Sun damaged skin (5)

Love this lotion. I have been using this recovery lotion for 3 weeks and my cyst is going away on my arm and my sun spots are lightening on my hands.

A.H. Amazon USA. 10 July, 2019

I treated the back of my hand as directed with a well known cream (fluorouracil) for a period of 20 days to remove keratoses and suspected basal cell carcinomas. This cream ulcerates the skin as part of its expected effects, however I suffered a more extreme reaction, leaving my hand badly swollen and my skin quite damaged.

Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm was recommended by a friend. It had an immediate soothing effect, with no further skin irritation, and no adverse effects of any kind. After just a day or two my wife noticed how improved my hand was. Large, open, weeping cracks in the skin were closing and the swelling was starting to recede. My GP seemed quite amazed, and noted the treatment.

After a period of two weeks, my skin lesions had healed over and after a couple of months the scarring and redness diminished to be barely noticeable. A year or so earlier I had  treated my other hand with fluorouracil and I recall the recovery took much longer.

Now I use Dr Wheatgrass regularly after sun exposure, even on sensitive areas such as the face. Whereas I used to have scaly keratoses on my forehead, my skin is now reasonably smooth.

All members of the family now use Dr Wheatgrass for dry skin, cracked heels and after-sun exposure instead of more expensive brand name creams.

M. F. Queensland. 12 November, 2010

Hi Dr. Chris, thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream.

I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I’ve had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a ‘freckle’, but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty ‘growth’. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn’t cancer, and that I’m just getting old. (53yrs of age.)
To cut a long story short, I’ve applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it’s barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of wks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can’t feel where it was anymore. My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn’t even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face.
My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused.

Now it’s gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed. Thanks Dr. Chris, I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia. 9 May, 2009


In Queensland where I live, sunspots or solar keratoses are extremely due to excessive sun exposure. I have seen many patients with both arms, head and face literally covered with hundreds of them. The standard medical approach is to freeze these lesions off with liquid nitrogen. This may work, but scarring and thinning of the skin over a period of time renders it vulnerable to injury and infection.

My approach is somewhat different (I haven’t used liquid nitrogen for many years), and that is for the patient to apply wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray or Superbalm once daily, and to persevere with the treatment. In my experience, the most usual outcome is for the lesions to disappear within three months or less as described in these two cases. Continued daily preventative use of wheatgrass also helps the damaged skin recover and regain its integrity while preventing development of new lesions.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

I recently received a sample of this skin cream. IT IS WONDERFUL!

I have had rough & bumpy skin on my neck and chest for many years (12) of Harley riding along with my husband. I have suffered many a sunburn while touring the highways. After using your product for less than 30 days, now, when I run my fingers over these skin areas, they are extremely smooth and soft. The warts are completely gone.

I plan on using wheatgreass skin recovery cream on other areas of my body and face. I am simply amazed at the results obtained in such a short time and only having used 2 small sample packets. I am very grateful for your website and feel fortunate to have found your product.

Sincerely wishing you the best of luck in future business endeavors and I hope sometime soon your skin recovery cream is available for retail in the US !!!

C.C. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Dear wonderful cream manufacturer who has made my hands soft to touch. My name is Sarah and I am just a tad wrapped in your wheatgrass cream. It is just fabulous! I have constantly had problems with creams all of my life. I use them for a week or so then I become allergic to them, coming out in little red spots. Not so with your cream – THANK YOU! My husband was hating holding my hands because they were so rough. The cream also cleared up an odd problem my mother was having on her chest. She had bright red spots that were very sore, that were not responding to any creams she tried from the chemist. The wheatgrass cream showed significant improvement in a few days.

S. H. Tasmania