Dr Wheatgrass Supershots (48)

Acquired brain injury and stroke
Anxiety, bipolar disorder & attention deficit disorder
Asthma & emphysema
Breast cancer
Cholesterol reduction
Chronic fatigue
Colds and flu
Energy boost
Glandular fever
Hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis recovery
High blood pressure
Idiopathic short stature
Idiopathic thrombocytic purpura
Immunity boost
Inflammatory bowel disease; Iron deficiency anemia
Irritable bowel syndrome
Memory and concentration
Mood elevation and eczema
Multiple sclerosis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Supershots dependency
Thalassemia intermedia & multiple sclerosis
Thalassemia major

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Naturopath used Dr Wheatgrass supershots successfully for acquired brain injury and stroke

After experiencing a brain injury in April 05, I was continually tired and had flagging energy levels that could not be renewed, no matter how much rest I had. The first few months of taking wheatgrass supershots, I noticed an increase in energy levels as I was able to increase my work load from part time to full time capacity and I am still able to sustain this level. I am working more than I did previous to my injury.

I am able to return back to my exercise regime and walk for an hour where previously I was exhausted for three days afterwards. My energy is continually renewed each day after sleep.

I also noticed a change in the way my brain was organising information, I was able to experience clarity of thought – with a heightened sense of alertness. My concentration is improved and continues to improve.

By taking the wheatgrass supershots, it has given me my life back. I have a stronger immune system, I can work full time, my brain functions more effectively and I can exercise.

Thank you, your product is fantastic!

Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder & Attention Deficit Disorder (Fresh WG juice, the next best thing to Supershots)

Hello! I was wondering if you would know why chlorophyll is effective in treating anxiety and increasing attention? It was quite by accident that I found chlorophyll to have this therapeutic effect. I found a reference to chlorophyll (wheatgrass, chlorella) in a juice fasting book. I was beginning a fast (Master Cleanse) and decided to add chlorophyll to my morning drink. I was absolutely amazed at how relaxed I became! I was also able to concentrate much more effectively. Since then I’ve switched to Mega Chlorophyll by World Organic 100mg capsules twice daily. I have bipolar disorder and ADD and have been 100% more successful in turning in assignments on time at school. I’ve been using the chlorophyll for about a year now in tandem with my prescription meds. I raved on and on about it so much that my mom tried it as well (she’s a worrier) and it has also decreased her anxiety. I haven’t been able to find any studies or references to chlorophyll in treating anxiety. Perhaps it’s time to begin some research? Thanks!

K. 28 November, 2008

Asthma and emphysema

I use it for my 2yr son asthma. When he starts wheezing i give him 2.5 ml of wheatgrass along with colostrum and he’s fine an hour later.

SA. USA. 24 September, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

I have been taking the “Supershots” for a couple of weeks with immense improvement in stamina, health and energy, and (as an asthmatic and emphysemic) now with immensely improved lung capacity. However it is still early days and I would like to continue to monitor the outcome over a longer period of time before giving more details.

C. K. Australia. March, 2006

Breast cancer

The supershots are meant to acquired brain injury and stroke be good for warding off cancer and other
disease. My wife who is a breast cancer sufferer has been using the supershots and she is still cancer free after 5 years since diagnosis.

I strongly recommend people try it.

T. B. QLD, Australia. 16 October, 2009


I can’t tell you how much the wheatgrass shots have been helping me with energy and in dealing with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. A newly diagnosed co-worker saw the big change in me and I explained, she promptly purchased 12 bottles. Supershots is HOT! And I love it, cause it gives me back a little bit of who I used to be.

L. O. New York, USA. 20 August, 2010

As you know I have been using your product for 18 months as I have been recovering from chemotherapy and find it excellent.

H.W. Australia. 11 June, 2010

I purchased your Super shots, Skin Recovery Cream and the Skin Recovery spray. My 7 year old daughter, K. has Leukemia.  The treatment for Leukemia is 2 1/2 years for girls and 3 1/2 years for boys.  Being on Chemotherapy for years can be very destructive to the body.

When I purchased your products I must admit that I was really worried about it being a rip off.  You must know that I am completely delighted with your products. My daughter takes the Super shots every day, twice a day.  Your Recovery Cream is unbelievable.  K. got some sort of severe skin irritation from the chemo.  It was swollen, cracking and very red.  We applied the cream several times throughout a 48 hour period.  Much to my astonishment the irritation started to heal right away and disappeared after two days.  Now, she will let me know when an outbreak is starting to happen and your cream handles it immediately.  Never, would I have dreamed that a product would work so well.

K. is the star of the Oncology clinic because she does not look like a cancer patient.  Her skin is bright, eye’s bright, physically she is strong and much to the amazement of the oncology team, she has had very little side effects for the amount of chemo she is getting.  We are doing quite a bit of alternatives and yours is primary.  The Oncologists had no problem approving your Super Shots because it is plant derived and not herbal.  Apparently, they do not allow any herbal products while on chemo.  Needless-to-say, K. loves the taste of your product and it does not cause her any stress to drink it whereas actual wheat grass juice could not be tolerated at all.

Many thanks to you.  (Photograph of happy, smiling K. in swimming pool was attached)

D. W. Florida, USA. 17 June, 2008

Thank you for the Supershots. My reaction to the Bisphosphonate infusion was much milder this month. I am especially grateful that my mouth stayed normal and did not lose its top layer of cells. The joints in my fingers also stayed normal instead of bright red and incredibly painful. There was nausea and fatigue but I have those anyway!

M. S. Western Australia. 19 March, 2007

Cholesterol reduction

My husband has high cholesterol. He read online last year that wheatgrass juice was a good treatment. We were both skeptical but as we were trying to avoid him taking prescription drugs we gave Dr. Wheatgrass a shot. The results were pretty startling.

In Nov 2006 his LDL (bad cholesterol) was 175. By Jan 2007 it had dropped to 153 through diet and exercise. Then he started the Dr. Wheatgrass and a month later, in February, his LDL was down to 127! Granted we were attacking this problem from a few angles, so it’s impossible to say precisely how much of the drop in LDL is down to the Dr. Wheatgrass alone. But it’s clear to us that it definitely helped.

For those wondering, natural wheatgrass juice as provided by this product is supposed to help the metabolism, reduce LDL cholesterol and build the immune system, among other credits. Google it and learn for yourself how great this stuff is. My best friend, a raw food chef, swears by it.

M. D. Florida, USA. August, 2007

Chronic fatigue

I love this stuff. I have chronic pain and this has brought those pain levels down. I also could swear that my eyesight is getting better too…wasn’t expecting that.

Michelle USA. 05 July 2016  Thanks to Amazon

I have previously ordered from you the wheatgrass super-shots. I am happy to say it is helping my chronic fatigue symptoms. I really notice it when I am not on wheatgrass. I am very well as long as I have it. I can easily take it and often use a bit more on bad days.

B. M. New South Wales. November, 2005

Colds and Flu

My husband and I use the Supershots to help to ward off cold and flu and to keep healthy and the Spray and Cream I use for my skin care regimen and my husband uses them before shaving as it helps to avoid barbers rash.

J. A. Australia. 5 August, 2013

I used to catch cold in winter but this winter is so cold I did not have it. So I think that taking your Supershots help.

J. N. Australia. 30 June, 2010

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you. I purchased both the Recovery Cream and the Wheatgrass Super-Shots.

In the winter, I suffer from severe dry skin (which of course makes my acne worse) and I seem to catch every illness that passes through. The cream not only softened my dry skin, it reduced my blemishes as well (works on cold sores too). But, it’s the Super-Shots nutritional supplement that saved me this winter. Everyone around me caught at least two or three colds this winter and I wasn’t sick once! I KNOW it was the Wheatgrass shots that kept me healthy.

I love your products and use them every day. Thanks again.


Energy boost

Wheatgrass Shots Rock!
I liked that I could order through WalMart. This is a product known to me, and it is great for health and energy!
MonitorMary . 01 August, 2020 Review on walmart.com

This product gives me a lot of energy

SF. USA. 21 May, 2018

Good results-Been using it for a month for my 12 yr old daughter , will continue using it . She has more energy and her immune is better

J.M. 27 March, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT Amazing my husband and I could really feel the energizing benefits of this product. Will be buying more

J.W. 14 March, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

I love Dr Wheatgrass Supershots. Been taking for a weekend a half. Considerable increase in energy!

Amazon Customer 29 December, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

I’ve been using the supershots for 2 months and they are amazing. I go to the gym alot and since taking the shots I see a massive difference in weight gain, especially the pump I get while lifting heavy weight. I am so pleased with this product.

D. W. Australia. 20 December, 2016

I have more energy and sleep better since taking this product. Wheat grass was recommended to me to help with my iron levels and I am so glad I found this!

Stirregirl. USA 07 July, 2016  Thanks to Amazon 

I have struggled with various health issues since my stroke in 2011. It was caused by pharmaceuticals (birth control) in conjunction with a congenital hole in my heart I never knew about prior to the stroke. I have a hatred for most anything a doctor prescribes due to this entire experience. 3 days after I turned 24, I was completely paralyzed on the right side of my body. The blood thinner injections made me deathly ill and I grew to hate life. Since the stroke, it seems my immune system just started shutting down. After two years 6 ER visits and 9 medications, I went on a search to find a natural product that would offer relief. I found the Dr Wheatgrass product online. I take the super shots daily and I use the all purpose cream for my skin issues. It significantly improved 3 different health issues I’ve been having that would have resulted in very invasive surgery. My memory was affected and I use assistive technology to help me remember things. I haven’t had to use them as much since I started the super shots. I work with individuals in Alaska who suffer disabilities and I always hand out info on this product any chance I get. I’m a very skeptical person and not one to believe online reviews and surely not one to waste my time writing one! This product deserved a review. I am not sure if this will really get to those responsible for creating this product, but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for improving my quality of life! I am now able to keep up with my 9 year old daughter who’s noticed a big difference too! It brings tears of joy to my eyes knowing that I have found something, after so many failures, that still gives me hope for a cure.

S. T. Alaska, USA. 15 July, 2013

The wheat grass Supershots has helped my energy levels increase and also help improve my sleep and give me a clearer thinking mind, it has also helped me not get so stressed out. I have been taking the wheat grass for two months.  I like that you only need a little bit to reap the benefits.

P. C. USA. 1 July, 2013

I love this product,it is giving me my life back! I have given bottles to friends and recommending it to everyone! Thank you so much.

Della. New Zealand. 1 August, 2011.

Dear Dr Wheatgrass, I have been a fan of the wheatgrass cream and spray for the skin for some time, using it on cuts, burns, aftershaving, skin irritations, swelling and bruising with good results.

Last week I tried Supershots. All I can say is thankyou! I am an actor and since I’ve been washing that stuff around my mouth for a minute in the morning, my fellow actors have been asking what I’m on when I show up for the show each night. I have a great deal more energy and feeling of well being – I can really notice it.

As a footnote – I had a few too many beers after the show the other night – I think you should be telling people about supershots’ ability with the common hangover!

M. C. Melbourne. November, 2005

Not a day goes by without another ‘story’ about the benefits of Dr Wheatgrass – many and varied (latest comment is it minimises/eliminates hangovers!!).

R. S. Fitness Centre. Northern Territory. 3 February, 2011

Glandular fever

Regarding my daughter and her glandular fever and everything else she has wrong with her!!  You advised to put her on the Supershot on double dose for 2 weeks and then reduce to normal dosage.

Well the results so far are amazing. After the first week she told us that she was already feeling better and that people from her work were noticing and commenting.  It is now three weeks and she is glowing, I did get her the spray as well which she is using on her rashes and this is also settling them down.  She said she is feeling better in herself, she has not been sick since she has been on the Supershot, her rashes are improving and her skin is actually glowing she is looking great and feeling better. Thank you so much for helping her and giving her the miracle cure, first time in 4 years I have seen her looking so good.

M. F. Queensland, Australia. 5 February, 2009

Hepatitis C liver cirrhosis recovery

I believe the Supershots, and before that wheatgrass juice, have had a hand in my recovery from Hepatitus C. Although the HCV was finally knocked out by the experimental drug “telaprevir”, it didn’t hurt that I used Super shots daily. In the aftermath of my treatment, I continued using wheatgrass. My Hep C had progressed into Stage 3 cirrhosis. But, the Mayo Clinic during my last MRI on my liver, called to say, that the detailed MRI on my liver, did not show cirrhosis and they were investigating this since it was a rare event.

S. M.USA. 15 September, 2010

High blood pressure

My brother’s blood pressure was way out of control and took your medicine (Supershots) and was in control in one week and a year and a half later without medicine is still under control.

O. T. USA 1 December, 2009


I’ve been HIV+ for a couple of years but my blood results are still good enough not to start with medication. I’ve been using wheatgrass
shots internally for a year or two and have always been happy with the results and will keep on doing that.

Thank you for your help.

R. B. Malaysia. 4 April, 2009

Idiopathic short stature (ISS) – ?Response to wheatgrass

I wonder if the ‘growth factor’ that you mentioned about your formulation of the Wheatgrass SuperShot supplement helps children to grow taller. Our daughter, S, the second child of six children, appears to have stunted growth. At 14 years of age, S is shorter and much less developed physically than her younger sisters R (13 years old) and T (11 years old). I started S on the Wheatgrass Supershot, two shots daily and into the 2nd-3rd month, her school friends started to notice her growth and asked what she was taking, to which she proudly answered “Wheatgrass SuperShot”. ( Prior to wheatgrass, I have tried others…Coral Calcium and Wakame Spirulina and lots of Vitamin C…nothing seems to trigger growth like the Supershot). Her friends with small frame built began placing orders for the Supershot supplements. We like to know is there any medical or nutritional evidence that Wheatgrass Supershot does help kids grow taller? While I do NOT know if its ‘growth factor’ helps spurt kid’s growth, I do know that your Wheatgrass Supershot is very good for promoting healthy haemoglobin in red blood cells. It could well be that this benefit had corrected anemia (a possible condition linked to stunted growth) which may be a root problem for S since she is a fussy eater and she eats little meat compared to her siblings.

J. Y. Singapore. 1 August, 2007

Comment from Dr. Chris Reynolds

This is a very interesting report. It has been shown that barley grass extract increases growth hormone production in laboratory animals. It appears all the cereal grasses have similar therapeutic properties. Of course we can’t extrapolate directly from rat experiments to humans, but I believe this could most likely explain much of the broad spectrum of biological activity derived from the cereal grasses.

Idiopathic Thrombocytic Purpura

My best friend Dr. M.F. had me try some of your wheatgrass and it has helped my extremely rare blood disorder – severe idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura with atrial fibrillation !!!!! / note there is only one other patient like myself in the entire world that the national rare disease center pointed out to me !!!! ; i have spent alot of money trying to find a cure for my two medical problems for the past 32 years and you dr. wheatgrass have solved my puzzle / praise the lord !!! ; i used to work for symbiotics bovine colostrum company as a researcher and i would like to request of you to consider hiring me as a researcher for your company !? ; i also worked with linus pauling on vitamin c research many years ago . Thank you.

E. F. Dr. of Alternative Medicine. USA. 15 November 2015

P. S. Your research on your site saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Immunity boost

I don’t write too many reviews but had to tell everyone how much I love this stuff! I normally get sick constantly. I have a week immune system, have three kids of my own who go to ubkic school and work with kids so I’m always catching something. I started taking this stuff daily about 2 months ago, about to purchase my third bottle, and I haven’t got sick ONCE! My girls have all been sick over this two month period and winter just hit so this is usallyt the worst time of year for me. I will definitely continue to take this for all its wonderful benefits!

V. S. USA 12 December 2016 Thanks to Amazon 

My 7 year old son began using the wheatgrass cream 15 months ago for treatment of molluscum. He responded very quickly to the treatment and was soon free of the virus. After using such a successful product I decided to try the supershots with him to build up immunity levels. I would like to say how well he has been since being on the supershots for about 12 months, having very limited colds and ailments in that time.

J. M. Albany. Western Australia. 17 April, 2007

Inflammatory bowel disease, iron deficiency anemia

I am writing to thank you for your amazing wheatgrass products. Since my initial contact last year seeking advice my health has gone from strength to strength. As you may remember, I was suffering from a plethora of conditions all associated with inflammatory bowel disease: a chronic painful anal fissure; two recto-vaginal fistulae and iron deficiency anaemia. These problems were extremely painful, exhausting and difficult to deal with on an ongoing basis and had resisted cure from all the usual medical alternatives including operations and pharmaceuticals. I am happy today to report that, through using your wheatgrass shots and dermatological cream over the past 12 months, that there has been a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. The fistulae are quiescent, the fissure is almost gone and the iron deficiency anaemia is completely cured. As I continue to use your products I look enthusiastically forward to cures on all fronts, and unreservedly recommend them to anyone, who like me, is battling a resistant condition.

P. E. San Francisco. U. S. A. December, 2007

Irritable bowel syndrome

I’ve been using the Supershots as well as the Superbalm and seeing some results. The IBS has improved.  I now have less grumbling and gas going on in the stomach.  I also have had much improvement with the hemorrhoids.   I will continue to take the Supershots as well as using the Superbalm. Cant wait for total recovery… Thanks.

B. L. USA. 25 October, 2011

Yes Wheatgrass shots work!
From about 17 I started having severe cramps in my stomach on average about once a week. It lasted a few years getting worse and worse until I went to the doctor hoping it wasn’t anything serious. The doc advised me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and while it was not serious the only option was to take some pills to take away the pain, however I had to wait for an attack before I could take the medication.
After hearing my complaints for a few months my father was fed up and gave me a bottle of the Wheatgrass shots. Torn between needing some relief and not wanting to prove my dad was right, I gave in and started taking a shot a day. After a few months I started to notice something, from the first week of taking the shots I had not had an attack. The pills sitting on my dresser weren’t touched and are now in the bin. It is going on 2 years now and I still continue to take the shots. However I haven’t told my dad yet.

G. M. Melbourne. 28 October, 2009

Memory & concentration

I have been taking them for almost two weeks now and notice that I can concentrate more clearly, and my short term memory seems to be better.

P. M. Australia. January, 2007

My energy levels have never been so high – and my memory seems to have improved!

Gavin. Rotherham, UK

Mood elevation and eczema

Will try again
I have been taking this product on and off for a little over a year and I notice , certain changes in , mood , energy level and awareness !

K.P. Amazon USA. 06 March, 2019

I just wanted to write to say thankyou for your excellent products and informative website. I have been giving my toddler supershots and wheatgrass spray for about 6 weeks and her skin is 2 to 3 times better. She still has eczema but it doesn’t seem to bother her much and she sleeps through the night. But most importantly she seems so much happier, her mood has improved by leaps and bounds. She used to be sad and grizzly a fair bit of the time but now she is more outgoing and happy almost all the time.

A. Australia. 8 February, 2009

Multiple sclerosis

Please see Multiple sclerosis testimonial page.

Pre-menstrual tension and polycystic ovary syndrome

My daughter is using the wheatgrass shots she has PCOS and this is great for her PMT and her periods have been good since she has been on this.

C. F. Australia. 7 July, 2009

Rheumatoid arthritis

My mom has been using the supershots for a week and for the first time in 17 years she has no pain from her rheumatoid arthritis! She loves this product! In fact the whole family is doing better because of the supershots. Thank you very much!

B. J. USA. 5 March, 2008

This is an update on my moms Rheumatoid Arthritis. Good news! She is doing very well. Since starting wheatgrass, she rarely has pain anymore. When she does it is due to a cold front moving through, so we believe that the RA is nearly done with her after these 17 years. I think the pain she gets now is mainly due to damage already done by RA and osteoarthritis. Thanks!

B. J. USA. 29 June, 2008

Hello. I just wanted to give you an update on my mom’s rheumatoid arthritis and ask you a question. My mom just received her blood test results and great news – her sed rate is down to 34. Normal is between 0 and 20. This is the lowest it has been in 18 years! We believe that this is all due to wheatgrass supershots. It is the only thing she has done differently. Her sed rate went down a few years ago when she started Minocycline therapy (390? down to 75), but then it remained steady. Now, after having been taking wheatgrass since February it has taken a nose dive. Thank you!

B. J. USA. 5 September, 2008

Supershots dependency!

Dear sir, I was drinking 300 mls of wheat grass a day and my balance improved out of sight, my thinking cleared and my memory improved. Instead of living in squalor now I live in a home that looks as though I have a maid. Why has my life changed so much? I’m waiting at the door for people instead of being late.I stopped drinking so much as I did not know of its side effects. Im living on Green Smoothies at the moment theyre good but as I love it so much could you please tell me the max dosage. It removed blockages in my leg now I can feel parts I have not felt for years. I’m looking forward to my new crop of wheat grass. It’s one of the best ant acids i have used, except for fennell and it is so good on headaches all most instantly.

G. P. Australia. 28 January, 2013

Thanks Greg! This says it all for wheatgrass, but 300mls is a bit over the top. 20mls a day is plenty, but hold it in your mouth for a couple of minutes before swallowing is a much better way to go. Even better, take a 5ml. tasty Dr Wheatgrass Supershot once a day – and keep it going! Wheatgrass is hard to beat for general good health and wellbeing.
Dr. Chris Reynolds.

I have taken your Supershots for the last month and keep saying to family & friends how much better I feel! I am not doing anything different than what I was prior to taking the supershots, so I can only come to the conclusion it must be your wonderful formulation. I am a dedicated user of your products and can’t live without them!!

C. H. Australia. 23 February, 2009


Hello Dr Chris… I am a 40 year old with beta Thal major. Just some info I thought I share with you. I read online that wheatgrass juice can help thals with Hb levels. So for the last couple of weeks I been having a fresh wheatgrass shot from boost juice about 4-5 times a week after my lunch. My Hb averages about 102 before my monthly blood transfusion and they give me 3 units of blood (Sometimes they give me 4 when my Hb is on the lower side). When I went in for my transfusion last week I was shocked – I only had to have 2 units as my Hb was 113 (I didn’t expect to see a difference so early!!!). I basically almost never have a Hb good enough for only 2 units. I’m going to continue with the wheatgrass shots and see how it goes (maybe it was a fluke???) – I actually quite like the taste. anyway, thought I’d share this with you. ciao, Danny

D. S. Australia. 8 August, 2015

Can you urgently advise where in Sydney I can buy the Supershots from as my daughter has thalassemia and we have been relying on these for the past year. Thank you on producing a
great product which is keeping my little girls Haemaglobin up and along with her energy levels. I really think it has been working wonders, her haemaglobin was at 61 in September last year and now it has increased to 75. We definately think it’s because of the wheatgrass and we know she will be taking them for the rest of her life. (She is now 1 1/2 years old)

S. T. NSW. Australia. 18 March, 2010

Thalassemia intermediate & multiple sclerosis

Dear Doctor, I am using Wheatgrass Supershot for my son, who is Thalassemia Intermediate. I wish to thank you for your efforts and hard work towards making life healthy of people. I would specially like to thankyou for my sons well being because being a Thal Intermediate patient he is fine and active and transfusion independent (touch wood) because of the Wheatgrass Supershots. He started Wheatgrass Supershot at the age of 4 and now he is 6 yrs.

Also I wish to thankyou for my relative S. B. who is a MS (multiple sclerosis) patient and is on trial of Wheatgrass Supershots is also showing good improvements after consuming Wheatgrass Supershots.

A. M. India. November, 2007

Thalassaemia major

I am a Thalassaemia patient and have been taking wheatgrass Supershots since February, 2005. Since then I have seen a big improvement with my haemoglobin therefore receiving less units of blood as I am transfused every 3 weeks. My haemoglobin would be 105 on average and I would receive 3 units of blood or 4 units if I was less than 105. Now my haemoglobin is 112-115 more often and therefore I receive 2 units if I’m more than 110, which is a big PLUS for me!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work with developing the wheatgrass Supershots and to let you know it has certainly made a huge difference for me.

Yours sincerely.

E. T. Australia.

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