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Hand, foot and mouth disease

Whilst in Bali last month, my 18 month-old son came down with Hand Foot & Mouth. We had to call a doctor to assess him as we weren’t sure if it was the sand, chlorine from the pool, grass, water or the heat that had irritated his skin. The doctor confirmed Hand Foot & Mouth as well as his eczema.
We used a small amount of the Dr Wheatgrass skin recovery spray and only applied it once. The doctor said there was a significant improvement from the spray in relieving the affected areas.
Leo has suffered from eczema since he was just 2 weeks old. His skin is incredibly sensitive and my wife and I are constantly on the lookout for remedies, foods and creams to help him. The Dr Wheatgrass Spray always seems to relieve him and we love that it is free from steroids and has bioactive ingredients that promote healing.

H. C.
Australia. 22 July, 2018
I got rid of skin tumor with Dr. Wheatgrass superbalm! Must try!
I have purchased the regular strength version of Dr. Wheatgrass cream on Amazon, while this superbalm version was purchased directly from Dr. Wheatgrass website.
I have to say I am impressed with this product. Although I originally purchased it for another condition, this superbalm cream has helped me to get rid of a skin tumor I had on one hand. On that hand, I would get little flat tumors that look like tender, pink skin with callous on top. They were always hardly noticeable when small and would go away on their own. However, one of the tumors kept growing and growing the more I picked off the callous off of it. A new callous layer would form every 2-4 days and be ready to peel again. Whenever I did not peel carefully, the tender and pink skin mass under the callous would get split apart and bleed. This tumor was very embarrassing and annoying to say the least.
Then, one day, at the beginning of 2017, after having this tumor torment me since 2009 for 8 years, I decided to put Dr. Wheatgrass superbalm on it daily after purchasing the item for another condition, knowing what wonders it can do for various skin conditions. The tumor disappeared in a matter of weeks. I cannot remember how fast it went away since it was so fast and I did not keep track of the tumor’s progress. The callous got thinner and thinner, as well as peeled less and less often until the skin became flat.
As of today, the skin that used to host the tumor is as flat as the skin surrounding it. With the exception of some mild wrinkling and pink appearance due to picking on the tumor, the skin location is now normal. I am certain the skin is scarred, leading it to appear slightly pink when calm and red when it gets wiped on when I wash my hands. So as long as I don’t touch the area forcefully, it will never go red. It will stay slightly pink as always.
I will continue to use Dr. Wheatgrass superbalm on it to see if even the scar tissue will be minimized to the point of not turning red after intense contact. If that does not happen, I will not have a problem with it because I am already satisfied as is. I might find another skin care product to get rid of the pink scar.
Overall, I have to say I am very happy that this product helped to get rid of a skin tumor I had, for which I have never been able to diagnose and name. Amazing product! 5 stars!
P.T. USA 2 July, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

Amazing product. In just a very short time since receiving Superbalm in the mail, i’ve noticed vast improvement with my skin ulcer condition. I’m amazed and so very grateful!

Amazon Customer.  USA. 30 October, 2016

Purchased this Dr. Wheatgrass skin recovery spray, along with the brand’s Superbalm, to try and help soothe my skin that had been afflicted with a stubborn staph infection. It gave me small boils, including a few on my face, which were awful. I used this spray in particular on my face, as it is much lighter than the Superbalm. Spraying it on my face, it felt refreshing and healthy. It dried on my skin without any sticky residue. I could apply makeup after I had let it dry for 10-15 minutes, without my makeup looking any different due to having used the spray first.
Using this spray, the skin infection and boils seemed to improve more than it had when I was using just oral antibiotics and an antibiotic skin ointment alone. It also seemed to moisturize my skin, apart from helping the skin infection. When I used the spray on parts of my body with a painful boil, the spray definitely helped soothe my skin.
Like I said about the brand’s Superbalm, I would prefer if the products had some subtle scent to them.

H.R. USA. 16 April 2016  Thanks to Amazon

I feel this product is awesome and it needs to put out to show others through advertising. It is working and I have foot ulcers I have been spraying it on. After just a few weeks I can tell the difference in the softness of my skin and I see skin growing. I have told my doctor about this spray and he is checking it out. When I find a product that works, I stick with it. I also feel this would be the only spray you would use for your body, face and of course a few ulcers..

M. USA. 28 January, 2013 Thanks to Amazon

Amazing product. The first thing that helped me close up an superficial skin ulcer. I can not find enough words to praise this product. A must try for anyone with an open sore with difficulty closing it. Good for body, face and of course a few ulcers..

B. USA.  19 August, 2012 Thanks to Amazon