it was horrible to see him without a shirt or pants. It was by chance I found you on the internet one night and order the tube of cream to try not really thinking much would come of it. I then started on the wheatgrass spray and by let me say within about 3 month every last one was gone. It was unbelievable I’ve now told every mum I know about your wonderful product and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you Jill

Jill. Australia. 6 December, 2006

Dear Dr. Wheatgrass, I wanted to thank you for your product. At age 2.5 years, our son had molluscum. It was unsightly and it was spreading like wildfire from his inner thighs outward. We went to a dermatologist and tried some topical creams but they didn’t work. They caused a lot of redness, stinging and a very difficult time with our son. The dermatologist asked us to use needles to pop the bumps and squeeze out the head. We couldn’t do it and he didn’t want to either. Then the dermatologist wanted to freeze them off. This was very painful and traumatic, and worst of all after going through that, the molluscum still came back.
We were determined NOT to go back to the dermatologist and we started researching “alternative” solutions on the internet. We came across Dr. Wheatgrass it sounded like pure magic. Desperate to try something other we purchased the cream and the spray. At first we used the spray. This didn’t work as well because the amount of wheatgrass varies from the spray and cream. So then we tried the cream and we immediately saw results. The pearly bumps started drying up and after 3 months of Dr. Wheatgrass, they were gone. Then have not come back.
I highly recommend this product. It worked for us on our son’s molluscum. The cream and spray does not sting or cause any reaction. It doesn’t smell bad and it softens the skin. I used it on my face for my adult acne and it helped. We also used it on various red spots and rashes on the whole family and it worked. We even used it on the baby’s diaper rash as well as cuts and scrapes.
It IS amazing that this product works so well. We have been using it and will continue to stock it in our house.
Lastly, I hope that you will try this product if your child has molluscum. It is a very inexpensive and easy way to see if this will work and painless.

B. P. San Francisco, USA. 30 March, 2007

Hello I wrote to you back on 15th October regarding the success we were having with my 6 year old sons molluscum after using the wheat grass cream. Unfortunately though everytime they healed and cleared up another lot come out on different parts of his body, at our wits end we decided to try the wheatgrass spray this time. I just wanted to let you know that we have had major success using the spray and after two weeks of using this we are finally down to the last 5 and no new ones have emerged. We really feel that the spray worked alot quicker than the cream for us and cant thank you enough for your wonderful product. We now spray his entire torso every night and morning in the hope that this will prevent any further molluscum reappearing. We hope we have finally seen the back of molluscum forever. Thank you so much.

S. R. Australia. 2 April, 2007

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