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Infantile eczema

Just thought I would thank this company for an amazing product. Something that has finally worked on my baby’s eczema. Her face has had every cream on the market slapped on it and nothing worked until now. Check out the results after 2 days!

E. L. Australia. 3 September 2016


Thanks so much Dr. Chris for the teething advice using the wheatgrass! After fighting to go to sleep for 45 minutes, I rubbed the wheatgrass on Danny’s (18 months old) cheekbones and on the back of his neck (just to make sure!) and he went to sleep in less than 5 minutes!

A. M.Australia. 6 August, 2016

Dr. Chris Reynolds’ comment
This testimonial may seem hard to believe, but I have successfully used wheatgrass extract for rapid reduction of fever in both children and adults for more than 20 years simply by rubbing a little on the back of the patient’s neck. It appears that the bioactives in wheatgrass penetrate the skin rapidly and find their way to the hypothalamus, that part of the brain that controls body temperature. It often only takes about ten minutes, and there is no risk of side effects. However, there can be many causes of fever, so if it persists after applying wheatgrass and/or using some other temperature-lowering medication, you should seek medical advice.

Cracked nipples

Thanks for this.  Amazingly, this is my second child and I only managed breastfeeding for five weeks with my first child because of cracked nipples. My second baby is now nearly 8 weeks and I am still going thanks to the Superbalm.  I think you should market it as a nipple cream!  So many people I know have this issue and have to give up.
P. D. Australia. 12 January, 2015

Been there. Done everything. Nothing worked. Dr Wheatgrass spray fixed it and cracked nipples. Hubby’s smiling again! Best.

Anita.27 March, 2013

(Thank you to

Cradle Cap

Big thank you:) worked very well for cradle cap:)

C. H. Australia. 14 August, 2015

I have been applying the WG cream to my sons head for cradle cap. I have been using it for 1 week and it is almost completely gone. I had been applying oil at every feed time now I just apply WG cream once or twice a day.

H. D.Australia. August, 2007


Dear Dr Reynolds, I just wanted to add to the positive feedback that you have received. I have had a chronic anal fissure since November of last year – at times I have been unable to sit because of the pain. My husband and I are trying for a baby and we were told to stop trying until the fissure had healed. An initial 6 week course of diltiazem cream (still in trials in the UK), laxatives and fibre suppliments did heal the fissure but my symptoms returned within two weeks of ending the treatment. I commenced a further course of diltiazem cream but it was not as effective as the first and failed to heal my fissure. I was finding homeopathic remedies including arnica, lavender and calendula to be more effective as well as Deep Heat rub and sitz baths. However, it was taking over my life and neither deep heat rub nor large quantities of lavender (and I was usng a lot!) are recommended in pregnancy. My mother in law found out about wheatgrass cream but I was hesitant about using it as I am allergic to wheat (not gluten). So I was desperate when I ordered it. The first application gave immediate relief and on day two I stopped using all other treatments including laxatives. I feel like a new woman and am so pleased to have found the cream as I can safely use it while trying to conceive and in pregnancy! Thank you so much!

E. P. UK. 23 June, 2011

I Just wanted to share my success with the wheatgrass superbalm. I had an anal fissure after the birth of my son which was extremely painful. I tried a lot of the conventional treaments without much luck. Surgery was the next option, but as i was on warfarin for a blood clot it really was the last option. Then I found the wheatgrass Superbalm. Within a day i got relief and after using wheatgrass cream the fissure healed itself and i no longer needed surgery.
Thankyou so much Dr Wheatgrass, i cant tell you how grateful I am for this product. I would recommend it to anyone.

A. B. Australia. 8 June, 2010


I had a similar experience to you. My bub had pimples on her face, which the mchn said was hormone rash. I was told not to put moisturiser on as it blocks the pores and makes it worse, and that the only treatment was to wash and dry the face daily. I did this but the rash spread and became worse over the following weeks. It became very red and dry, and the bumps were more raised.
The gp then said my bub had bad eczema. I felt bad because I had been making it worse by keeping her face dry. I think she initially did have some hormone rash but this meant I just thought that was all it was when her eczema developed.
After a couple of weeks her skin is now almost completely clear. I used Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray and just a sorbolene cream to moisturise. I try not to bath her too often and when I do only use QV wash or just water. The Wheatgrass spray is totally safe for babies with no side effects (works great for nappy rash too, as well as burns and bites etc) so much better than using steroid creams, which my GP was suggesting as the next step in treatment.

S.J. Australia
. 14 January,2014

Thank you to

My daughter has just had a baby daughter it was getting nappy rash my son gave her his DrWheatgrass there is no more nappy rash works better & faster than all the baby creams you can get.

J. W. South Africa. 18 December, 2013

I have been using your products for approximately 4 years now n love them!! I purchased this spray for the first time approximately 4 weeks ago n I wish I had it when I first started feeding my now 9 week old! Its been great for the slight irritation I still get some times when feeding. Also my baby has very sensitive skin n suffered from bad nappy rash within days of being born. After weeks of treatment with products from the chemist this spray helped clear it up completely within a couple of days!! It has also been fantastic in treating a nasty red rash he gets on his face neck n chest. I was told by my Dr that his rash was related to his sensitive skin n the changes in hormones from birth n what he receives through my milk. He only seems to get a bit of a heat rash around his neck now n the occasional milk pimple which the spray usually clears up within hrs of applying it. I highly recommend your products!!

L. A. Australia. 11 March, 2013