Squamous cell carcinoma (2)

Ask Dr. Chris about squamous cell carcinoma

I love this product  -not had flu since using Supershots – got me through recovery of skin cancer operation (lip flap surgery where they removed half of my bottom lip) last year –  surgeon and doctors amazed at how fast and how well skin recovered – I told them it was the Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm (also excellent needle work from the surgeon). I also shrunk the Squamous Cell Carcinoma to nothing before the operation – it was still there underneath but I reckon over time the wheatgrass could have cured it (but it had to go and surgeon did a fair bit of digging and burning to get rid of it). Also another little SCC came up on the remaining part of my bottom lip after the operation (having your lip cut and burned out and 30 stitches in your mouth is no fun) – so I applied the superbalm about 5 or 6 times a day and within about 6 weeks it was gone and has not come back (over 10 months ago) so no 2nd operation!!  I also changed my lifestyle – diet, exercise, meditation etc. Superbalm also cured my anal fissure years ago (thanks for that) and my deformed large toe nail (almost torn off in an accident years ago) – now it looks a lot like the other one – it was a mess before using the Superbalm. I also use it on sore muscles and tendons and on my face daily. I love your products – they have helped me and reduced my suffering.  One friend and one of family members are now using the products. I have given Superbalm as presents. Use these comments as testimonials if you wish to. The products are a blessing and I am very grateful to be able to use them.

M. S. Australia. 15 July, 2015

I am a regular user of your products. I have had excellent results from the Skin Recovery Cream and for two years I have not had a skin cancer whereas previously I had Squamous Skin Cancers on my legs , the last one requiring a skin graft which did not take. After a friend gave me the skin recovery cream the graft healed up in ten days.

N. C. New South Wales. Australia. 8 February, 2011