Molluscum contagiosum (adult) (11)

Ask Dr. Chris about adult molluscum

Good afternoon Dr. Chris

I would like to thank God for using Dr. Wheatgrass for creating such an amazing product. I am free from MOLLUSCUM DESEASE. Before I found the spray was depressed and suicidal. I felt soo unwanted from this world, used to cry everday asking God what did I do to deserve such horrible desease. I even burnt my self from using the products I saw on YouTube (I have attached photos as proof). Thank you soo much, may the Lord blesses more. I am now living a testimony.


B.N. South Africa. 20 August, 2019

I am so happy I finally found something that works! I’ve had Molluscum since September and I literally have tried everything and spent way too much money trying to treat it. The spray and the Supershots are all you need! I honestly saw a slight difference in 1 day but it is now day 7 and there is so much improvement. I finally feel comfortable in my skin again. Thank you for your great product!!

JV. USA. 28 November, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

Just to let you know my molluscum has gone! The relief is immense! Thanks for always responding to my emails!

J. K. Australia. 31 March, 2017

Just to update you on my 1st feedback regarding my molluscum. Following great improvements from my initial use of your wonderful products, I can report that all lesions have now gone apart from a small red mark where the original crop started. All up it has taken just over 3 months to get to this point from the mass outbreak of these awful things. However, I believe that I had 3 small spots for many months before the outbreak (waiting for an opportunity to take hold?) I found that once I used the shots as well as the cream, it took a few weeks to notice marked and continued improvements . Again, thank you for making this product available and giving hope to adults suffering from this annoying and frustrating condition. I continue to use the cream and the shots as general maintenance and to keep my skin soft and looking great.

J. C. Australia. 16 December, 2016

I have been using your spray wheatgrass for almost two weeks now. What an amazing progress. The mulloscum is healing in my groin, my thighs, my scrotum and penis. It is decreasing the spreading and now drying up and going away. It is amazing. I have been using it twice a day and will continue for another 6 weeks and then weekly as maintenance. I just ordered another as well. Thank you so much for your help. Not going to laser surgery and healing organically was so much more healthy for me. Be well regards.

J. P. USA. 8 December, 2016

I would like to thank you so much for making this product available. I had tried ACV, Methylated Spirits, Mouth Wash, Zinc Cream and Zinc Talc, Tea Tree Solution and Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, an assortment of other essential Oils, Pricking the spots, plasters and even Colloidal Silver, you name it. I had also developed eczema (never had it before) since the development of the spots. I was at an all time low, my skin was burned, extremely dry and I was at a total loss of how to get rid of these things. I purchased the Wheatgrass Balm from a Health Shop when I was buying Oregano Oil (another trial remedy) and didn’t think much more about it. I got so fed up with further skin burning and smelling like a pizza, that in desperation I tried the wheatgrass balm. OMG!! why on earth didn’t I try this first off?? Within a few days the burned and cracked skin was soft, the spots were fading and my skin no longer looked like a train wreck. I am looking forward to further improvements and even purchased the recovery cream for general use. Thanks again for this wonderful product.

J. C. Australia. 12 October, 2016

Thanks got it and either my imagination or it works great….i hope it keeps working..thanks for ur great product.

W. J. USA. 25 September, 2015

Why I had molluscum in my mid thirties is a bit of a puzzler, but I was certainly pleased when they disappeared after a week or two using wheatgrass spray (as opposed to the two years my doctor had estimated!).

G. J. UK. 27 October, 2014

I would just like to provide some very positive feedback about your Skin Recovery Cream. Although I still do not know how I contracted the molluscum, for approximately 3-4 months, I had around 20 to 30 bumps all over the lower part of my face. The appearance of my skin was making me both distressed and upset on a daily basis, as people kept commenting as to why I had so many “pimples”. Although I did get some of the bumps frozen off with liquid nitrogen by the dermatologist, as soon as I started applying the cream, within one week the bumps were disappearing. A month later, my skin is back to normal and only faint marks remain where the bumps were. I am so thankful that I discovered your product, as it has made me so happy!

O. K. Australia. 23 February, 2012

Dr. Chris. As you may remember from our previous correspondence I had amazing success using your Wheatgrass skin recovery cream to clear up my molluscum. I’ve been molluscum free for over 6 months, but I’m frustrated to report it seems to be coming back to the original affected area. This is very troubling for me, I thought I was free of this nightmare.

I know you had mentioned a reoccurrence is possible though unlikely, what are your thoughts of why I’m seeing these bumps return now? I’ve begun using your product again and I hope to see the same dramatic healing I saw before. Do you think this is likely?

C. J. Australia.  2011

Dr. Chris’ response:
Molluscum is a highly capricious viral condition, particularly in adults. In children, once they have rid themselves of the virus, their natural immunity prevents further infections. I can’t tell you why your spots have returned, because I simply don’t know. Before wheatgrass, I had great difficulty advising adults how to treat molluscum, and I’m sure my colleagues felt pretty much the same way. So at least your first batch of lesions cleared up (something most GP’s and dermatologists would like to achieve) so that’s an excellent start. Although I can’t be sure, my feeling is the wheatgrass will work again for you, and eventually, the virus will give up. However, I can’t give you an accurate prognosis.

After 8 months of suffering and only 9 days using your wheatgrass cream I am more than happy to report my Molluscum has disappeared! I am pleasantly surprised about the effectiveness and speed in which the Molluscum bumps cleared up.

C. S. USA. 15 August, 2010